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Hangout Training Options from The Hangout Helper
It's no secret that Google Hangouts and Hangouts on Air are a wonderful way to communicate your message. It's also no secret that mastering the hangout toolset can be quite technical and challenging at times.

That's why this seasoned software trainer has decided to offer various ways to assist you on your journey to getting the most out of Hangouts with your goals in mind.

From Hangout Basics to Hangout Mastery including customized implementations we've got you covered. Visit the page linked here to see which options fit your needs best for getting the most out of the Magical Communications Tool called Hangouts & Hangouts on Air.

Training You for Hangout Success!
=== ===
#HangoutTraining   #HangoutsTraining   #HOAtraining   #HangoutsOnAirTraining   #HangoutsTutorial  
Hangout Training to take your Google Hangouts and Hangouts on Air to the next level. We offer 3 different ways for you to improve your visual communications
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+James Mountain not really, having phone calls join a Hangout Video Call are an option, but not so much with Hangouts on Air (HOA). I believe that it is partly due to the legal ramifications of being recorded/broadcast, but without extra bridging software or lower end solutions like using a Speaker Phone, it is pretty difficult to allow call-ins for HOAs.
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Ronnie Bincer

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Make the Decision When it Needs to be Made
Words of wisdom from +Eric Enge!

Making decisions can be difficult, but making them at the right time is even more challenging yet far more useful.

h/t: +Mark Traphagen for the share
Key to success: Make the decision when it needs to be made - Eric Enge sharing keys to success with our staff 
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+Eric Enge sounds about right! Thanks for letting us see a bit of the 'behind the scenes' of you and the temple cats ;-)
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Ronnie Bincer

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Google Drive & a Google+ Community - great combo
If you use the tools Google offers us, you can more easily manage work with a VA (Virtual Assistant).

Not only can you keep track of interactions with your VA in one place (your private community), you can also add text messaging hangouts and hangout video calls as part of the communication set of tools for virtual business.

Thanks for the post +martin shervington 
How to work with a virtual assistant using Google+ Communities and Google Drive. (NEW)
Here is a super quick tip from a new blog series on 'how to build a virtual business...

#virtualworking   #virtualbusiness  
Want to work with a virtual assistant? This will give you insight into how I add 35 hours to every week!
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Ronnie Bincer

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No More Circle Shares on Google+
I can understand that with all the 'share this circle and I'll include you in the next one' spammy activity something needed to change.

I've been using shared circles for quite some time to help manage important lists of people between co-workers & associates (as well as from one account to another)... but now this function is gone.

We'll need to figure out other ways to share specific names with co-workers without needing to Plus Mention/Alert them. Any ideas on that would be appreciated.
=== ===
#SharedCircles   #GooglePlusUpdate   #CircleShares  
Thanks for the update +CircleCount 
#Breaking Shared Circles on Google+: Deprecated

+AyJay Schibig and +John R. Ellis have told us about the missing share buttons on the circles page. After checking our database we can confirm that there haven't been any new shared circles in the last 1.5 days.

The Top Contributors +John Elstone, +Marc-André Beauchamp and +John Skeats have confirmed that the shared circles are being deprecated.

Shared Circles have always been pretty difficult.
Sharing a circle is a pretty useful feature. You can help a new Google+ User get a good starting point without having to use the SUL (=Suggested User List).
But it was also used often in a bad way ("reshared to get included") which led to unrelated/uninterested new followers.

Regardless of what you think about shared circles, it feels pretty strange that this feature is being removed. At least our service isn't called SharedCircleCount, so that we don't have to worry about loosing this feature ;)

What do you think?
Is it a good or a bad move?
Will it help improving the engagement on Google+?

#googleplusupdate   #sharedcircle  
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+Sprinkles Nixon the event link is like a link to a landing page, so they'll end up seeing the video on the G+ Event Page not your site using that methodology. However, people need to be 'signed in with a google account' in order to participate via the Q&A app or comments (on the Event Page). If all they want to do is watch the broadcast or recorded video of it, they don't need the google account.
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Ronnie Bincer

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Live Video Streaming Ideas for Business
The folks at +Social Media Examiner have posted 6 Ways/Ideas on how businesses can take advantage of live video streaming.

