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I wonder what's the deal with Amazon Appstore and the associated review process! Amazon Antivirus Pro not only infringes on Amazon's own trademark but it's nothing but scare-ware too. Kindle Anti Virus is probably worse when only looking at the screenshots. What the.... 
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oh and by the way, remove your 2:56 PM post +Arvid Gerstman  screen shots will obey. :)
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Ronald Ammann

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+Axosoft is now offering their bug tracker for only $1/year.
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Ronald Ammann

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Looks very interesting.... until you look at the price.
For anyone interested in how the internals of Android work, the new 4th edition of Tanenbaum's Modern Operating Systems book is out and includes about 50 pages on Android that I had the privilege of contributing.  Topics in the book include:

- What Android is, its design goals its relationship to Google, and a brief history of its early development.
- What wake locks are, why they exist, and how they work.
- The design and purpose of the Android out-of-memory killer.
- Dalvik's role in Android.
- Binder IPC, from the kernel module to user space: the execution flow of IPCs, what Binder objects are and how they are transported across processes, the core Binder classes (IBinder, Binder, Parcel), AIDL and how it fits on top of the architecture.
- Structure of an Android application.
- How the activity manager runs applications, and the models behind activities, services, receivers, and content providers.
- Intents and intent resolution.
- How activities, content providers, and intents work together to create major Android features such as sharing and fine-grained URI-based permissions.
- The design of Android's application sandboxes and how it leverages Linux's core security features.
- How processes are launched and initialized, and how their lifecycle is managed by the system.

Note that this is part of an operating system design book, so this is not generally material that will be of interest to developers implementing code on top of Android -- there is little discussion of actual APIs or how to implement things using Android, nor does it delve much into the actual code implementation of the system.  It does however have a wealth of information on many of the core designs in Android and the reasons Android works the way it does.
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True. That was my first impression too.
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Ronald Ammann

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Nothing better to start into the weekend than Lemmy Kilmister in a truck running from the police, with the hottest Rock'n'Roll band (right after AC/DC and Motörhead) playing inside. Now throwing some more Airbourne at my Chromecast while kicking in another Android Studio session!
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Saw them in live. This guy is just crazy. And this is so good
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Celebrating the holy day and blasting some serious Rock'nRoll...

I went down to the crossroads
Make a deal with the devil
Strapped my soul for a guitar
Became a rock'n'roll rebel
He put fire in my fingers
And whiskey in my blood
He said take this six strings
And burn heaven above
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Ronald Ammann

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Why do people purchase apps when they don't even understand what they are doing? But so much for 'Android users don't buy stuff'. ;)
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I see 😊
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Ronald Ammann

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Native crash in unknown.unknown

Just spotted a strange error report, anyone seen something like that before!? It's on a Galaxy Note 2 so that probably explains already half the story...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Build fingerprint: 'samsung/t0ltespr/t0ltespr:4.3/JSS15J/L900VPUBMK4:user/release-keys'
Revision: '10'
pid: 2299, tid: 2316, name: AsyncTask #1 >>> com.ramdroid.appquarantinepro <<<
signal 7 (SIGBUS), code 2 (BUS_ADRERR), fault addr 5d5c31b0
r0 0000302c r1 0000101c r2 00000000 r3 0000202c
r4 00001010 r5 5d5c1184 r6 59d317f0 r7 5d5c7a28
r8 0000000f r9 59de9ac0 sl 000006c4 fp 00000980
ip 00000140 sp 60896ac0 lr 4030f15d pc 4030f1b8 cpsr 60000030
d0 3f8000003f800000 d1 0000000040000000
d2 40758ccccccccccd d3 43d7800043d7c000
d4 3faa881a000001af d5 0000013c3faacc7c
d6 0000014343a18000 d7 3f800000000001a5
d8 0000000000000000 d9 0000000000000000
d10 0000000000000000 d11 0000000000000000
d12 0000000000000000 d13 0000000000000000
d14 0000000000000000 d15 0000000000000000
d16 0000000000000000 d17 0000000000000000
d18 407af00000000000 d19 412e848000000000
d20 412e848000000000 d21 43e0000000000000
d22 3ff0000000000000 d23 3ff0000000000000
d24 3fc74721cad6b0ed d25 547d42aea2879f2e
d26 40026bb1bbb55516 d27 4024000000000000
d28 fffffffffffffffe d29 fffffffffffffffe
d30 4018000000000000 d31 4156e36000000000
scr 60000090

