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Hangout Training Options from The Hangout Helper
It's no secret that Google Hangouts and Hangouts on Air are a wonderful way to communicate your message. It's also no secret that mastering the hangout toolset can be quite technical and challenging at times.

That's why this seasoned software trainer has decided to offer various ways to assist you on your journey to getting the most out of Hangouts with your goals in mind.

From Hangout Basics to Hangout Mastery including customized implementations we've got you covered. Visit the page linked here to see which options fit your needs best for getting the most out of the Magical Communications Tool called Hangouts & Hangouts on Air.

Training You for Hangout Success!
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#HangoutTraining   #HangoutsTraining   #HOAtraining   #HangoutsOnAirTraining   #HangoutsTutorial  
Hangout Training to take your Google Hangouts and Hangouts on Air to the next level. We offer 3 different ways for you to improve your visual communications
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+noor rani I suggest you ask in the Google plus help community:
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So we thought Spring Time was here!?
Well, this is Spring Time in the Rockies!

Photo taken last night when it just started snowing in Colorado Springs, Colorado USA. 
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I saw some pictures from RVing friends staying at the Air Force Academy campground. They said they had to clear snow from the roof twice already!
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Community Centered Hangouts on Air - why and how to use them
This members only HOA training session will take a close look at proven techniques to build an engaged community utilizing the power of Hangouts on Air (HOA).
We'll be having the team that developed the methods to use Google+ Communities and Hangouts on Air together as contributing members in the filmstrip. I'll likely be joined by Hangout Mastery members +Heather Kraafter, +Michael Daniels, +Debi Davis & +Andrew Hatchett.  

Come to the live event ready to learn and get your questions answered. Feel free to watch the replay as a Hangout Mastery member right here or also on our membership website.

This is a Private HOA for Hangout Mastery members in a Public Event.
Before the start time, I'll add in the HOA video for you to test the play arrow. If you can press that play arrow and you see the countdown timer you are using the proper account. If it tells you that the Video is Private then you will need to sign out of YouTube or G+ with the 'other account' and sign in again using the same account you use in our Private Membership Community. More details here

Please realize that the Public (anyone) can see the comments here. I set it up this way so we can bring your questions/comments on screen via the Comment Tracker tool.

Not a Member yet but you're interested in joining us?... check out Hangout Mastery info at
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#CommunityHOA    #HOAtips   #HangoutMastery  
Community Centered Hangouts on Air - why and how to use them
Wed, April 22, 12:00 PM
Hangout Mastery Members Only - please use proper account

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This is going to be epic +Ronnie Bincer can't wait!
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Building Trust is the beginning...
The ways of SEO are constantly changing and the path to get found and valued includes Trust, Reputation & Authority.

Read the article linked here by +martin shervington of +Plus Your Business! where he references a lot of helpful information put forth by Semantic Search Expert +David Amerland.

Worth the read if you are trying to make an impact online.
=== ===
#SEO   #SemanticSearch   #OnlineMarketing  
With the Semantic web, the new currency is 'trust'. This article explores the challenges for businesses and individuals, and how to overcome them.
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+Ronnie Bincer trust is at the core of every relational exchange. Nicely put. 
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Controlling the Broadcast Camera for Hangouts on Air
There are many ways that the Hangout on Air (HOA) Host can control what the live viewers see and what the recorded video shows for their HOA Broadcasts.

Using the Cameraman App is just one of them, but it is an option that gives HOA Hosts important controls like showing the filmstrip or not and hiding or showing guests at certain times. The Cameraman app is working behind the scenes when you use the highlighted thumbnail menus in the attached screenshot to show or hide guests in the broadcast.

To understand all the various options for controlling the HOA Broadcast Camera, you'll want to watch both hour long presentations (part 1 & part 2) made for Hangout Mastery members.

For only $47/month Hangout Mastery members gain access to scores of private training videos like Controlling the HOA Camera.

