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Ronald Ho

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Swipe away 👻👻👻 in this #Halloween #GoogleDoodle Score: 103080
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Ronald Ho

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Well done Airbnb ad!
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it is a great achievement, very poetic. Thank you +Ronald Ho :)
Have you seen the "Behind the Scenes" ( which is very interesting.
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Ronald Ho

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Second Harvest Food Bank Costco shopping spree. $502 spent in 20 minutes!!
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Ronald Ho

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+Kyle Abughanem reviews are too funny :)))
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Ronald Ho

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Mini pizza bagels? Now we're talking.
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Ronald Ho

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Lots of exciting improvements for those using video calling at work with Hangouts!  Get folks into a call easier and intuitive screenshare.
#Hangouts helps you get things done, face to face
Based on your feedback, we’re always working on ways to improve your Hangouts experience. Today, we’ve got some updates to help make your face to face meetings more open, collaborative and efficient. 

Adding attendees more efficiently. Getting lots of attendees into the same meeting can be challenging if they belong to different organizations. Starting later today, if you’re a Google Apps for work customer, you can just send the Hangout video call URL to your attendees and as long as they have a Google account (work or personal) they can join. Find out how to get started:

Easier to show what’s on your screen. Presenting to a large group? When using the screenshare app in Hangouts, you can now present to everyone in the meeting. No one needs to search for the right tiny screen to click on — presenters can now make their screen front and center for everybody, automatically. Learn more:

Reducing ambient noise. When you’re in a video call, keyboard noise and other background sounds shouldn’t get in the way of your conversation. We’ve improved our ambient noise filters so now, instead of muting you entirely when you’re typing, we’ll detect the key clicks and only filter those out.

Enjoy better video calls with your teammates, clients and partners with Hangouts.
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Ronald Ho

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Would totally order prints of these.
Tattoo artist and environmentalist Fred Giovannitti is the father to three kids who enjoy drawing. And, like a lot of kids, they give their artwork to their dad. But instead of hanging their pencil sketches on the fridge, Giovannitti adds to their masterpieces while he travels for work. He uses colored pencils to enhance his children’s whimsical drawings and transform them into 3D-looking characters. Giovannitti sees his additions as a way of col...
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Ronald Ho

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The first part is the annual pure math/physics calculation - now there are two fantastic rebuttals!
I love this cool visualization of Santa Claus' Christmas Eve trip as seen from space but, with the current laws of physics, we know he wouldn't be able do it. Or would he? Can Santa be real and deliver on his promises? The question is tricky, as this scientific debate shows. Let the classic scientific fight begin once again.
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I read this long time ago and very happy to read it again :-)
Here's a 3rd rebuttal: you don't have to limit yourself in traditional physics laws, open you mind and scale to quantum physics: as soon as nobody can see him, he can be in both statuses "present" and "not present" in each place at the same time. This shows that Santa can exist and deliver all the gift within the same night everywhere in the world! The only constraint is that no child can see him that night, else his status switches to "present" there and "not present" everywhere else, leaving every other child with no gifts :-)
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Ronald Ho

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Fourth hour of delay at the airport: You know people have run out of things to do when they pull out real books to read...
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Ronald Ho

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A refreshing re-imaging of our currency!  (ha, and no dollar bill!)
While U.S. currency does change a little on occasional, the basic design of the notes has stayed fairly constant: green/black background, a portrait on one side, and a pretty picture on the other. These concepts take that classic design, and turn it on its head.
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Ronald Ho

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These are pretty amazing...
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Hi Ron-O you do have an amazing collection
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Ronald Ho

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Wow... that is genius!
This German genius has created one of the most awesome inventions in recent memory, one that will bring incredible voice to humanity: A fully automated paper airplane machine gun. Yes, people: A machine gun that folds plain paper sheets into airplanes and then fire them across the sky.
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My goal in life is to get Carl Kasell to do the message on my voicemail.  Oh and I really love spreadsheets.
Bragging rights
In my prime I use to play waterpolo.
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This German genius has created one of the most awesome inventions in recent memory, one that will bring incredible voice to humanity: A full

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