The focus of the article is on why live video helps you connect with your audience, and they highlight some of the newer players in this live streaming area: Meerkat & Periscope.

Many of us also know that live streaming like this (from a mobile phone) can also be done via Google Hangouts on Air (HOA). For info regarding HOA from Mobile devices including an equipment list you'll want to check out, check out this post & video on the topic:

The Equipment list featured on the link above can be used for Meerkat, Periscope and Hangouts on Air, so check it out after reading this article on 6 ideas for using Live Streaming Video for Business.
=== ===
#HOAtips   #MobileHOA   #Meerkat   #Periscope   #LiveVideo   #LiveStreaming   #TwitterVideo  
Have you considered apps, like Meerkat and Periscope? In this article you'll discover six ways live streaming video helps you connect with your audience.
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dat z technology
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Ronnie Bincer

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How to Use Google Plus Collections - text tutorial

Even though Collections were just launched today, some people have been quite busy documenting how to use them and make them. This one looks pretty good from what I can see. Hope it helps... thanks +Kol Tregaskes 
=== ===
#Collections   #GooglePlusTips   #CollectionsTutorial  
Kol Tregaskes originally shared to Google+ Collections:
How to Use Google+ Collections

What are Google+ Collections?

Google+ have launched a new feature they've called Collections.  What are Collections?  Well they are basically topics for your personal stream.

So you want to put your Google+ posts into categories then Collections does this.

How do I create a collection?

• Head over to the Collections page here: 
• Click on Create a collection box
• Give your collection a name and select whether you want visibility to be Public or Your circles or Only You or a custom setting
• And click the blue Create collection button

Can I edit my collection?

Sure, on the next screen you have the opportunity to customise your collection by changing the banner image and background colour from the Customise menu or editing or deleting the collection from the settings icon.

The one tip I have on this page is to select Edit collection from the settings menu and choose whether you want all your followers to see your posts in the collection (ticked) or not (unticked).  Personally, I have unticked this on most of mine so only people who have specifically selected to follow my collections will see the posts.  This allows me to post more but spam less and gives my readers the option to pick what topics they want to follow of mine instead of being forced to follow everything.

How do I share to my collection?

Sharing to your collections is easy and works the same way as before.  Select to share as normal but instead of selecting or typing Public, Your Circles, a community or user's name, select or type your collection's name and click on it.  Then click Share and you're all done.  You can do this from both the desktop and the Android app.

Can I share to more then one collection?

No, you can only share to a single collection.

How do I follow a Collection?

Depending on how the person has set up their Collections, you will either be following their collections already or you''ll need to find their collection and click to follow.

To follow a Collection seek out the person you want to follow and click on *Collections" from their profile page, for example:
From here click on the follow button.

You can also see the full list of collections you follow or from your circles from here:

From here you can select to follow or unfollow any collection.

What else do I need to know?

A few more points:

• You cannot move a share from one collection to another.  Instead you will have to remove the share then move to the second collection
• You can reshare from a collection to another collection but this is of course creating a new post, which you might not want
• If you select to delete a collection note that all posts in the collection are also deleted
• You can add any old post into a collection by clicking on the top-right dropdown menu and selecting Move to collection
• You can find featured collections here:
• You can see when a post is in a collection when you see the blue collection icon in the far top-right of the post as well as the name of the collection in the far top-left

There is no limit to the amount of collections you can create (that I've found so far anyway ;-)) so get creating and sharing! :-)

Enjoy and share yours and your favourite collections in the comments below! :-)

Where can I find more of your collections and links?

