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A while back we announced plans for a tool that would help you transfer your circles from one Google+ account to another and ensure that your followers are automatically directed to your new, preferred profile.  Today, anyone can visit Google Takeout and click “Transfer your Google+ connections to another account”:  For more information, check out this help center article.  Thanks again for being so patient!
To transfer your Google+ circles and other connections between accounts, click Google+ circles transfer tool at Google Takeout. This tool transfers your Google+ circles and connections from a “source”...
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+Ronald Ho - Thanks for this tool. I notice that it clearly says that only circles and followers are transfered - not posts or other content. Is this being looked at or "this is it"?
Yeah, at this point I'm more concerned with my old posts and photos that I've done with my old gmail account than with anything else.
Will this work with transferring G+ account from gmail ID to Google Apps ID? 
+Trey W. Harvell, Sr. I suggest making a final post on your old account with a link to your new one.  And similarly for a first post on your new one linking to the old one.
I have been waiting for this, but I changed my mind in the middle of filling out the transfer form because it doesn't transfer my posts and photos to the new profile. Apparently it doesn't transfer the fields in the profile to the new one either, but that isn't so important because it's easy to copy/paste field by field.
Nice to see that migrating my circles is now possible. Now waiting for the second step: migration of content.
If this doesn't bring over stuff like +1s, I have trouble seeing it as a valid solution. :/

I do thank you and your team for the work in getting it out there though.
Thank you +Joshua Sutton, I know that Picasaweb albums are identical to Google+ albums so it makes sense that moving albums to a new account in Picasaweb should cause them to move to the new Google+ account.  That should solve one of my problems.

But right now, if someone goes to my profile they will see a large number of posts and that is an important part of the profile, so I don't like that people going to the new profile will not see that history.
Well, I can kind of see this working for me despite all the limitations.
I just had to go through this kind of migration. What would happen if I used the tool now that I have already manually migrated most of my contacts?
A day late and a dollar short for me I'm afraid. I notified every one in my circles a couple of weeks ago to follow me on my new account. I lost about 1,000 people that had circled my old account that didn't recircle my new account.

I deleted my old google+ account last Friday. 
Seriously guys... I'm sorry, but you're doing it wrong. I've been venting  about something Google does for years, and the problem just gets worse: you simply need to let me:
1) merge google accounts
2) transfer any google service from one account to another

I didn't choose to have a different account for orkut, and another one for blogger, and another one for <insert-google-stuff-here>. There was simply no google single-sign-on for that service at that time. I don't understand why the hell I automaticly get a new Orkut account created if I visit, instead of having something asking me to log in, and then to ask if I want to migrate my orkut account to the one I am/was using. Each time I log off Google, and I do it quite often... it's your fault. I want to use only one google account, I have near a dozen. It's your fault. And each time you spend time doing developments to do the (non-working) blogger migration tool, or the youtube migration tool, or now the "circles migration tool" (wtf? circles? what about all the rest?), you're loosing time and your users' patience: you should have spent it instead in creating a simple tool letting me do those two things I'm talking about up there.

Think about it, please.
+Marcos Marado I agree with the message, though I haven't had nearly that much difficulty. (But then, who uses Orkut, really?)

Also, don't +1 your own post, it's shameful. (Sidebar for Google+ team: Can we disable people's ability to +1 their own post, pretty please? It's just silly.)
Hello all, thanks so much for your interest, glad we're able to help here.  We unfortunately don't have plans to support the transfer of content you've created from one account to the other - at the moment this tool supports helping you move your social graph from one profile to another.

Also if you are running into "This account doesn't have G+ profile" issues - you can fix this by signing out of your accounts and logging first into the "source" account.  This is the account with the circles you want to transfer.  And then proceed from 

+Jake Weisz Orkut is just an example: I happened to pass by it today after 6 years and noticed this... but I do have a problem with other things, like blogger, and from what I hear from friends and collegues I'm far from being the only one bitten by this. Oh, and yes, I totally agree that +1'ing your own stuff shouldn't be possible.

+Ronald Ho I understand that my request might be a little more than slightly offtopic as a comment to this - and I am sorry. But the point still stands: merging accounts or transfering services' data from accounts if something you really really need.
+Ronald Ho  I just tried to move my circles just for a brand page I had started under my personal email to the Company's Google+ account. Couldn't. Can I manually upload the circles? I just archived them. I don't want to completely change accounts:-)
How about some way of combining profiles???
Got the "The source account does not have a Google+ profile" error on firefox but transfer started fine in IE
Hey Ronald, this is some good news for sure.

