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Ronnie Bincer
Works at The Hangout Helper, Hangout & HOA Coaching, Video SEO, YouTube Tips, Google+ Tips, Google Plus Strategies, HOA Production, HOA Moderation
Attended UT Austin, UM Ann Arbor, OSU Columbus
Lives in Colorado Springs CO
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Hangout Training Options from The Hangout Helper
It's no secret that Google Hangouts and Hangouts on Air are a wonderful way to communicate your message. It's also no secret that mastering the hangout toolset can be quite technical and challenging at times.

That's why this seasoned software trainer has decided to offer various ways to assist you on your journey to getting the most out of Hangouts with your goals in mind.

From Hangout Basics to Hangout Mastery including customized implementations we've got you covered. Visit the page linked here to see which options fit your needs best for getting the most out of the Magical Communications Tool called Hangouts & Hangouts on Air.

Training You for Hangout Success!
=== ===
#HangoutTraining   #HangoutsTraining   #HOAtraining   #HangoutsOnAirTraining   #HangoutsTutorial  
Hangout Training to take your Google Hangouts and Hangouts on Air to the next level. We offer 3 different ways for you to improve your visual communications
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Always at its finest. A joy to be connected to this magic. 
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Ronnie Bincer

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Match Game in a live Hangout on Air
This Sunday March 1st at 7pm PT/10pm ET come check it out.

Let's see if I can handle the competition! I'll be included along with +Heather Kraafter (head to head against her!), +Michael Daniels hosting the thing & +Andrew Hatchett +Debi Davis +Jeff Sieh +Sherrill Duce +Terry Leigh Britton +Jessica Dewell trying to trip us up... er, answer the questions!

Game show in a Hangout
Playing a game in a hangout can be great fun.  Playing along side in the Event comments can be just as appealing!

Google Plus Community =

Our inaugural Game show "Playing with Matches"
So come watch Sunday night at 10pm Eastern. And watch as +Ronnie Bincer and +Heather Kraafter  compete while trying to match these fine folks... +Andrew Hatchett +Debi Davis +Jeff Sieh +Sherrill Duce +Terry Leigh Britton and +Jessica Dewell hopes of getting the most matches and a win!

HISTORY of our game show idea
We have been having game night in a couple of our communities on Friday nights for a few months now.  
So a couple of us have decided to put together a show (HINT: maybe a few shows) for the public to see, watch and participate.
If you are interested please come out and watch. Come join the
NEW Game show Community:
This will be tons of fun and should be very entertaining.

As always I send this to the Game Show community so you get an invite.  I also have a game show circle I send this to and do not want to be SPAMMY .  So if you want out of the circle or the community, please let me know.
Also, if you share this event with other people please make sure they want it!  I really don't want to be Spammy!!
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+Jessica Dewell  "I thought you said 'Woof Woof'," he said doggedly.
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Firefox Hello Video Chat - first looks as screenshots (Review)
The 1 on 1 video chat tool which was just re-released on Firefox promises to be 'easier to use' for one to one video chats than other online video tools since no login or account setup is required. These 11 annotated screenshots are from my first round of testing as a non-signed in user.

My initial announcement post is here:

The first 4 screen shots show what it is like to Start up a video call via the Firefox Browser. Then the next 4 images show what you see when you are Joining into a video call that someone else started (using Firefox or Chrome browsers). And the final 3 screenshots outline some of the things you see when Returning to the 'conversation' at a later time - what I am calling reusing the reserved URL of the video call.

I'm a fan of Google Hangouts as many know, but wanted to give this new video chat tool a test to see what it offers.

Kind of lean on functionality, but...
There are no extra tools (like screenshare - which I really missed), and it is only for 2 people at a time. But the fact you can share a link with someone and as long as they are using a WebRTC enabled browser (i.e. Chrome & Firefox), the invited party can join you in your Firefox initiated call is pretty nice.

For those of you wondering what this all looks like, I've made these visual notes for you to review. Read the annotations I've included to get more details.

