OK guys here is a flash zip bootanimation thanks to +Brian Roberts for making it a possible all I did was make it a flash zip...if it doesn't work extract and move bootanimation.zip to your roms bootanimation location ..

https://mega.co.nz/#!dgxwXCBB!if8kvMKh3gWMWfaD4w9Y4JYGWt_UtyNg2qJfMLw-UT8 mirror https://www.dropbox.com/s/npexnwaia121w05/marvelboot.zip
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Some problem with Mega, upload on different site!
Not working with any and action switcher here,  nexus 7 2013 cm11
No +Robert Metzger, it doesn't work that way. To install the boot animation, you will need root access and a special app like Boot Animations ★ root or ROM Toolbox Lite, though you can also do it manually by firing up a file manager and replacing the default bootanimation.zip file in the system/media folder with the new .zip file. Enjoy!
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+Amrit Zoad can you help me, i cant flash this .zip, and i cant delete or paste the new bootanimaton to the stock .zip bootloader in stytem/media. What should i do??
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+Amrit Zoad i cant find the root setting in es filr explorer... Why?? If i use root toolbox?
Use Root Explorer then. But first tell me what device u have? 
+Iqbal Hazen  then ok, the boot animation won't run on low res. screens. Try this thing. Get to the recovery mode & flash the zip file.  This should definitely work.
Works great, maybe change it so when it installs it doesn't call people a motherfucker? Lol
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+Amrit Zoad i already flash this zip via recovery mode, but nothing happen. And i already use custom boot animation from theme engine.
+***** no if you alrewdy flash the zip... just switch to stock theme and reboot youll see the bootanimation
+Ronald Valdes I did the same but my boot animation reverts back to the default android logo. I've Galaxy SII & I think that this boot animation doesn't support the low res. screen.
I have xperia z running on carbon rom... I installed this zip but it didn't work tried pushing it to system/media still it didn't work... Although bootanimation app shows it in the current bootanimation preview! I don't know how to make it work now, help me?
Okay so I got it working.. I pushed the bootanimation.zip in system/media and fixed permissions to rw-r-r. Rebooted and there it is! B)
should i rename and flash the zip?
I have done it! It works fine and awesome! Good job man! 
Do you only want to install this bootanimation? There are some different ways to install it. You can ad it in a theme or just flash it via recovery, move it with a file manager or install via adb.
 installed with no problems, looks amazing in the Oppo Find 5..thanks
Need this and animation for my tab if with high resolution images! It will look nice. 
+Ronald Valdes  Yours isn't working, says "This account's public links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled!"
even the dropbox link not working,temporarily disabled due to too much traffic
I downloaded and installed its awesome 
My be try after an hour ⏳ coz Internet is to slow
Uploaded check the zip file with name "marvel" other is the original CyanogenMod 11 boot animation 
My first custom boot & it wasn't hard, just a tad tricky. Placed the EXTRACTED zip in system/media then changed the permission

Thanks +Ronald Valdes & +Brian Roberts
I extracted the bootanimation from marvelboot.zip and put it in media folder with changed permissions but it's still not working. Is it because I'm running on the Hyperdrive ROM? I even tried installing via zip through recovery and got nothing.
So far I've tried using the app you suggested and that gave me a failed message. I then deleted my original boot animation.zip (I have it backed up) and copied this into system/media, changed it's permissions to rw-r-r- and it still does not work, I just get the shiny android text...

Any ideas?
+Ronald Valdes bro can you change it to support lollipop ? Bootanimation.zip is not supported in lollipop anymore
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