#00 pc 0001e1b8 /system/lib/ (android::ResTable::getEntry(android::ResTable::Package const*, int, int, android::ResTable_config const*, android::ResTable_type const*, android::ResTable_entry const*, android::ResTable::Type const**) const+219)
#01 pc 0001e9ad /system/lib/ (android::ResTable::getResource(unsigned int, android::Res_value*, bool, unsigned short, unsigned int*, android::ResTable_config*) const+344)
#02 pc 00078b09 /system/lib/
#03 pc 0001e44c /system/lib/ (dvmPlatformInvoke+112)
#04 pc 0004e913 /system/lib/ (dvmCallJNIMethod(unsigned int const*, JValue*, Method const*, Thread*)+398)
#05 pc 00027860 /system/lib/
#06 pc 0002bdf8 /system/lib/ (dvmInterpret(Thread*, Method const*, JValue*)+184)
#07 pc 00060a89 /system/lib/ (dvmCallMethodV(Thread*, Method const*, Object*, bool, JValue*, std::__va_list)+292)
#08 pc 00060ab3 /system/lib/ (dvmCallMethod(Thread*, Method const*, Object*, JValue*, ...)+20)
#09 pc 00055823 /system/lib/
#10 pc 0000cb58 /system/lib/ (__thread_entry+72)
#11 pc 0000ccd4 /system/lib/ (pthread_create+208)

code around pc:
4030f198 44799000 447a2005 eeccf7f7 e02e4819 
4030f1a8 d005079a 2005491c 44794a1c e009447a 
4030f1b8 18e85aec d8082c07 20054919 46234a19 
4030f1c8 447a4479 eeb6f7f7 9921e7e8 600d9a22 
4030f1d8 60109923 600eb101 e000f8b0 000eeb03 
4030f1e8 e00ce00d 004af06f f8b7e009 eb07b002 
4030f1f8 f85c0c0b f1bbb00a d1a53fff b017e7b8 
4030f208 8ff0e8bd 80000001 0000e22a 0000efce 
4030f218 0000e194 0000ef7a 0000e17c 0000ef9a 
4030f228 0000e166 0000efb9 4ff0e92d 6845b0a3 
4030f238 46884682 930c920f f0402d00 eb0081ec 
4030f248 b2886311 f8939009 f3c12054 f1034307 
4030f258 1e513bff 49f3b92a 4af32005 447a4479 
4030f268 f1bbe007 da0a0f00 200549f0 44794af0 
4030f278 4643447a ee5ef7f7 054af06f f8dae1cb 
4030f288 f8522044 f1b99021 d1080f00 200549e9 

code around lr:
4030f13c 0f00f1b9 a80dd057 f7fe4649 2800fa74 
4030f14c e013d151 a80db12d 464aa904 fa46f7fe 
4030f15c ad0db160 cd0fac04 cd0fc40f 682bc40f 
4030f16c 6023463d f1b9465c d0060f00 0801f108 
4030f17c 45809803 2d00d1d3 6929d032 18636868 
4030f18c 0208f1a0 d9094293 4a214920 44799000 
4030f19c 447a2005 eeccf7f7 e02e4819 d005079a 
4030f1ac 2005491c 44794a1c e009447a 18e85aec 
4030f1bc d8082c07 20054919 46234a19 447a4479 
4030f1cc eeb6f7f7 9921e7e8 600d9a22 60109923 
4030f1dc 600eb101 e000f8b0 000eeb03 e00ce00d 
4030f1ec 004af06f f8b7e009 eb07b002 f85c0c0b 
4030f1fc f1bbb00a d1a53fff b017e7b8 8ff0e8bd 
4030f20c 80000001 0000e22a 0000efce 0000e194 
4030f21c 0000ef7a 0000e17c 0000ef9a 0000e166 
4030f22c 0000efb9 4ff0e92d 6845b0a3 46884682 
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Well, I'm not using IAP, but I've implemented the image background loading mechanisms according to android dev site (and as it is used in cardslibs too). But then it could be any other AsyncTask too as there are plenty of others in my app.
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Ronald Ammann

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Want!!! But probably more frightening on a SUV!
I'm gonna get it on my car
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Very nice car I like it
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Ronald Ammann

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This is the dirt hole in my cellar that the poor plumbers have to crawl into and the spend the day to install new water and gas pipes.

1. I'm very happy with my job as software developer

2. Gas pipes? I hope they don't blow it all up...

3. Actually I've been crawling down in the fault myself when I bought the house some years ago, searching for lost treasures or dinosaur bones. (Well I've only been installing some power supply lines but the adventure part sounds more exciting.)

4. A shower is very good after coming out of this hole and get rid of all the spiders that nested on your head.

5. Family is out today so now back to real business: blasting some good Airbourne while androiddev-ing some more.
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This weekend I rented a mini excavator and dug a trench for a new water line to my house. 850 feet from the utility tap to the side of my house. After spending 3 days doing it, as much fun as heavy machinery is to play with, I decided to keep my job as a software developer. 
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