Members can get access to this series by clicking this link:

To join us in the membership community for fast and accurate answers to your Hangouts questions as well as access to live & recorded training sessions, signup at

May your HOA presentations be a wonderful way for you to communicate your message... they can be that for you once you master the technology which is why we made the Hangout Mastery membership. Hope to see you there!
=== ===
#HOAtips   #GoogleHangoutsHelp   #HangoutMastery  
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Whha!! Thats Sooo Cool +Ronnie Bincer 
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Faster Connections to Phone Calls via Google Hangouts
When you want to use Hangouts via your desktop to make phone calls instead of video calls, you can connect faster now.

We still can't make a phone call from within a Hangout on Air (HOA), but this new update will allow for a faster connection to happen when using the rest of the Hangout tool-set.

Nice update Hangouts Team ;-)
=== ===
#Hangouts   #HangoutsPhoneCalling   #HangoutsTips  
Faster phone calls in Google Hangouts

Calling from desktop just got better. We're excited to announce: 

* Faster call connections right inside of Gmail and Inbox
* Quicker call answering for incoming Google Voice calls

Start a phone call by clicking the phone tab in Gmail, or by searching for a phone number in Hangouts. You can also try this in the Hangouts Chrome App:

Look for these updates as we roll them out over the next few days!

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best my share Hangouts vedio serves

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Ronnie Bincer

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Updated YouTube Creator Playbook
This is a fabulous guide to using YouTube well.

Get to it directly via

h/t: +Denis Labelle for the alert
Want to learn how to create great content on +YouTube? Check out the updated Creator Playbook:
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Learn MoreAbout WordPress with #TNTBootcamp !
Should be a good HOA if you are interested in WordPress.
For this show +Christine DeGraff and +Ben Fisher will be at the helm as I was supposed to be 30,000 feet in the air. My trip was postponed, so I plan on being in the viewing audience, hope you do too!
=== ===
#WordPress   #TNTBootcamp  
#TNTBootcamp Tools N' Techniques
Watch on Google Plus:
Watch on YouTube:

Join +Christine DeGraff and guest co-host +Ben Fisher for an interview with the founder of Ltd Daniel Foster to answer your questions about WordPress. We will cover how to get started if you have never used WordPress, his recommendations for the best plugins for SEO, security and best practices, why you need a mobile-friendly theme and lots more! Your questions are welcome!

About Daniel Foster and
Daniel Foster is the co-founder of Manchester based web hosting company Mr. Foster is a graduate of the University of Manchester with a degree in computer science and also holds an instrument rated commercial pilot’s license. is a UK web hosting provider established in the year 2000. The company was founded with the aim of bridging the gap between sophisticated hosting solutions and affordable prices. Leveraging the power and stability of open source software with a commitment to ethical business practices, has become synonymous with reliability, professionalism and value for money.

Growth of reputation has been matched with an expanding range of services, seeing become a fully fledged service provider. A diverse range of clients now rely on to support their business web hosting operations, with available services ranging from UK domain names to dedicated server hosting. Learn more at

Previous Episodes of #TNTBootcamp 
YouTube Playlist (Season 1): 
YouTube Playlist (Season 2):
Flipboard by +todd l lebeauc: 

#TNTBootcamp airs every 3rd Monday at 11:30am PT / 2:30pm ET

NOTE: If you RSVP 'YES' to this event, you will be added to our event circle. We periodically remove people who have not attended a recent event and we will manually remove you upon request.

#WordPress #WordPressTips #WebHosting  
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Christine DeGraff. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
#TNTBootcamp - Daniel Foster
Mon, April 20, 2:30 PM
Hangouts On Air - Broadcast for free

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I know you guys will be great! +Christine DeGraff & +Ben Fisher 
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Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are
Fake it 'till you make it?

Practicing Power Poses for 2 minutes can change who you are says Social Scientist Amy Cuddy in this Inspiring 21 minute Ted Talk video.

We know that our Body Language changes what other people feel about us, but can our Body Language change how we feel about ourselves?

Watch the inspiring video to see the path Amy Cuddy shows us in discovering:

Our bodies change our minds…
…and our minds change our behavior
…and our behavior changes our outcomes.

