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Roni Lipstein
CREATive & Conscious Energy embraced withIN Agape LOVE's Light, Manifesting our HIGHest HAPPYness in our eternal NOW.
CREATive & Conscious Energy embraced withIN Agape LOVE's Light, Manifesting our HIGHest HAPPYness in our eternal NOW.


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Latest Huffington Post Article:

enJOY the read........
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enJOY the Read..........Share the Love***

Your nearest and dearest are depending on you to be the beacon of light they are seeking to see themselves true***
Be the Example*** <3

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Latest Huffington Post Article :

enJOY the read.....Share the LOVE*** <3

and for MORE inspirational insights of love's wisdom, visit my website here: www.RhondaSherylLipstein and check out the links available for blogs, web t.v. shows, and books.**

Blissedly Be**

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My lastest Huffington Post Article....

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Latest Huffington Post Article......

enJOY the read (and in this case the watch too ;) )
Share the Love***
It behooves ya too.... ;)
Your nearest and dearest are counting on you*** <3

BElief in SELF......

We ALL have come to our Earth School with PURPOSE.
We ALL are here to fulfill a very Special 'role' -- to Share our Divine Gifts of LOVE's Bliss with and for the BEnefit of ALL.

Many of we are floundering.....
Many of we are DOing things we abhor
Many of we are drowning in negative feelings as a result thereof, pushing us ever further away from our Authenticity and fulfilling our collective destiny -- as physical manifestations of LOVE's Bliss.

It IS that we need BElieve in SELF.....Authentically.....
A huge opportunity for expanded transcendence for many of we who have been taught that we are 'not enough', 'less than', or 'missing something'......

It IS that we need CALM the VOICES of doubt, belittlement, fear based conditioning that we may HEAR the VOICE of our Authenticity -- LOVE. <3

More IS that we need to TRUST in this, our Authentic Voice of LOVE.
We must TRUST in SELF -- TRUEly -- that we DO have a purpose for BEing that our inclinations in life exist with Purpose -- to direct us to manifesting our Soul's Purpose, our Personal Legend, to share our inherent, uniquely ONEderFull Gifts with and for the BEnefit of ALL.

No two people are alike -- even they are offering the very same services, products, etc... they are so DOing in their own very unique way and there are others who are here to openly receive yOUR gifts in yOUR special unique way.

We must build ourselves up whilst at the same time recognizing the divinity in all others and feeling no need for competition but instead co-operation as again--- for each IS their purpose in BEing, for each IS their a special gift to share, and for each are there those who are awaiting our gift to BE shared with. ;)

More motivational, inspirational, assisting love's wisdom available here:

mind - emotion - action
masculine - feminine - manifestation
Human BEing ---
free will to CHOOSE to BE a Human, BEing LOVE or Fear

Thought = Divine Masculine Spark of Creation
Emotion = Divine Feminine Creative Compulsion

Depending upon which Thought WE CHOOSE to invest within, give focus and attention to, "own as our own", affects our Emotional Response or Reaction

Depending upon which Emotion We Choose to invest within, give focus and attention to, OWN, creates an attraction or repulsion to/from ACTion
(and choosing to NOT take action IS still an ACTion) ;)

Depending upon which Action we Choose to take based upon our inspired attraction or repulsion CREATES MANIFESTED PHYSICAL RESULTS.

Life IS a Balance of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine in ACTion……

There is NoThing as PowerFully affecting our lives, as important for us to invest our time, energy, dedication, commitment, perseverance, even yes, monies towards than…….DOing ALL we Can to Choose in Conscious Awareness which Thoughts and Emotions to Own….to do all we can to BE LOVE.

With Love,
Rev. Roni **

Rev. Roni is available for one-on-one journeys internationally, as well as inspirational speaking engagements, workshop facilitation, satsangs, and to officiate your sacred life celebrations and transitions.

More information and to contact Rev. Roni directly, please visit her website here:

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enJOY the read
share the Love <3

Blissedly Be

With Love,
Rev. Roni*

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"Completely identifying ourselves with the good within can surprisingly be very difficult [or…….come on…ya know ya wanna correct me…a HUGE Opportunity for growth] in the face of the many fears we have come to believe, and thus have internalized.

As much as we may want to be nice in any given situation, we each have deeply ingrained belittling consciousness paradigms, which have been built upon fear. These paradigms have a tendency when unsupervised, to rear their ‘ugly’ little heads, which can be quite loud and demanding of our attentions.

These consciousness paradigms need be ‘dealt with’, faced courageously, compassionately comprehended, embraced within love and released, to allow ourselves to adopt new, healthier consciousness paradigms built upon unconditional love." ~~ Excerpt from "The Gardens of Life; Your Journey to Radiate Soul Light"
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