You can find a full list of my collections here:

And plenty more links and info here:

I've also created a collection for Collections, which includes all tips and guides here:

Enjoy collecting! :-)

CC +Google +Google+ 
Lucrează la Clarke Telecom ca Data Co-ordinator. Locuiește în Kent, UK. Used to work in the games industry, a very keen photographer, likes music, movies, sport, computing + games, web development, ar
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I think I got it.  It's sort of like G+ communities but you don't have to subscribe to the collection to see the post unless the post is exclusively shared to a collection. 
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Ronnie Bincer

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Great Summary of this week's activities
As usual, +Mick Sharpe​ provides us with wonderful summaries and links to HOA activity and more._

You should check out his posts like this every Friday ;-)
No stones on the pond

Well another week and another feature retired. Yes ripples are gone. As ever some strong feelings in the community, mostly from those in marketing, for whom Ripples were a very useful tool. As much as we may criticise Google’s decisions at times I can understand why they have removed the feature. +Eli Fennell shares some sensible thoughts on the retirement in Google+ Ripples Are No More ( If you are wondering how you’re going to cope without ripples then never fear +Circloscope ( and +NOD3x ( have you covered and provide a whole lot more besides!

The recent changes to Google+ are also touched upon in this week’s The PYB show! ( Join +Travis Taylor, +martin shervington and +David Amerland as they discuss the forthcoming Android TV with the emphasis on voice search. The streamlining of the Google+ experience across all access points is discussed, ie the recent changes remove desktop-only features of Google+. Interesting as ever to speculate where the big G is heading. Always at the cutting edge of what’s happening +Plus Your Business! will keep you bang up to date.

Learn with Yoda

A great start to +The Curious Marketer With Vin’s new series The Fundamentals of Online Marketing with +Vincent Messina pulling in the Black Knight, +Ammon Johns for Session 1 - Understanding Marketing and Marketing Strategy ( A really sensible explanation of the differences between objectives, strategy and tactics - I know, should be obvious but confusion abounds in the real world. I would hazard a guess and say that most people just starting out in business needs to grasp, at the very least, Ammon’s point to avoid competing on price. It’s a miserable place at the bottom so why hurry to get there? Also some really sensible discussion about putting your, presumably limited, resources where it matters most. Particularly relevant to your social media efforts - if your customers aren’t on Facebook or Google+ then you’re probably better off spending your time (and/or money) on something else. Really looking forward to the rest of this series.

More great business advice from +Randy Milanovic in When we know customers aren’t right, and don’t tell them so, we are almost karmically bound to suffer as a result. ( I think this falls into the realm of a business being confident enough to do the right thing. Just as it is all too easy to fall into the race to the bottom, we’re the cheapest trap (see the event above) we can become just as encumbered by taking on projects that we should have left alone or remaining silent when we should challenge our customers’ perceptions or approach. Randy hits the nail on the head - you will suffer in the long run if you don’t deal with issues that put the relationship out of balance. Some great quotes in the post too, particularly the last line attributed to Lyndsay Peters. Thanks Randy.

If you’re a big fan of social sharing on your WordPress site then you should probably take a look at this week’s TNTBootcamp - Social Warfare ( +Christine DeGraff and +Ronnie Bincer are joined by the team behind the Social Warfare plugin, +Dustin W. Stout, +Nicholas Cardot and +Jason T. Wiser. The team have put a lot of effort into controlling how your blog posts are shared across all the social platforms allowing customisation of images and text within a single plugin. Dustin gives a useful overview of the plugin setup. Take a look - it might be just what you need.

With a title of Is Content Curation Lazy Content Marketing? how I could I not include this week’s #RayBunch ( +Brooke Ballard joins +Ray Hiltz, +Scott Scowcroft, +Randy Bowden, +Jessica Dewell and +B.L. Ochman to talk about content curation. I think we all agree that whatever your terminology content that we share should have value for your audience otherwise we are just adding to the noise. As Scott highlights: it’s all about the relationship building - it’s that personal touch which is the tie-breaker. Besides the great conversation you need to watch this for Ray’s musical turn at the end of the show - close your eyes, it’s Billy Joel ;-)

Thinkers corner

Common sense seems to be de rigueur this week, further demonstrated by +Stephan Hovnanian’s Can Deflategate Make Us Better Marketers? ( Stephan uses a recent scandal in sport to illustrate the fact that only a few people are actually vested in any subject matter - to the rest it’s either noise or invisible. Faced with this reality and the increasing content overload Stephan recommends a re-evaluation of how vested you are in the topics that take up your time and sums it up with a cracker of a bullet point: Prioritize time spent on Income Producing Activities, and simply not care about the rest. It may be a hard pill to swallow but there’s no denying the logic. Are you spending your time effectively?