Near the end of the video, Amy changes the "Fake it 'till you make it" phrase to become "Fake it 'till you ….. (watch the video to know what comes next).
=== ===
#Inspiration   #BodyLanguage   #PowerPoses  
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Yes I was introduced to this video at my speech class I learned at lot 
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New Updated Terms for YouTube
The new terms mainly focus on the change Paid Subscriptions bring our way.

But this post by YouTube Top Contributor +Peggy K also contains some helpful links you may want to take a look at.
=== ===
#YouTube   #YouTubeTerms  
Peggy K originally shared:
YouTube Partner Update: new terms cover paid subscriptions

YouTube hasn't provided any details beyond a basic FAQ::

The same ad-supported, free version of YouTube we all know and love won’t be going anywhere—and is a core focus of our company. All of your videos will continue to be there. A paid offering will simply give your fans new features that they don’t have today and you an additional source of revenue.

If you are a YouTube Partner, you probably have received an email announcing new Terms You can see the same announcement on your Creator Studio dashboard (

FAQ in the YouTube Help Center:

Read the YouTube Partner Program terms:

Post your questions in the official YouTube Monetization help forum:!forum/monetization-on-youtube
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+Peggy K thanks for the clarification as you see it. That helps, right +John Bennett?
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Ronnie Bincer

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Weekly Roundup of PYB activities and tips
Be sure to check out the first link listed ( which goes to a 30 min. Hangout Broadcast. That Hangout on Air has guests talking about how they Use Google+ for their Business, and how it is working for them.

I'm honored to have helped +Leila Martin and +Jim Burwell's Petiquette utilize the power of Hangouts to change how business is done with some of their clients.
‘Plus Your Business’ Community - (NEW) Weekly Roundup!
Check out the current happenings in the PYB Community. Read more…

Message from Martin: 
This has been another great week for PYB! I've made hundreds of new, awesome connections in the Internet Marketing, and Media spaces. Lots still to do, but one step closer to helping people do the work they love, every day. Thank you, as always, for being a part of the community.
“The PYB Show”! 30 minute Format… “How is G+ Helping Your Business”?...
with Special Guests

+Leila Martin how +Jim Burwell's Petiquette uses G+ to rock their business!
+Greg Cooper
+Carrie-Anne Foster
+Ana Hoffman

Extra Special Thank-You! to +Travis Taylor
Our amazing PYB Video Director tames the “Wingits” this week!

Posts you may have missed from the PYB Pro Members

1. A Fabulous Week for Plus Your Business Pro Community! ... Brilliant recap of the week in the PYB Community. Exceptional testimony to the power of community. by +Sheila Hensley

2. Traphagen's Takeout Order Nourish your brain in three daily minutes by +Mark Traphagen

3. Google's mobile friendly algorithm as a search ranking factor: what you need to know  How to make your website mobile friendly +Ana Hoffman

PYB Shout Outs!!!
Congratulations to this week’s PYB Members for all your great contributions!
+Jeffrey Tobian  Level 1 - Pioneer
+Matt Pentecost  Level 2 - Trailblazer ProMember
+Sheila Hensley  Level 3 - Pathfinder ProMember
+Carrie-Anne Foster  Level 4 - Pacesetter ProMember
+Ana Hoffman  Level 4 - Pacesetter ProMember

A Love Story Made In Robot Heaven (And Starring Over 1,00 Rubik’s Cubes) by +MysteryGuitarMan 
 Article by KC Ifeany via +Fast Company

That’s our week in review! Great to see you all this week and can’t wait to see what the next 7 has in store. Cheers!

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+Ronnie Bincer  8)   It came in some notice in my email (adios privacy).  It caught my attention because my mother's birthday is May 8 (cough, cough..)  Seriously, my mother's birthday is May 8.  I could not resist posting something!  Soul food: what would be GoogleHangouts without you?  ~Louise
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How to Optimize Social Media Images
Very helpful post on getting the most out of your images online.

+Dustin W. Stout does a great job helping us understand the ins and outs of optimizing images for social media as well as our websites.