My take:
Firefox Hello is not a replacement for Google's multi-person Hangout Video Call, not as useful for collaboration, and there is no broadcast-turn-into-a-video (Hangout on Air) function, plus the different interfaces you'll see depending on being the initiator or the invitee could be confusing... but it looks like a viable quick video chatting tool if people are using the proper browsers and just have not got their head around using Hangout Video Calls yet. I think it is a good start, and time will tell what other features get added in the future.

For most uses, I still like Hangouts better, and so can you if you learn how they work! For a step-by-step way to learn Hangouts…
And then when you're ready to take your Hangouts to the next level
=== ===
#FirefoxHello   #FirefoxVideoChat   #FirefoxHelloReview  
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+Ronnie Bincer​ I had a negative experience. It just crashed the browser once, refused even the built-in cam once resulting in audio only, and was ok once.

I assume your phrase HVC is referring to the previous HO correct? Google changed their phraseology but I've not adjusted my own phrase. Never understood the change. To me it sounds like Skype and early video conferencing. But that's just me.
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11 Ways to Repurpose Your Content
This is a great article by +Rebekah Radice on the topic of Repurposing. She includes 11 actionable ideas on how to do it in this linked article.

If you have wondered what might be some simple steps to get started, this is the post for you. I often find that I am so busy with upcoming projects that I neglect some of the basics shown here, so this posting is not just to help you, but to encourage me to get more serious about the value and tactics of repurposing my content.

Do you use any of these ideas already?
=== ===
#Repurpose   #ContentMarketing  
Want to extend the shelf life of your blog content? Repurpose in an updated format!
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Thanks +Ronnie Bincer! I find that it's really easy for most content creators to get stuck in a rut, creating the same type of content over and over. It's fun to mix it up and keeps it interesting for the audience!
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HOA Tip... Check your surroundings before joining
When you are invited as a Hangout on Air (HOA) guest there are a couple screens you see before you Join Into a HOA filmstrip.

The first one you see requires you to agree to the terms and conditions of the Hangout on Air... things like you agree you may be broadcast and recorded, etc.

The next screen you'll see after agreeing to the terms is the one pictured here. It has a big Green Join Button so you can enter the HOA interface and interact with the other members of the call inside the HOA interface.

You may not know if the HOA has started broadcasting or not, so it is a good idea to take a moment here and look at what you see around you. Is what you are showing what you want others to see?

You may want to move things around a bit (papers on the desk, drinks on the table, etc.) before you press the Join button. Once you press "Join", your view won't be as focused on you as this screen shows, but if you like, you can pin your own thumbnail to see a similar view again once inside the filmstrip.

Learn more about the Hangout Interface so you are ready to handle all it offers you.

For a step-by-step way to learn Hangouts...
Are you ready to take your Hangouts to the next level?
=== ===
#HOAtips   #HangoutsOnAir   #AllAboutHangouts  
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+Susan Finch YES! Bandwidth seriously sucks when you have gamers. Kick them off! :D
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Get a Virtual Ticket  for Social Media Marketing World 2015
Not only can you attend this great Social Media Marketing Convention from the comfort of your home or office, the Virtual Ticket is far less expensive! ...

Click on this affiliate link: ... to find out all the details and sign up. There is a special price discount going on right now so check it out, even if you are just curious.

I'll be one of the speakers at the convention talking about Hangouts on Air and how they can Build & Empower your Audience. There are many others covering all types of Social Media topics/areas.

Note: if you purchase via my affiliate link I will receive compensation... which I certainly would appreciate!
=== ===
#SMMW   #SMMW15   #VirtualTicket  
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Live Chat via Hangouts chat in search results?
Not sure how to make this an option for your business yet, but interesting to see that it is being tested.

