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Excellent article about the amazing technology in Google Now. 
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Would be more amazing if that thing worked.
Completely oblivious to train schedules in my calendar.
Not offering non-local trains to reach my destinations.
"Leave now" notifications not leading to the corresponding cards.
Constant, annoying routes to places I've never heard about, let alone having any intent on going there.
Oblivious to airplane reservations in calendar.
It's a glorified weather app that is limited to the weather where I am instead of where I'm going.

And why is that website you're linking to insisting on scaling up to be 2048px, 18" wide? I takes forever to scroll over even one of these giant, multiple screen height photos.

"Google’s going to know when my flight is, whether my package has gotten here yet and where my wife is"
It was completely oblivious of my flight even though flight number, locations and time zones on calender entries,... where there.
It never found out about any of the packages I got standardized tracking emails for.
It can't even figure out where I live, where I live during weekdays and where I work, let along who I'm affiliated with.
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