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Rediscovering SQL Server Agent Alerts...
Having moved from a Fortune 50 company using BMC Patrol for SQL Server Monitoring to a small software company of less than 200 people, I'm rediscovering SQL Server Agent Alerts. Why might you ask? Because small companies can't afford expensive tools and nee...

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If at first you don't connect, try again...
I've noticed on several occasions that my first attempt to connect to an Azure Sql Server using SQL Server Management Studio 2016 doesn't always succeed. First attempt The fix? Press OK and try again.  I have no explanation but it  always seems to connect t...

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As a former band parent of LOLHS (2004-2009), I was thrilled to see Mr. Womack and local businesses step up and renovate the band trailer. Great job! It looks awesome!

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Azure Status Alerts via Outlook Rules
My current duties involve production support for an Azure PaaS application, therefore, I must know when Microsoft Azure services are experiencing issues. I do have alerts set up on the Azure portal and in Application Insights to notify me when availability ...

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SQL Server Horizontica released today only!
Microsoft release SQL Server Horizontica, a Vertica killer
Amsterdam, Noord Holland, Nederlands, European Union. — April 1, 2016 — Microsoft Corp. on Friday morning announced that it has released the next version of its flagship Relational (and beyond) Database Management System SQL Server Horizontica. Here is a qu...

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I thought of you when I read this quote from "The Red: First Light (The Red Trilogy Book 1)" by Linda Nagata -

"You are being used, Lieutenant. For what purpose remains unclear, but there is a force at large in the world interfering in the affairs of man. We built its house when we built the Cloud."

Start reading this book for free:

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February was busy but good...
February was very busy because I had to prepare for my 18th SQL Saturday, prepare abstracts for the 2016 PASS Summit Call for Speakers and keep up with big things happening at work. < Cue sad violin music... > I submitted two sessions for SQL Saturday Tampa...

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PASS Summit 2015 Speaker Idol "Round of Death"
Hi. I wanted to wait on my recap of this event until I had seen the video of my Speaker Idol session at PASS Summit 2015. I come on around 14:30. Speaker Idol is purely a test of your presentation skills. Probably one of the most grueling tests because it i...

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The PowerShell Advent of Code
So, Jeremiah Peschka's post on practicing has hooked me into working through this series of word problems. You can use any language to solve the problems. I'll be using PowerShell because I need the exercise and I need to learn how to use Github . You can t...

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Office Remote for Android
While practicing for the upcoming PASS Summit  Speaker Idol contest it occurred to me that it would be great if I could use my Android phone to control my Powerpoint deck.  I also recalled Lindsay Clark holding her phone while she was doing her talk this pa...
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