Since hangouts are not just video but also a text chat environment, I thought you might be interested in seeing this. Looks like that kind of chat can't turn into a video type, or maybe it can. Hard to tell from the screenshot.

h/t" +Denis Labelle & +Johan Claeys for the alerts to related articles.
=== ===
#HangoutChat   #BusinessChat   #LiveChat  
Google is testing out a service that incorporates live chat with businesses right into search results, via a new link that shows whether a business is..
Eli Fennell's profile photoDaniel Brouder's profile photoStefan Wölfel's profile photoMiguel Guillen Paz's profile photo
this would be a homerun for me. (and assuming they make hangout video calls work reliably enough, I'd definitely use it)
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Hangout Mastery Members Only Q&A session re. Hangouts
This is a Private HOA for Hangout Mastery members in a Public Event.

Before the start time, I'll add in the HOA video for you to test the play arrow. If you can press that play arrow and you see the countdown timer you are using the proper account. If it tells you that the Video is Private then you will need to sign out of YouTube or G+ with the 'other account' and sign in again using the same account you use in our Private Membership Community. More details here

This is a monthly event for Hangout Mastery members... if you are a member (new or long-time member), please feel free to leave a comment/question about Hangouts or your membership. You can also ask to be in the filmstrip for this one in our private community.

Please realize that the Public (anyone) can see the comments here. I set it up this way so we can bring your questions/comments on screen via the Comment Tracker tool.

Not a Member yet but you're interested in joining us?... check out Hangout Mastery info at
=== ===
#HOAtips   #HangoutMastery   #HangoutsOnAir  
20150304 New Member Hangout Mastery Q&A - member's only
Wed, March 4, 12:00 PM
Hangout Mastery Members Only - please use proper account

Ronnie Bincer's profile photo
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Firefox Hello - video calls/video chat
This video calling feature from Firefox uses WebRTC compatible browsers (Firefox & Chrome are 2 that support it right now). No account setup is required, send a link to the chat and they can join the call with you.

No connection that I see (yet) for a broadcast like a Hangout on Air, and I've not really learned all the details, but the fact you can do a video call with someone without needing to sign in or register will be helpful to many until they run into more limitations.

I've attached this short intro video on FireFox Hello:

Here's the official announcement page from Firefox/Mozilla:

Both users in Firefox works, or one starting in Firefox and the other joining via a link in Chrome could work as well (both support WebRTC).

I'm sure that we'll see more about this soon. It apparently is not a new service, but it has just been re-released.

Update: I've done a review on how this works including annotated screenshots here:

Have you used it yet?
What are your thoughts on it?
=== ===
#FireFoxHello   #VideoChat   #WebRTC  
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+Craig Long sure... assuming that the "Hello" video chat link is permanent, then shortening it/branding it as a virtual video room might work nicely.

With Hello video chat we need not be concerned about account status (and for a 1 to 1 conversation via hangout video call, I don't think we need be concerned with account status either.. they called that Hangouts Lite in the past). HOA is a different story, or a Hangout Video call with more than just 2 people.
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There's a limited time sale on the Social Media Marketing World Virtual Ticket ... right now it is $347 (that's $350 off the regular price) until Feb. 27th. Please use my affiliate link to learn about the details and make the purchase. 
Get a Virtual Ticket  for Social Media Marketing World 2015
Not only can you attend this great Social Media Marketing Convention from the comfort of your home or office, the Virtual Ticket is far less expensive! ...

Click on this affiliate link: ... to find out all the details and sign up. There is a special price discount going on right now so check it out, even if you are just curious.

I'll be one of the speakers at the convention talking about Hangouts on Air and how they can Build & Empower your Audience. There are many others covering all types of Social Media topics/areas.

Note: if you purchase via my affiliate link I will receive compensation... which I certainly would appreciate!
=== ===
#SMMW   #SMMW15   #VirtualTicket  
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Your Business & Google+... ways they work together
Read this article to see the various ways different kinds of businesses can take advantage of the Marketing Power Google offers via Google Plus.

