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#003 Low Vision Hijinx Podcast: THe Perfect Travel Roommate

My friend and co-author Bonnie calls me the perfect travel roommate. There can be some advantages to limited eyesight! FInd out what they are on today's show.
My friend and co-author Bonnie calls me the perfect travel roommate. There can be some advantages to limited eyesight! FInd out what they are on today's show.

Ronda Del Boccio

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Congrats on your first video! I'm a blind person between dogs at the moment. I have a podcst on iTunes, Stitcher and other places called Low Vision Hijinx. Best of success with the videos!

Ronda Del Boccio

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Title: Spring Morning On The South Rim
Photographer: Daniel Ruf

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It takes a village to raise a guide dog

The breeding program means that dogs are in home, and those people are volunteers. Puppy raisers give the future Leader Dogs while training them to have good manners. Donations from places like +Nylabone Products - Dog Chews, Toys & Treats!​ give the dogs nourishment and activities.

Thank you one and all! My application is on its way. #LeaderDogs
A big thank you to Nylabone for their recent generous gift of toys! Our puppies in the kennel and Leader Dogs in training couldn't be any happier to break them in.
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BUild Your Social Media STRATEGY Across Top Social Media Networks

It's important for authors to have a social media presence across networks, even the ones you don't hang out in or like as much. Here are some fabulous resources to help you be strategic, not tactical.

As a writer/author, the same strategies that work for business owners and entrepreneurs relate to YOU. It's also important for you to know where your ideal reader likes to be so you can be there as well.

#SocialMediaForAuthors   #socialmediamarketing   #Authors   #writers  

Thanks +Rebekah Radice  & +Peg Fitzpatrick 
How to Kickstart a Social Media Strategy on Today’s Top Networks
As a business owner or entrepreneur, using social media to connect and appeal to consumers isn’t always as easy as it seems.

Simply posting or tweeting a random thought without a strategy behind it is a recipe for disaster.

Not to mention — a complete waste of time.

In order to make an impact, you must be willing to commit to a long-term strategy.

This includes a daily content and social media plan, as well as an effective means for management and monitoring.

Keep your company ahead of the competition and in front of potential clients and recruits by creating and encouraging conversation, no matter the social network!

Read today's post with tips to kickstart your social media strategy across 7 of today's top social networks!

#socialmedia   #socialmediamarketing   #socialmediastrategy  
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Ronda Del Boccio

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E6: The Great Guide Dog VS White Cane Debate: My Decision to Get a Leader Dog

Welcome to Episode 6 of the Low Vision Hijinx Podcast, where you get amusing, entertaining & educational stories of living with limited eyesight. This week’s show is longer than usual, because I’m sharing  some deep thoughts about the great debate among…
Welcome to Episode 6 of the Low Vision Hijinx Podcast, where you get amusing, entertaining & educational stories of living with limited eyesight. This week's show is longer than usual, because ...
Do You Give Your Dog Joint Supplements?

Do you give your dog supplements? I share some thoughts and some of my experiences #DogCare
Do you give your dog supplements? I share some thoughts and some of my experiences #DogCare
Check out this book on Goodreads: Avoid Social Media Time Suck: A Blueprint for Writers to Create Online Buzz for Their Books and Still Have Time to Write
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Ronda Del Boccio

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I signed up for this webinar and I think you might be interested as well. We all need to make this real images to go along with our block clothes and other materials. I don't know about you, but I could certainly use a little help in that department.
{Free Mini Course} How To Create Branded Blog Images

Because of the fast paced, visual driven online world we live in these days having top notch branded blog images is no longer a 'that might be nice to have' kinda thing. You've got to step up your game and bring badass branding to the table if you want to get noticed and stand out online. It's just a fact! 

The good news is the playing field is evening out for solopreneurs and newbies, with image creation tools like +Canva and +PicMonkey. You just need to understand the basics of image branding and put a system in place and you too can have badass blog images that stand out in the sea of bright lights on social media and across the web. 

Which is exactly what I'm tackling in this mini course! 