I really like Dustin's suggestions on using good keywords for all the aspects of image creation that help the search engines (and people) understand the images better.

+Social Media Examiner... Thanks for publishing Dustin's helpful post.
=== ===
#ImageOptimization   #SocialMediaTips   #ImageSEO  
Do you create your own images for social media? In this article you'll find three tips to optimize your social media images for better online performance.
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Hi, +Eduard Dimitrov - you have shared some fantastic resources, there.

I love a good debate; its sparks the little grey cells.

If we blocked out all input and never listened, we would never learn. So, yes - your opinion (whether I agree or not) is always welcome. No offence taken.

We are working on a project that I hope will prove some of these theories. I hope to share more over the coming weeks.

Thanks for your valuable input. Awesome!
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Have him in circles
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  • UM Ann Arbor
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Hangouts & Hangouts on Air Training, Coaching, & Production

I've got lots of ways to help you use Hangouts and Hangouts on Air professionally. A great place to start is via my Step-by-Step Hangout Training Course at 

If you are interested in utilizing Google Plus as a Marketing tool & you are interested in Hangouts or Hangouts on Air (HOA)... then you've come to the right place!

As a Google+ Trusted Tester I get to work with hangouts pre-release software (beta software) before it goes Public. This unique position helps me prepare others to use Hangout Tools quickly once things change... and change they do!

The All About Hangouts website should get you where you need to go to understand the foundations of Hangouts & HOAs. The site has free & paid training on it.

Next, If you are serious about keeping up with hangouts check out our active & helpful membership site I've created for you: Hangout Mastery

I also do one-on-one consulting. Find out more on that here:

For further clarification regarding the various Hangout/Hangout on Air Training options I've created please visit my Hangouts Training page on my website.

If you've come here to Thank Me for my work so far... Great! Please add me to your circles, Share my posts with others and interact with them via comments & +1's. Thanks!

Here is a link to some Selected Instructional Hangout on Air videos I've made or am featured in... the list will continue to update, feel free to bookmark it to keep up.

On Google Plus, I guide Businesses & People in how to Create HOA Events Properly & I Offer Services as a Hangouts On Air Coach, Moderator & Producer.

To learn a few important things about hangouts check out these 2 posts of mine:

Here is a post about Google+ tips I wrote that I wish I had seen when I first arrived... see if it helps you Join In the Conversation with a bit more confidence: Google+ Etiquette & Basic Tips

And here are a couple more posts with Google Plus Important Tips:
Google+ Hashtags - what are they and why should I care?
Google+ Success Tips Step by Step Strategy

Here is a video and post that shows the Best Practices for Hangouts on Air (HOA) as of Feb, 2014 (the last big change made to the tool).

There is Plenty More... Just add me to your circles and you will see!

Just a bit more about me:
I did Music for a while (Trumpet), then became a Computer Graphics Nerd. Traveled the US & other countries for 12 years training people how to best use Adobe programs.

Then for 3 yrs. I did Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Video Search Engine Optimization (VSEO) work for the Marketing Department of a Franchise Company called LearningRx.

Now I have a Hangout Training Product site, run a very helpful membership site called Hangout Mastery & offer Hangout Help and Online Marketing for client's as a consultant.
Bragging rights
My wife & I live with a talking dog: Victor the Video SEO Hound ㋡
Hangout & Hangout on Air (HOA) Consulting, Strategy, Production, Optimization & Technical Guidance/Support, Guest speaker, Popular HOA guest
I am a natural Trainer... and I understand business & marketing along with SEO.
  • The Hangout Helper, Hangout & HOA Coaching, Video SEO, YouTube Tips, Google+ Tips, Google Plus Strategies, HOA Production, HOA Moderation
    Hangout Helper/Trainer, 2010 - present
    I help people and business communicate their message incredibly well.
  • LearningRx, Kingdom Graphics, Video Leads Online
    Marketing Deployment, VSEO, SEO, 2009 - 2011
    Marketing Deployment for a franchise home office. Trained franchisees how to create and utilize YouTube Videos, Website resources and printed materials. Developed systems to automate marketing for multiple locations.
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