+Stephan Hovnanian does a great job of laying out the goods here. Nice breakdown of business type and the areas each can utilize best within Google plus.
=== ===
#GooglePlusTips   #GooglePlusBusiness  
[NEW] How to Use Google+ in YOUR Business

The tricky part of online how-to articles is who they're positioned to help. Is it the personal brand? The local business? The enterprise?

Not all marketing techniques or platform features are best suited for every type of business, and my latest includes advice that pulls from real examples and interviews of:

► Consultants, Coaches, Solopreneurs
► Local businesses
► SMB (small to medium sized business)
► Enterprise business

You'll also get a high-level view of how to Teach Google about your business using Google+ and How Google+ is a Content Marketing Toolbox from my contribution to the new book, Success Secrets of the Online Marketing Superstars.

Special thanks to everyone mentioned or cited in the article for their outstanding contribution to Google+ (in order of appearance):

+Stone Temple Consulting​​ +Steady Demand​​ +Kieren McGovern​​ +The Social Media Hat​​ +Laurie Laizure​​ +Interior Design Community​​ +Christina Blount Presnell​​ +David Amerland​​ +Mark Traphagen​​ +Denise Wakeman​​ +Lany Sullivan​​ +Ronnie Bincer​​ +David Kutcher​​ +Confluent Forms LLC​​ +Bill Gassett​​ +Bernard Katz Glass​​ Ltd​​ +MarketingProfs​​ +Black Lotus​​ +NOD3x​​ +Unbounce​​ +T-Mobile​​ 

How are you using Google+ for YOUR business?

#googleplus   #googleplustips   #localseo   #semanticsearch   #socialmediamarketing  
Businesses large and small should use Google+, but the reasons and features will vary. Let's break it down to pick what fits best for yours.
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+Ronnie Bincer my pleasure, have a great day my friend 
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Ronnie Bincer

Shared publicly  - 
The live show today (Sunday) will start in about 20 minutes. Stop on by if you can for the #WhoopItUp  HOA.
You’re invited to #WhoopItUp! Dreams Take Flight, where there’ll be music, entertainment, fun, prizes, other great people and you!  And just for joining us, you’ll receive special Gifts.

We appreciate your help in sharing this Event, commenting in the Comment Stream before, during and after the Show and tweeting about it!   Click YES to attend this fun party! 

Our purpose?  Meeting our goal of publishing a children’s picture book by +Lynn Sanders called, “Dancing With Tex: A Special Friendship”, a true story that made national news about how a friendship between a man and bird helped save the Whooping Cranes from extinction.  For more info click here:

This book is about raising environmental awareness, providing  inspiration and encouragement to youth about the power within us.   Each of us can be a difference maker in the world!  

Ultimately, the lessons in this book apply to everyone: 

►  The importance having faith and believing in yourself
►  How persevering pays off
►  Taking action to achieve your dreams
►  and, the importance of caring for our land and animals

After 's book is published, a portion of all proceeds will go to, a non-profit organization dedicated to saving the worlds cranes.

By donating $10 before or during the Show YOUR name will be entered in a RAFFLE to win prizes - click here to donate –  *We’ll be announcing the winners at the end of the Show, so stay tuned!*  

Joining us for this great party is:

+Ronnie Bincer - aka – The Hangout Helper
With Ronnie’s help, thousands of people worldwide are mastering the use and power of social media, video, broadcast communications, and discoverability online.  Ronnie is in a unique position of being a Google+ Trusted Tester.  This means he gets to work with beta versions of Google software tools before they are released to the public. This helps him prepare all his clients for the next thing – no surprises – always taking advantage of all that these powerful tools can offer in social, video, etc.  For more info:

+Chef Dennis Littley - Chef / Food Blogger / YouTube Host & Producer
Chef Dennis Littley is known as "Chef Dennis" both at work and across the Internet.   Chef is an Executive Chef, Culinary Instructor, HOA Host and Producer of four shows on Google Plus. 

