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Ronald Stepp
Buddhist with less patience than he should have, arg.
Buddhist with less patience than he should have, arg.


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Seán Doran @TheSeanning
Jupiter flyby @NASAJuno Perijove 9
(G.Eichstadt) Music by @JohannJohanns
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What scares me most about society today is that the overwhelming number of people making their views and opinions known on various social platforms like Facebook, Twiiter, and so on, is that they sound like they think the proper response to every problem is calling it racist.

I also wonder how many good people who might have good insight or answers to those problems (and I’m not including myself among those smart people) remain silent because they don’t want to be instantly targeted for outrage by the most vocal critics online.

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Little bit of CEFR peekage.. ships classes (ships with no racial note are common designs)

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Need to confuse your players and wow them with your brilliance at the same time?

Click for Wise, stay for the river.

Output CEFR ship design, formatted from design sheet contents

TL14 Dreadnought (A1E)
Using a 5000-ton hull (100 Hull, 100 Structure divided into five sections of 20 Hull, 20 Structure each), the Dreadnought is the largest and most heavily-armed ship type within any stellar nation. These ships are rarely deployed outside of wartime conditions. It mounts jump drive Z, maneuver drive Z and power plant Z, giving a performance of Jump-2 and 2-G acceleration. Fuel tankage of 1,096 tons supports the power plant for four weeks and one jump-2 jump. Adjacent to the bridge is a computer Model 6/fib. Additonal software is installed; including Auto-Repair-3. Evade-1. Jump Control-2 (x2). Jump Tape-2. The ship is equipped with Very Advanced Sensors (DM+2) x1. Accomodations include 64 Single-fixture Staterooms, 63 Dual-fixture Staterooms, 60 Barracks, 127 Low Berths and 56 Emergency Low Berths. The ship has fifty hardpoints and fifty tons allocated for fire control. Installed on the hardpoints are thirty five triple turrets (35xT) configured with thirty five beam lasers, as well as five missile bays and ten fusion gun bays. 3,600 smart missiles are carried as ammunition for the bays. In addition, this vessel has one meson screen and one nuclear damper. There are 22 small craft hangars, two holding Modular Cutters and twenty holding Fighters. Total Cargo Capacity is 404 tons in 2 holds, 202 tons in Hold A and 202 tons in Hold B. The hull is standard, armored with Bonded Superdense (16 points) and possesses a (stealth coating that absorbs radar and lidar beams and also disguises heat emissions). Special features are as follows: six armories. One fuel scoop and 54 tons of fuel processors (processes 1,080 tons of unrefined fuel into refined fuel per day). 223 escape pods. The Ship requires a crew of 223: one commanding officer, one executive officer, one computer officer, two navigation officers, one communications officer, 23 flight officers, seven gunnery officers, one engineering officer, one medical officer, three engineers, 66 gunnery crews, 22 flight mechanics, nineteen support staffers, fifteen service crewmembers, 40 marines and 20 troops. The Frozen Watch has a total of 112 individuals: 56 individuals in A Section and 56 individuals in B Section. The individuals in the Watch serve as replacement personnel for casualties and battle losses; between battles, the Watch can be revived and used to restore lost crew. The ship can carry: 26 high passengers or 52 middle passengers and fifteen low passengers. The ship costs MCr2106.8388 (including discounts and fees) and takes 180 weeks to build.

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Some morning sketching, soldiers, bridges, command.. paintstorm plus app on ipad pro..

In 10 years when SpaceX has 100s (god willing) or more people living on the Moon, there will be some subset of people living on Earth who will say it’s a hoax.

Rereading Mote In God's Eye, and realized something that had never occurred to me before about why the Moties should never have been perceived as universally peaceful after the plague of miniatures on the MacArthur.

If the Moties were indeed peaceful, and had been so for a long time, why would Miniatures breed into a plague of Moties that would start their war on the MacArthur. The fact that they bred uncontrollably and were so efficient at building weapons and devices to help them take over the ship should have screamed loudly that they were used to do the same thing on Mote Prime.

If the Moties HAD been peaceful for a very long time, then the Miniatures would have been genetically bred to only improve things to the benefit of the humans.
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