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Roni Lipstein
CREATive & Conscious Energy embraced withIN Agape LOVE's Light, Manifesting our HIGHest HAPPYness in our eternal NOW.
CREATive & Conscious Energy embraced withIN Agape LOVE's Light, Manifesting our HIGHest HAPPYness in our eternal NOW.

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Every one should have access to the amazing life guidance love's wisdom provides to assist, uplift, empower, and enlighten one to live the life they love to be living and love the life they are living.

Rev. Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein has been providing Whole-istic Life Guidance for 20 years and is blissed to roll out her 2017 "Sliding Scale of Generosity" for the benefit of all of we. *

When one of us welcomes greater Self Love into our lives, we ALL benefit.

Please DO share with those you care for.

For more information and a plethora of other Free Resources, please visit: 
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Starting TODAY until Monday, May 8, 2017....

Enter for Your Chance to WIN a FREE Copy of the "Serenity Through Soul" home-play activity guidebook, 'Series One' here:

And make sure your share this Amazing Opportunity to experience greater blossoming bliss with all those you love and hold near and dear to you.*

When one of we wins, we ALL do*** ^_^


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" You are not defined by your past or your perceived future.
You are defined by the choice you make in any given NOW.
What does this mean ?

If you want to be the person you love yourself to be
you can make that CHOICE right NOW,
and if you do not in this ‘now’,
you get another chance in the next NOW…..


You can not BE who you love yourself to be if you are so busy holding on to all the parts of you that are not who and how you love yourself to be.

If you want to be who you love yourself to be you have to start to OWN That definition of you
each day,
more and more,
reMIND you of WHO YOU ARE.
And yes…..believe it or not,
YOU GET to decide who you are….
Yes, YOU!

So…..who are you ?
Who do you want to be?
Who are you going to be?
What “Me” are you fostering into being ?

You get to choose,
you get to decide…..
in every given now — you can change your mind —
if you are the one who gets to choose
then why not choose a ‘you’ , you love ?

Makes sense, no ?

Okay so let's give some energy, attention, and effort to this decision then, shall we?
Who is this ‘me’ ?
How do they act?
What do they look like?
Sound like?
Smell like?
Talk like?
Move like?
How do they spend their time?
With whom do they spend their time?

Take some time to think about WHO this “Me” that is the “Best Version of You” you love yourself to be IS and then…day by day you can start to foster this “you” into materialized beingness….


With Love,
Rev. Roni
Providing a Guiding Light upon your pathway to emBODYing the You, You Love Your Self to Be*** <3 

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Looking for an Ordained Officiant for your next onederfull Life Celebration or to honour a special Life Transition ?

Metaphysical Minister, Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein, ( Rev. Roni* ) at your humbled service. <3

Get in touch via LinkedIN or through the website:


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Along the pathways to enlightenment
otherwise called "becoming conscious" or "waking up", etc....
many twists and turns may appear along our way -- as we release ourselves from the thorny twisted vines of fear consciousness that have been slowly yet subtely suffocating us into mere shadows of our authenticity .....

The mind, this amazing tool of ours has been so very well trained to be fear that learning to be love can be so foreign we may feel like we are floundering in an abyss of dizzy confusion.....indeed, some may feel like they are losing their sanity....
which to be purrrfectly honest -- in this instance -- not such a bad thing for what we have been taught IS "Sanity" is indeed actually insanity.... ;)

Having said that, the journey to enlightenment need not be as heavy, confusing, discomforting, and dizzying as described do NOT have to awaken through 'yuck' even though you are journeying through get out of it.... ;)
The 'moral' of this lil ditty - be patient with your self, and.....
SEEK OUT GUIDANCE whenever you can.

Awakening to the reality that we have been for the most part living in as I 'lovingly' call it, "The Valley of Fear" can in and of itself be quite the frightful awakening -- think Neo from the Matrix after he takes "the pill"...... ;)
And learning how unbelievably skilled, tuned in, connected, capable, divine we are, an education that is best journeyed through with the assistance of a dedicated guiding light of namaste love.

If you do not have such a healthy support system around you......already established, LOOK for ONE!!!
We are here......
At your Service .......
for the BEnefit of All*** <3
Bliss Kiss
Rev. Roni
enLIGHTening Your Pathway to Love Consciousness 

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For the inspirational experience of a life time for you and all of your guests***

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Living in an era -okay several 100 eras - predominated by a consciousness paradigm of fear ------ "being love" can be an elusive mystery, let alone a state of being any of we are able to maintain consistently.......

And yet -- the single most whole-istically affecting committed dedication any of we may aspire to be ---

There is absolutely nothing that affects our entire life experience as whole-istically as the consciousness paradigm by which we operate -- the very means by which we experience existence itself through -- n'est ce pas ?

Ponder here a moment.....
seriously ......
You are worth the moment to so do!

Thus....though at times, for some, elusive, mysterious, confusing,
though for most if not all, requiring practice, patience, repetition, investigation, analysis, trial and error, etc....
Living Life through a consciousness paradigm of Love ** Namaste Love ** is the MOST WORTHY expenditure of energy any of we may invest withIN......period.

Being Love......
let's learn to be together***

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It's happening RIGHT NOW!!!
Started two days ago and the brilliance and FREE Gifts keep pouring through!!!

Check out the brilliance here --

Post has attachment about a sweet gift of love's bliss!!!

Below is the link to "The Inner Child Magazine" where I have been absolutely humbled the honour to be their Cover Feature Story for March 2017.

I'm so delighted!! ^_^
As a Piscean North Node -- to have this featured in this Now, as I am also witnessing such blossoming in my own consciousness -- it's almost like 'Existence' / Love Consciousness is embracing me in congratulations and celebrations, and I am soooooo filled with love's gratitude. ^_^

Blissings your journey through "The Inner Child Magazine" is as delightfully inspiring.* ^^ _(l) <3

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Well that was loads of informative and inspiring fun!!
Great Special Guest, Eva Deli, and onederfull Expert Panel, talk'n 'bout Healthy Relationships and the opportunities for growth gifted all of we when we take advantage of negative emotions that may arise in relationship to others for our emotional maturity......

Have a listen to learn how you can create healthier relationships and how relationships can assist you to mature emotionally and foster a healthier relationship with your Self....which of course, assists Everyone*** ^_^

Blissedly Be*
LIVE NOW +Roni Lipstein along with other amazing experts on "How To Form Better Relationship At Work and at Home" #livingconsciously #relationships
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