But this Takeout tool has quite a bunch of caveats.

So my question is: Is this all that we're gonna get or will the tool eventually evolve to something with greater functionality, especially Content transfer?

If so, I'd rather wait for a more sophisticated solution.

In general, I totally agree with +Marcos Marado above when it comes to merging Google accounts and transferring services from one account to another.
I do not understand - will it MOVE the friends and circles or COPY them to the new account. Because if it will move them, than i do not understand, how it is possible, that it will not move posts and comments to the new profile. Because in this case it would lost all information about privacy settings of the post, so noone would be able to see those posts!
And if it would copy them, it would be a huge security hole, as everyone could add any account to my circles, he would need only one account in there and then he could add a new one every 7 days!!!
And another remark:

"However, this content, pages, and authorship information still exist in your source account."

"If you choose to keep your source account profile, to avoid confusion, you may want to delete any content (including posts, comments and photos) that was posted by the source account and uncheck the option that helps others to discover your profile in search results."

How do these go together??
Absolutely fantastic news +Ronald Ho, the content can be worked around, many many thanks to you and the team for the hard work in getting this out.
+Thomas Cloer I grant you, it's not ideal, but it is at least something.
Let your followers know what you are going to do, link to your old profile/old posts, Picasa content can (theoretically) be moved over.
Yes, its a Pain, I know, but so is managing multiple Google accounts, you need to choose the action that works for you.
And, if you have been following the development of this in +Ronald Ho's posts, he has been quite up front about the fact that the tool would only be migrating circles at this time, it shouldn't come as a surprise now.
I hope they create an option to transfer bought content from market/play to different account or an option to give an application to someone.
Very disappointing outcome I have to say +Ronald Ho Not only did it take 9 months instead of a few weeks, but you will not be able to move any content.

That makes the tool next to totally useless.

Totally agree with +Michael Gray - what is the issue with just re-assigning the Google+ ID to the correct account?
+alex ynema yes circles were already transferred zut alors!
I have a compelling reason to transfer my circles to another profile, but when I tried, I got this error:
"The source and destination accounts have too many circle members to migrate into one account." (I have 4900 people in my circles and the new profile has none.)
It will do no good to post to Google Help about it because no representative from Google itself is there to offer assistance.
+Ronald Ho It's great that the tool is now available, but those users who may have heard about it by "word of mouth" may have a very difficult time finding it if they don't have a direct link to it (as you provided in your post).

If a user tries to find it on their own, by navigating through the Google Account Settings, they will only find it by stumbling and fumbling around (if they don't give up first.)
+Ronald Ho : Was there a specific reason to not to have the post migration tool as part of the account transfer tool?

I feel that it is quite logical to transfer the posts from one account to the other, as we transfer our stuff from old place to the  new place.

Or am I missing something here? Was this even considered as you worked on the tool or any security issue came up with this posts transfer?

+Richard Kashdan , +Joshua Sutton : I've heard that History g+ API allows one to transfer old posts from FB  & Twitter, maybe they can do g+ posts transfer, at least the public ones, I hope. :) Maybe you could ping the team on History API and put it up as a feature request?
+Michelle Rothman While I cannot speak for Ronald Ho, you need to be aware that when removing Google+ from an account or totally deleting the Google+ profile, users are asked to check a box that confirms:

I understand that deleting this service can't be undone and the data I delete can't be restored

While I suppose that Ronald Ho could come up with a different answer, the warning has has not changed since you previously removed Google+ from your account.
About time! Maybe I'll actually use G+ now!
I heard about this for long ago, that only circles etc would be moved, So I gave a f*'k, and did it manally many months ago.
This nonsense with Apps and non apps accounts are the biggest flaw with Google, for instance, now I cannot reach my youtube account, and the error message says It's not enabled in my apps account... Same my picasaweb account, is totally screwed, couldn't move it, and i lost my account name, now I have an number of 30 digits..  lots of strange errors and problems all around.
And support?, no place to send an email, nobody answers the forums, free as in.. oh yea.
I'm getting tired of this, luckily my email atleast works.. 
My migration just completed, and now I have all the circles in my apps account.  TWICE (trust me, I didn't make two science and technology circles with exactly the same name and the same 200 people in each).  It's not difficult to clean up, but COME ON - it didn't even do that one little thing right and I had to not post to G+ for most of the day because the migration was happening...
I did the Migration from my email to my Google Apps email & waited 7 days and NOTHING.  It's been a bit over a month and my Google Apps email has nothing transfered to it.  