• The Food & Booze Show:  with co-host Mia Voss as they showcase restaurants around the Denver and Orlando areas, as well as specials from around the world.
• Day Google+:   Talk and Variety Show featuring the best and brightest on Google+
• Around the Kitchen Table:   with co-host Kitchen Designer Susan Serra featuring easy to make Restaurant Style Dishes and Kitchen Design tips 
• On the Road with Chef Dennis:  Sharing his experiences as he travels  around Florida and other areas.  Interviewing business owners, guests, offering a personal connection with these people and places.
For more info:

Steve Taubman 
He’s gained success as a physician, entertainer, trainer, and author of the #1 self-help bestseller, UnHypnosis, in which he teaches individuals to reinvent their lives. While gaining popularity for his high energy performances, Steve began a study of mindfulness, which continues to this day. He’s taught many others to meditate and to bring spiritual principles to life.  Steve’s passion for network marketers and sales professionals, and their emphasis on personal growth, inspired him to develop the powerful presentations he now brings to progressive organizations worldwide.  

His excitement, motivation, and enthusiasm have earned him fans worldwide while his entertaining programs continue to impact young and old alike; helping them clarify and achieve their dreams. It is Steve’s belief that everyone has a gift waiting to be discovered and unleashed, and it is his mission to help people find that inner calling.  For more info:

Corky Siegel
Corky Siegel has earned an international reputation as one of the world’s great blues harmonica masters. He is a composer, blues pianist, singer/songwriter, and recent winner of the Lila Wallace/Reader’s Digest/Meet the Composer’s national award for chamber music composition and the Illinois Arts Council Fellowship Award for Music Composition.

Corky Siegel’s career began with a fortunate break when he formed the legendary Siegel-Schwall Band that toured the major rock palaces and clubs in the 60′s and 70′s. He was introduced to the blues through his very first steady engagement at Peppers the internationally renowned blues club where his job included performances with the blues masters themselves, such as Willie Dixon, Little Walter, Muddy Waters, and Howlin’ Wolf. “For groups like the Rolling Stones … names like Muddy Waters and Howlin’ Wolf were exotic inspirations. For Siegel-Schwall they were the guys that played with them on 43rd Street.”– Lin Brehmer – Music Director for WXRT radio.  
For more info:

Chihsuan Yang
Chihsuan Yang is easily one of the most eclectic, versatile, and gifted violinists actively engaged in  Chicago‘s music scene. With a firm grasp of a seemingly endless array of genres, Chihsuan performs in the styles of classical, experimental, world, free-improvisation, electro-acoustic, ambient, hip-hop, and rock to name a few, and has graced the stage with inspirational artists ranging from Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys, to Yo-yo Ma and the Dalai Lama.
For more info:

John French
John is a Research Manager at the Patuxent Wildlife Research Center, where he oversees the work of the Contaminants group, the Systematics group (stationed at the National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian) and the Endangered Wildlife group.  He leads the whooping crane restoration program at Patuxent and sits on the US-Canada Whooping Crane Recovery Team.  
For more info:

+Lynn Sanders - Co-Host
Lynn, The Story Marketing Coach, is Founder and CEO of Park Avenue Marketing, LLC and Host of The Difference Makers, where she helps business leaders expand their exposure, build their following and attract revenue. 

Lynn’s vision is to strategically educate, motivate and inspire people in education, health care and social services to create positive transformation within their communities and beyond.

She creates compelling writing, and offers coaching, videos, Hangout On Air Shows, and promotional skills to surpass expectations for her clients. Lynn is a certified Strategic Attraction Coach, and the author of the children’s book, “Social Justice: How You Can Make A Difference,” published by Capstone Press.  

Lynn is also the writer/co-producer of the nationally award-winning video, “Things You Should Know Before Entering The Hospital”.  She looks forward to publishing “Dancing With Tex: A Special Friendship”, and helping more difference makers tell, create and share their stories effectively.
For more info and free marketing tips: 

+Rayne Dowell - Host
Rayne is launching a new business, and is the Founder and CEO of Expert Video Coaching and Training Ltd.  Rayne has been a trainer, advisor, coach/consultant, Host and Co-Host for numerous Hangouts on Air Shows.  She believes the best part about learning, is having fun learning! 