And finally…

Well three actually, and all animal related! The first from +David Amerland showing why it’s unwise to sneak up on someone on a forest track! Don't Mess With the Swedes (

The second from +James Dearsley is a marvellous time lapse video of the life stages of a bee. ( I’ll not get on my Insects are Important soap box but just let this stand as a fascinating testament to the wonders of life.

The last piece, and one that makes me appreciate living in the relatively safe UK. It’s common knowledge that many of the world’s most dangerous animals call Australia their home. +Paul Snedden shares this post about an Orphaned Drop Bear Cub (

If you go down to the woods today...

Have a great weekend wherever you are

#WeeklyRoundUp  #WeekInReview  #Google+

#BitingedgeFridayFavourites  #MicksPicks

Created by +Mick Sharpe of +Bitingedge
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How to Stand Out in a New Age of Marketing
This podcast and Article have a lot of ideas worth checking out if you do Marketing of any kind. Great examples referenced in the article text.

Here's a quote pulled from the article:
“We are classically trained as marketing people to describe value,” Robert says. “The new muscle is to create value.”

He says that the future is in creating Useful Experiences as we transition from Relationship Marketing (what's going on now).

Thanks for the podcast & article +Social Media Examiner 
=== ===
#Marketing   #MarketingTips  
Social Media Marketing Podcast 145, in this episode Robert Rose will explore how creating experiences can help you stand out in a noisy world.
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WordPress Plugin Social Warfare featured on #TNTBootcamp !

Social Warfare is a WordPress plugin that enables you to have beautifully responsive, lightening fast share buttons for your WordPress site - but it's what's behind the scenes that gives Social Warfare its real power - and that is what we will be discussing on this episode of TNTBootcamp.

Join us as a viewer and get your questions answered on this powerful sharing tool. Add questions in the comments and we'll try to bring them into the conversation with +Christine DeGraff, myself,+Dustin W. Stout+Nicholas Cardot & +Jason T. Wiser 
=== ===
#WordPressPlugins   #SocialSharing  
TNTBootcamp Tools N' Techniques

Join +Christine DeGraff and +Ronnie Bincer for an interview with +Dustin W. Stout +Nicholas Cardot and +Jason T. Wiser - the founders of the WordPress Plugin Social Warfare.

Social Warfare is a WordPress plugin that enables you to have beautifully responsive, lightening fast share buttons for your WordPress blog - but it's what's behind the scenes that gives Social Warfare its real power - and that is what we will be discussing on our next #TNTBootcamp

Find out why so many top bloggers and social media superstars are using Social Warfare and ask questions to help you decide if it is right for you. Learn more at

Previous Episodes of #TNTBootcamp 
YouTube Playlist (Season 1): 
YouTube Playlist (Season 2):

#TNTBootcamp airs every 3rd Monday at 11:30am PT / 2:30pm ET

NOTE: If you RSVP 'YES' to this event, you will be added to our event circle. We periodically remove people who have not attended a recent event and we will manually remove you upon request.

#socialmedia #socialmediatools #socialmediastrategy #contentmarketing    
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Christine DeGraff. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
#TNTBootcamp - Social Warfare
Mon, May 18, 2:30 PM
Hangouts On Air - Broadcast for free

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Kamara issa please I need a help form mrs or miss please just help 
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A Guide to Google Plus Collections
This is a handy guide to using Google+ Collections with step by step screen shots throughout.