What you can expect from this mini course:

➽The 9 most effective styles of branded blog images
➽How to tackle the pre-design phase and save a TON of time
➽The simple 5 step design process
➽Sales pitch free

PLUS a downloadable resource guide and checklist to get you off and running right away.

Course will be held LIVE on April 29th!

Register for this free mini course here:

#bloggingtips   #visualmarketing   #visualcontent   #brandingtips  
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  • Illinois State University
    Counselor Education, 1987 - 1989
    MS in Counselor Education
  • Loyola University Chicago
    Liveral Arts, 1984 - 1986
    Liberal Arts/Religious Studies BA
  • Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado
    Therapeutic Massage, 1 - 1
    Studied and became certified in therapeutic massage.
  • Good Counsel High School
    High School - College prep, 1979 - 1983
    College Prep courses, including a year of college courses during my senior year.
  • Alexander Graham Bell Elementary School
    elementary school Gifted / "Sight "Saving" programs, 1971 - 1979
  • Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE)
    Pastoral ministry in hospitals, 1986 - 1986
    Certification in Clinical Pastoral Education, pastoral care for hospital patients and families.
Contact Information
I'm a wacky witty wordsmith who loves a good story and a good book.
Welcome, Hero!

What is the B.L.I.S.S. Butterfly System?

The butterfly begins life in a lowly state, as do we all. The transformation through which a butterfly goes does not CHANGE her nature. The transformation calls forth the true essence of what has been inside all the time so that she can fly free and live her true purpose in life.

As I worked with visionary entrepreneurs, I developed a system that is easy, playful, and full of life. This is the B.L.I.S.S. Butterfly Author Success System, based on that gorgeous fluttering creature of light, air and transformation.

Each letter of #bliss is a part of the butterfly. The B is the body, and the rest of the letters represent wings.

When you are rooted in your purpose and all aspects of your author journey are healthy and harmonious, your BLISS Butterfly will fly free.

When your butterfly is missing parts, you'll findit hard to turn your dreams into a reality.
  • B is for BEING on purpose. - looking inside to find your purpose 
  • L is for LIVING and leaving your LEGACY - writing your message.
  • I is for IMPRINTING your message into people's hearts and lives.- publishing (manifesting your message)
  • S is for SHARING your message with those who desire and need it - that's what book marketing really is!
  • S is for SERVING your audience.well - prospering you, your loved ones, and your beloved causes. The more you SERVE your audience, the more prosperity you have to spread! 

Random Facts about Me

Before getting into the "meat" of this profile, I thought you might like to know 3 random facts about me so you have a sense of who I am.

1) When I was young, my dad worked as a Master of Ceremonies at a club He got home very late, and I would go lie on the floor just inside the door so he could be the prince 5o awake Sleeping Beauty from the evil spell.

2)  I used to write Doctor Who fan fiction when I was in  high school.

3) As a child, I could never watch the 3 Stooges, because their violence toward each other made me cry. I still find aggression upsetting.

2 Things I LOVE to do that affect YOU!*

My favorite things to do are writing fiction and helping visionary, life-changing individuals turn their purpose and passion into published books.

As for fiction, I adore writing visionary fiction stories that stick with you long after you have finished reading. And be careful what you say and do, because I'm a keen observer and an attentive eavesdropper! You just might end up as a villain in my next novel!

Helping authors is such fun! I love hanging out with people who love stories and want to make a difference.

Who am I and how have I earned the right to guide you?

Short bio:

I am an author, speaker and mentor living in rural Missouri with my 2 cats inside and a couple of guinea hens outside. 
A contributor in 24 books, I am the author of several books of my own, including #1 Bestseller, Mover and Shaker, The Peace SeedPersonal and Global Transformation through StorytellingThe Instant VIP,  Instant Author Formula: 6 Simple Methods for How to Write a Book FAST!, My fiction books include, A Tasty Morsel and The Assassin and the Prince.