Her Vision: To be the world leader and chosen authority in providing exclusive, private, expert video coaching and training.  Her expertise enables others to powerfully promote their passions and causes, using creativity, teamwork and innovation. Her results increase financial viability, longevity and sustainability of businesses.

Her Mission: To create dynamic, easy to follow systems, courses, seminars and group coaching for individuals to learn how to effectively, efficiently, and easily create authentic, quality video content in a safe, supportive, fun, online environment. Her method allows participants to create their own unique, video journey that will attract amazing opportunities for profit and growth.

Her website is launching soon.  If you are interested in finding out more about the Early, Early, Early Bird Special and how to apply, email:

#WhoopItUp   #soulsunday   #crowdfundingproject   #childrensbooks   #cranenews    
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Rayne Dowell. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
#WhoopItUp Party! Dreams Take Flight
Sun, February 22, 2:00 PM
Hangouts On Air - Broadcast for free

110 comments on original post
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+Cuong Tran thanks. These types of invitations are not requiring you to have a camera, you are able to watch via the video and interact via comments if you want to.
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I've got lots of ways to help you use Hangouts and Hangouts on Air professionally. A great place to start is via my Step-by-Step Hangout Training Course at 

If you are interested in utilizing Google Plus as a Marketing tool & you are interested in Hangouts or Hangouts on Air (HOA)... then you've come to the right place!

As a Google+ Trusted Tester I get to work with hangouts pre-release software (beta software) before it goes Public. This unique position helps me prepare others to use Hangout Tools quickly once things change... and change they do!

The All About Hangouts website should get you where you need to go to understand the foundations of Hangouts & HOAs. The site has free & paid training on it.

Next, If you are serious about keeping up with hangouts check out our active & helpful membership site I've created for you: Hangout Mastery

I also do one-on-one consulting. Find out more on that here:

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On Google Plus, I guide Businesses & People in how to Create HOA Events Properly & I Offer Services as a Hangouts On Air Coach, Moderator & Producer.

To learn a few important things about hangouts check out these 2 posts of mine:

Here is a post about Google+ tips I wrote that I wish I had seen when I first arrived... see if it helps you Join In the Conversation with a bit more confidence: Google+ Etiquette & Basic Tips

And here are a couple more posts with Google Plus Important Tips:
Google+ Hashtags - what are they and why should I care?
Google+ Success Tips Step by Step Strategy

Here is a video and post that shows the Best Practices for Hangouts on Air (HOA) as of Feb, 2014 (the last big change made to the tool).

There is Plenty More... Just add me to your circles and you will see!

Just a bit more about me:
I did Music for a while (Trumpet), then became a Computer Graphics Nerd. Traveled the US & other countries for 12 years training people how to best use Adobe programs.

Then for 3 yrs. I did Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Video Search Engine Optimization (VSEO) work for the Marketing Department of a Franchise Company called LearningRx.

Now I have a Hangout Training Product site, run a very helpful membership site called Hangout Mastery & offer Hangout Help and Online Marketing for client's as a consultant.
Bragging rights
My wife & I live with a talking dog: Victor the Video SEO Hound ㋡
Hangout & Hangout on Air (HOA) Consulting, Strategy, Production, Optimization & Technical Guidance/Support, Guest speaker, Popular HOA guest
I am a natural Trainer... and I understand business & marketing along with SEO.
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    Hangout Helper/Trainer, 2010 - present
    I help people and business communicate their message incredibly well.
  • LearningRx, Kingdom Graphics, Video Leads Online
    Marketing Deployment, VSEO, SEO, 2009 - 2011
    Marketing Deployment for a franchise home office. Trained franchisees how to create and utilize YouTube Videos, Website resources and printed materials. Developed systems to automate marketing for multiple locations.
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