+martin shervington made this for us. He also hosted a 30 minute Hangout on Air discussion today about using Collections. These 2 items should help you get your Collections activity moving with less effort.
=== ===
#Collections   #GooglePlusTips   #Tutorial  
Google+ Collections are a new awesome feature from Google and here is a guide covering just about everything you'll need to know!
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Thanks brother
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Ronnie Bincer

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Special Camera Techniques for Hangouts & Hangouts on Air. This members only session is to help Hangout Mastery members understand some techniques to utilize non-webcam cameras as part of HOA Broadcasts or regular Hangout Video Calls.

+Travis Taylor will be showing us what he does with various cameras and software to enhance the Hangout experience. After we are finished with the broadcast, Travis will be posting a follow-up in our private community. That post will include hardware specs. and links to the software tools he will be using and discussing in our private video broadcast.

The private video from our event will be added to the Hangout Mastery Membership website for future viewing by members.

This is a Private HOA for Hangout Mastery members in a Public Event. Before the start time, I'll add in the HOA video for you to test the play arrow. If you can press that play arrow and you see the countdown timer you are using the proper account. If it tells you that the Video is Private then you will need to sign out of YouTube or G+ with the 'other account' and sign in again using the same account you use in our Private Membership Community. More details here

Please realize that the Public (anyone) can see the comments here. I set it up this way so we can bring your questions/comments on screen via the Comment Tracker tool.

If you are not a Member yet but you're interested in joining us... check out Hangout Mastery info at
=== ===
#HOAcameras    #HOAtips   #HangoutMastery  #HOAcameraTechniques
Special Camera Techniques for Hangouts & HOAs
Wed, May 13, 2:00 PM
Hangout Mastery Members Only - please use proper account

Stephen Sabludowsky's profile photoRos Betts's profile photoRonnie Bincer's profile photoThe Hangout Helper's profile photo
Really interesting topic and I understood most of how the multiple camera use is organised. It will be fun trying this out and seeing how I can work it with what I have, which is MAC laptop, iPhone & iPad. My internet speed isn't the best though, so it will be fun to play around with it. 
Thanks to all of you for making it so easy to learn .......
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Ronnie Bincer

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Google Hangouts Help Collection
Just getting started with Google+ Collections.

Here is one I pulled together that contains some helpful posts related to Google Hangouts Help postings. Collections makes it possible for me to gather similar posts (mine and from other people) into one place - kind of like a great Curation Tool.

If you choose to "Follow" a collection, you'll get back to it easier and get updated when new items are added to it (from what I understand).
=== ===
#GoogleHangoutsHelp   #Collections   #HangoutsHelp  
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Hangouts & Hangouts on Air Training, Coaching, & Production

I've got lots of ways to help you use Hangouts and Hangouts on Air professionally. A great place to start is via my Step-by-Step Hangout Training Course at 

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As a Google+ Trusted Tester I get to work with hangouts pre-release software (beta software) before it goes Public. This unique position helps me prepare others to use Hangout Tools quickly once things change... and change they do!

The All About Hangouts website should get you where you need to go to understand the foundations of Hangouts & HOAs. The site has free & paid training on it.

Next, If you are serious about keeping up with hangouts check out our active & helpful membership site I've created for you: Hangout Mastery

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To learn a few important things about hangouts check out these 2 posts of mine:

Here is a post about Google+ tips I wrote that I wish I had seen when I first arrived... see if it helps you Join In the Conversation with a bit more confidence: Google+ Etiquette & Basic Tips

And here are a couple more posts with Google Plus Important Tips:
Google+ Hashtags - what are they and why should I care?
Google+ Success Tips Step by Step Strategy

Here is a video and post that shows the Best Practices for Hangouts on Air (HOA) as of Feb, 2014 (the last big change made to the tool).

There is Plenty More... Just add me to your circles and you will see!

Just a bit more about me:
I did Music for a while (Trumpet), then became a Computer Graphics Nerd. Traveled the US & other countries for 12 years training people how to best use Adobe programs.

Then for 3 yrs. I did Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Video Search Engine Optimization (VSEO) work for the Marketing Department of a Franchise Company called LearningRx.

Now I have a Hangout Training Product site, run a very helpful membership site called Hangout Mastery & offer Hangout Help and Online Marketing for client's as a consultant.
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