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Nexus 5 / Android 5 / flashed from factory image. Everything is fine but GMail never shows any notifications. I didn't change any settings. All other apps are fine. Known issue? I'm out of the loop so maybe someone can explain?
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Wtf .. last two sentences got flipped
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After a very short night (see previous post) I managed to run the lawnmower just before the rain. While doing so I cranked up some Cannibal Corpse loud enough that I still could hear it. Plus 1 your reaction(s) in the comments below.... 
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Get back to your dev machine you fool
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For today's late night guitar jam please welcome Misteeeeeeeeeeer....... Tullamore Dewwwwwwwww!!!!
So let's turn it up!
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I will soon remove the Android root community. Instead I recommend anyone to join +Geoff Whiteley 's Rooted Devices community. At this opportunity also thanks a ton to Geoff for helping me to moderate this community to this day!!! Actually he did all the hard work while I was just relaxing with a beer in my hand ;)
If +Ronald Ammann is considering shutting this community down, I figured I'd share this here for anyone interested.
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Didn't touch a guitar for ages so I just started getting a feeling again and now practising fast down strokes with the metronome clocking at 212bpm. Nice business for a Saturday night! Beer included of course!!!!
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Master, Master \m/
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Things I'm doing.

Wait... wat? ;)
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Few commits in a popular open source project and you are a Rock star? Then +Gabriele Mariotti must be a living legend....

'I work for Facebook on the Android Engineer recruiting team. I discovered your profile on Github and noticed that you are very active in the Github Community and involved in a few popular Android repositories such as “cardslib”.'
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I've been quite selfish actually. Just added what I needed to integrate it into my app.
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My circles here on G+ are already extremely limited to Android development only, yet I still see so many unrelated horrible food, animals and mushroom pictures. So figured out I can share this video too. ;)

Great to see the bands of my childhood still know how to play Thrash metal even when the members are in their 50ths. Kills all younger bands of today. Here's Civilization Collapse by Kreator!!!
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A beer is like a meal too, so I can post beer photos instead? Unfortunately I've been running out of beer and have to drink whisky instead so sadly I can't post food pictures ;)
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Hello Moto!!!

I know I always bragged about Android L being quite usable for me as daily driver but unfortunately I changed my mind. I didn't use the phone a lot recently but when trying to use it for such thrilling adventures like placing a call it increasingly started to fail on me.

I got bashed for its tiny size by the family member with the SGS5 for the remaining day but I think it's still sufficient for now. The Nexus 5 is now temporarily retired and put back as development phone. I still didn't get into Material and probably won't for a while, but I guess any excuse to buy a new phone is always a good excuse!
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It's no secret the first five minutes of consciousness for many of us each morning involves brewing a cup o' joe. Well to help get a jump-start on
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That's good. So maybe on the next Android version I can browse my photos again. On the Nexus 5 (with Android L) the only app that can browse photos is the camera... in case you've got G+ disabled.
More +Google news!
The Google+ photo organization and editing tools are probably the most useful part of Google's oft-critizied social network, and now it sounds like they'll soon be spun off into their own...
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coud you update your app QUARANTINE to supporting Android L? big thanks!
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Re-shared because it's just too funny. And because I don't have anything else to say. (I thought too many beer posts are discouraging for the average follower)
What are the odds OnePlus is just one guy building phones in his moms basement? 
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Hhahahahahhaha looking at the invite system very likely 
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Beer tester for Thrash Metal band TANKARD
Raise some hell
Basic Information
Thrash Metal!!!
Does anyone even read this? Looking at so many strange guys following me I guess no one does.
Bragging rights
I don't know, I just drink beer.
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