What do do +Ronald Ho ?  Anyone else?  

Cause it won't let me do the Migration again.  
Finally the migration happened for my account yesterday, but I ended up with double circles (just like +Cade Roux mentioned) - OK, not too bad, I can clean that up.

But, and this is the kicker, only half of my followers (2,500) were migrated!? I had over 5,000... Whats even weirder is on my profile page it says that only 97 people have me in circles... ?

+Ronald Ho how can I get this fixed...? 

[update] I just re-read the announcement and saw that this is a known issue, sorry for jumping the gun: """Don't worry if you see that the number in the "Have you in circles" feature still shows that people have your source profile in their circles, as the count may take a few days to update."""
i think its sad that it took a year to come up with a half ased solution.

example: i use g+ to maintain a long list of educational material that my students then has access to (yes I know theres better solutions, but its all about putting the stuff where the students are)

that will have to be manually transferred, just because we couldnt sign up with apps accounts back in the day... sigh!
+søren kurgan jacobsen Consider a page instead of a personal profile.  Pages can have management transferred so they are independent of a Google Account.  Only drawback of pages is that they cannot circle someone who does not circle them, so they are useless for channelized communications - i.e. you can't put your company's customers or partners in a circle for publishing notices to just that group.  But it's irrelevant because G+ circles are really no good for outbound publishing scope on personal profiles anyway, only for inbound reading scope, because users cannot subscribe to your outbound circles.
+Cade Roux +Alon Swartz Got the double circles also.  Haven't been able to find mention of this problem in the forum.  Did I miss it somewhere?
+Jim Passmore As far as I know I could find no reports before it happened to me.  I had trouble deleting some circles, then eventually that problem went away.  Some kind of bug, I thought perhaps some other users in my circles might have been in transition as well.
Cool. Can I also transfer my Google verified status?
I know this is complicated but I don't understand how this has gone so wrong.  What was required was a tool that allowed you to switch the authenticating account for your persona from account A to account B for persona X.  What appears to have evolved is a tool that allows you to switch the authenticating account for your person from account A to account B and will also force you to switch from persona X to persona Y.  There may be other use cases, I accept, but a year after screwing around so much with multiple accounts and bad G+ UI switching, as +Scott Hanselman says my choice as a paying user appears to be:

1) accept a permanent schism in my identity and content  (if not my graph, but what is a graph without content?) and make the transition
2) stop paying and just use the account for everything, where I might finally have the simplicity of using Google's Plus My World dream

Bizarre.  I'm really stuck, because I could make so much more use of Google+ if I didn't hit so many barriers trying to log in; if I do so, I lose my prior use of Google+.
Apparently some Google+ pages are not able to circle me back after the transfer (and possibly that's not the only ones). I'm not sure what the reason is for this but I've looked into my circle numbers before and after the transfer. Before the transfer I had an average of 19.4 new people with me in their circles per day (since December) and since the transfer I've had an average of 1.2 people uncircle me per day. I were just attributing this to me not being in any shared circles anymore (since it is my old account in all the shared circles) but perhaps there's more to it.

Is this something you know more about, +Ronald Ho?
Hello +Ronald Ho

Is there a way we can transfer our profile circles to the circles of the page we've created'.

Your response will be of great value.
It would be great to know if we can possibly migrate one Google+ brand page into another? For example if an old page becomes superfluous and should have its followers migrated to another more relevant page?
While what you say appears to be true on the surfce, +Marc Bradshaw , about it lately having been clear that "no content will be transferred", the main argument and fact remains unchallenged:
When the Migration Tool was first announced (Oct 27 2011, "we expect this to be ready in a few weeks") it wasn't made clear that content would not be transferred.
So basically you were given two options:
I) Continue using G+ Temp Account, wait for Migration Tool, (lose all social content upon migration, but we forgot to mention it)
II) Start using your newly available G+ Apps Account, re-circle everyone and have everyone re-circle you (and lose less content than, uh, what you have after, say, 8 months and 16 days later?)...