Find all my titles on Amazon
Street Cred

Here is what some of my students & I have accomplished with the help of the BLISS System:
  • +Lasse Rouhiainen  becae an international #1 b est selling author within hours of releasing his first book, Smart Social Media. He achieved equaolly rapid success with the Spanish version of this book as well as the English and Spanish versions of 101 Video marketing Tips and Strategies for Small Businesses. His books are still strong sellers months later.
  • +Chris Downs reached #1 bestseller status in just 18 hours after his book How to Grow Great Heirloom Tomatoes hit Kindle. This book is a consistent top seller well over a year after release, which is not all that easy to do today... unless you have the right systems.
  • Jeremy Boone made 1 phone call that created 15,000 book sales while I was his mentor.
  • Amazon put my fiction book The Assassin and the Prince as the headline book in a customer mailer to fantasy fiction fans.
  • My and my students' books hit bestseller within anywhere from 2 hours to 10 days of publication.
When you work with any of my programs or with me as your mentor you start by tapping into the true power behind your book. Everything you do goes back to your core message. Then, as  you write, publish, share and serve, you provide the perfect solutions and stories that your ideal readers CRAVE.

Help with your book idea or book

No matter where you are in your journey, I can help you

"Toe in the water" level of help with all aspects of authoring

Begin with your 7-day free trial Awakened Author Adventure Premium Membership and get help in all aspects of the BLISS butterfly System each day plus a live weekly call.

Help with book marketing and author platform

Effortless Social media for Authors helps you master social media so it doesn't suck your time away. You'll learn a simple system you can implement in just a few minutes a day to connect with all the major social platforms, plus help knowing how to make the most meaningful connections that will expand your reach and our income.

Help knowing your ideal customer (AKA "target market")

if you don't know who your ideal customer is, how can you possibly find them and cause them to find and buy your book and your other products and programs. Get into the A-Zone shows you how to know exactly what people are actively searching for so you can fill their needs in your book and beyond.

How to write a book that changes lives

There are 7 essential elements of a life-changing book and 7 keys to writing a page-turner. Discover what they are and start creating them during this at home playshop (not a workshop but a playshop) program called Legacy: How to Write a Life-Changing Book with EASE!.

Become a best selling author without breaking a sweat

Wouldn't you love to be a bestselling author in hours or days rather than with months of effort and chasing people down? Instant Best Seller Secrets teaches you the 4 steps to create a best selling book with ease, including the most important step, which is leveraging your best selling author status to achieve and receive MORE. Start with a free training that will show you why the big bonus bundle book launch is DEAD and why that's GOOD NEWS for y ou. Click to join the Secrets to Best Seller Status now.

How shall we connect?

Being truly PRESENT to listen with an open heart and generous spirit is one of the greatest gifts one human can give another.

I love connecting with engaged visionaries. When you circle me, please let me know where I should place you among my circles.
  • Author
  • Publisher
  • Entrepreneur
  • Fun
  • Music
  • Artist
  • Inspiration
  • Science
  • Techie
  • other - you'll have to let me know what that might be!
Bragging rights
I LOVE my life! I get to live where I love living, to work from home, and to meet amazing life-changing people all over the world through the power of technology. I've helped hundreds of visionary invididuals become best selling authors effortlessly, and I've taken my own books to bestseller status the same way. YOU coudl be next
I turn visionaries into bestselling authors following the B.L.I.S.S. Butterfly Author Success System! I'm also a bestselling author of transformational fiction, nonfiction and poetry
gratitude, eavesdropping, listening, being aware, storytelling, writing just about anything, author mentoring, inspirational speaking, integration marketing, social media consulting, independent publishing, copywriting,, strategic planning, creating edutaining programs, creating assessments, audio profiling, cooking, baking, enjoying life
  • B.L.I.S.S. Author Mentoring
    #1 bestselling author, speaker, mentor, storyteller, 2010 - present
    Do you have a burning desire to be a positive force in the world? Do you believe you have a book (or many books) inside you? Then we should definitely get better acquainted, because I turn visionaries into bestselling authors with grace, joy, and FUN! How? You get there by following the butterfly... the B.L.I.S.S. Butterfly, that is! This system ensures you have more than "just a book"... You truly create, live and leave your legacy.
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