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Show me the evidence and I will listen to (almost) any claim. Claims without evidence are a waste of both your time and mine.
Show me the evidence and I will listen to (almost) any claim. Claims without evidence are a waste of both your time and mine.

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Asiaa mm. erityyppisen muutosvastarinnan kohtaamisesta

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I made this for a seminar class. The article is quite interesting, I recommend it!

If losing potential followers and future friends is an important issue for you, beware of outgroup jokes (especially about people who are lower on some societal scale than you). Outgroup jokes can easily backfire without you ever even finding out that they did. And if it is an ingroup joke (i.e. you are part of the group that you are laughing at), make sure that you frame it clearly as so.

A few scientific results and blog posts based on them can be found in the comments, to clarify the issue and present evidence.

What could this mean in practice? A fictional but in my experience realistic example of a fellow plusser's stream of consciousness follows:

"I came to look at your Google+ stream planning to circle you. I found, among other things, that a few days ago you posted a 'joke' about asthmatic / blind / deaf / demented / diabetic / dyslexic / epileptic / [insert any other group with a disability and/or chronic illness] people. Seeing that 'joke' I decided not to circle you, after all. Because when I was younger I experienced quite enough of schoolyard bullies (and some teachers) who thought that my disability - or that of my brother's or that of  my best friend's - was Such A Hoot. That wasn't funny then and it isn't now.

And I won't speak up about this in your stream - I don't want to deal with your multiple buddies, who commented because they found that joke SO funny. I will just quietly fade away."

In other words: outgroup jokes about people, who are worse off than you regarding some aspect of the joke, can easily give a similarly unflattering impression as that Big Bully hitting smaller kids. 

Finally: if losing potential followers and future friends is not that important an issue for you, kindly refrain from commenting. Commenting on posts that are fundamentally uninteresting to the commenter too often leads to unnecessary strife.

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I hate animated GIFs. So, when I do share one, the motion is actually needed to convey information.

#design   #train   #publictransport  
Because the train doesn't always turn around. Or because people want to sit face to face ..

Animated Photo

WTF Google+/Chrome? CPU at 100 %, fan on overdrive...

In more detail: Today, for the first time ever, every time I open a tab to Google+, CPU usage on my Windows 8.0 laptop goes up to 100 % and stays there for at least a minute and sometimes two, while the laptop fan goes into overdrive. The situation more or less calms down eventually even though I leave the G+ tab open, but I still don't like this! :-(

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I realized something important: "Writing, like the other core design skills, is not a step in a waterfall process. It doesn't belong at the beginning, middle, or end, because it's something we need to do throughout the design process ... If writing is not a part of that process, we're leaving out a huge component of the user experience, and our products suffer."
"Writing is part of the design process." - in the article you'll find this and similar timeless guidelines about the treatment of text in designs.

I love this part: "I’ve seen too many marketing websites with headlines promising 'a better way,' 'the best way,' or 'a new way' to do something, without actually describing what it is."

I went to our website now and clarified copy in a few places. Just tell me what it is, exactly, and what it does, exactly - that's how we need to write about products and services we're presenting.

~ +Visnja Zeljeznjak 

#design   #copywriting  

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And a "lie detector" for SOME is sorely needed (see comments)
Five European universities are working on a social media lie detector in an attempt to verify online rumors. The technology developed in the wake of the London riots is set to help not only journalists and the private sector, but also governments.

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Goal: "not only break the ice between scientists who did not know each other, but also to “break the heat”—to encourage big name scientists to step outside of their usual small circle, and mix with up-and-coming scientists."

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On 5 April 2014 in Lancaster, #Pennsylvania  
African American History Conference to be held in Lancaster
February may be Black History Month but mark your calendars now for the African American History Conference on 5 April. The conference is a NEW outreach that the African American Historical Society of South Central Pennsylvania is launching to tell the stor...

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"a new technical assistance document describing the use of color communication badges. Color Communication Badges are an accommodation to support social interaction for people with a variety of disabilities and communication needs."
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