Many people - not just me - feel that neither of these options is satisfactory enough. And more importantly, many of us might've taken the one with less content loss. Mainly because the content we're about to lose or be disconnected with/from, *is* our social currency, if you will:
More to a random online person, but also for people who maybe know you from "offline world" also, social content does (accurately or not) define us and illustrate who we have been and what we perhaps are today.
Example; Find nothing on someone online, in a social media? "Who is this..."
Versus; Find or come accross posts, comments, +1s, etc... "Oooh, hey, this person actually seems quite <insert adjective>..."
So basically this transfer tool is useless. Anyone who's been actively using +Google+ since last summer have far too much content invested in that account to just be able to move the circles. It's the posts, photos and +1s along with the circles that makes up the social graph, not just the people!

I wonder what people over on the +Google+ migration tool fan page are saying.
+Kim Nilsson It has one use, getting people who have already circled you onto your new account in their circles.
+Cade Roux yup, but in most cases that would be achieved with a simple shared circle to the new account. Most people would circle the new account, if they're still interested in your posts. If not, why would you care?
Yep i agree with +Kim Nilsson this needs to migrate content. Considering when we make a domain apps account we verify that we own domain/account etc i dont see what the big issue is. Can't the main contact email be changed to a Paid Apps account? google could verify this by email/phone/sms code etc
+Ronald Ho One of the unexpected uses of this migration tool is a way to manage your circles in a spreadsheet format.  This tool will allow step 1 of the 2 steps needed to better manage our existing circles and create better, more refined/targeted circles.

I have been able to export my circles using this tool and now I would like to manipulate the data so I can import these new circles.

Some practical uses are
1. Rapidly split larger circles into smaller sub circles so I can invite those circles to events.

2. Send out event invitations to people who haven't RSVP'd to an event or perhaps never received the event invite.  (I would remove all the people who have responded to the event and only send out fresh event invites).

I appreciate you help with this, or perhaps forwarding this request to the appropriate department.

CC: +Tyler C. Stevens (any suggestions).
+Ronald Ho  Is it possible to move circles from a personal account to a Google+ business Page? How?
hi Peter, that's not possible at the moment.  This tool only goes from a Google+ profile to another Google+ profile. thanks!
+Ronald Ho Is the ability to transfer posts, photos, content, +1 etc. on the roadmap for the migration tool?

Or is that outside of scope?
+Ronald Ho I'm trying to use Takeout to move data from my company account that uses SSO to my personal gmail account. This fails when trying to login to the destination account - my company's SSO login page is show instead. Apparently this isn't supported by Google Enterprise Support.

Can you help?
Tranferring circles from one of my google accounts to another did now work, no data whatsoever was transferred after the 7 day waiting period, and now the takeout page does no longer give me the possibility to do it. Maybe it thinks Im already migrated (which Im not)?
This issue has been going on for over 2 years now, google really need to allow the ability to actually "transfer" data not migrate circles. Why? A lot of companies spent a significant amount of time configuring their google plus pages for SEO and were unable to move the info into GApps accounts so had to leave all that work behind.

When will there be an actual resolution to this issue?  We need to be able to transfer both circles and content not just circles.
David B
I am getting used to Google Plus. I think it takes some time to switch to Google coming from FB but I like it.
This process failed for me. The transfer was scheduled, it initiated, and it seems to have ended since the warning message on my two accounts has disappeared. However, it took much longer than 48 hours and my circles were not transferred. Is there some way to fix this?
Sorry, +Aaron Cooper but this process is inherently broken, because it doesn't do what anyone wanted it to do. I am not even sure it works at all anymore. Those responsible at +Google+ stopped responding to this thread right after we told them that what they coded wasn't even close to what we asked for. +Ronald Ho was kind enough to answer a few questions early on, but even he dropped out when this turned into a "thanks for nothing" thread. 
Just tried to transfer my circles but it failed just as it seems to do anyone else

Well I'll just have to do it manually then and adding everything to my new account 
I followed the link and the page says "Circle transfer aren't available anymore"

The transfer was broken from the start. You'll be fine doing it manually. Just be sure you really want to go through with it!
Imagine the same amount of work needed when you switch workplace and get a new Google Apps account. 😕
Nick B

Focus on the user and all else will follow, who they kidding, if the ability of merging an old account to a new account isn't focusing on the user then what the hell is!

I have just run into this issue, now I need to change from a business focused ID to a personal one, for a company whose entire reason for existence is to provide information in a single place, you'd think they'd give users the same option wouldn't you.

Google, you're useless, this isn't rocket science, follow your own mantra.

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