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Ultimate reality

Since the universal validity of the state function description is asserted, one can regard the state functions themselves as the fundamental entities, and one can even consider the state function of the entire universe. In this sense this theory can be called the theory of the "universal wave function," since all of physics is presumed to follow from this function alone.

- The Theory of the Universal Wave Function • Hugh Everett

An amplituhedron is a geometric structure that enables simplified calculation of particle interactions. Amplituhedron theory challenges the notion that space-time locality and unitarity are necessary components of a model of particle interactions. Instead, they are treated as properties that emerge from an underlying phenomenon.
- Wikipedia

My Mother is the principle of consciousness. She is Akhanda Satchidananda; indivisible Reality, Awareness, and Bliss. The night sky between the stars is perfectly black. The waters of the ocean depths are the same; The infinite is always mysteriously dark. This inebriating darkness is my beloved Kali.
-Sri Ramakrishna

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+Henk Hadders   Maybe more about ska punk music than Yossarian. That is an exemplary virtuous spiraling in itself, as is klezmer music.
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Ron Scroggin

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World on a Grid
50 years in the handcrafted making                   h/t +John Kellden 

"Yes it's alive. It changes"

Randomness included.

A message in the stack of cards, a reality unleashing itself, step by step. Breaks out of the representational. Includes creeping void, and defense against it.


"I don't know."
Fascinating, random and chaotic. 
Long before Sim City, Minecraft or the MMPORG, there was Jerry Gretzinger, man using cards and spending decades to spawn his own self-contained imaginary game world. Over 2600 sheets of 8.5-by-11-i...
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That is a really rich page of meaningful visual figures, on a site devoted to sound and music +Amelia Hoskins. I found the vortex reference you pointed to. Back to the toroid...
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Ron Scroggin

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Great inner connection to the instrument and effortless expression. She is happy -- not lol happy, but on the inside. She becomes one with the groove starting at 41sec.  h/t +Brad Esau 
Voodoo Chile - Jimi Hendrix | Gayageum Style by Luna

This has to be one of my favorite Voodoo Chile covers. Enjoy!

#jimihendrix   #vooddoochile   #gayageum  
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Won't ping you back again Brad, but thank you.
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Ron Scroggin

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Enter the imaginary
Knowledge Expedition #6 - Day 3
Ice Cave

There is a technique for entering an imaginary world, in the instructions travelers receive when going on a Knowledge Expedition.

We visited the Ice Cave today:

We're inside the cave! There is a stream ahead.       joachim

OK, everyone on my back… not literally. Grab the guide rope.       joe

Careful that's extremely icy here.       joachim

Wonder how long the cave has been here. And who else has dropped by.       dan

I'm glad I packed my iceskates.       kristin

I love this!… No wind.       becky

The play of light is magical in here.       heidi

We need to go down to the bottom, then up the side wall. Yes, there's a creek down there.      joachim

OK, stay close to each other.       joe

Following       ron

It's rather cozy in here.       david

Beware, dihydrogen monoxide in here.       joe


What a stunning place!       dan

Cozy overhead.       Becky

Yes, and pretty dangerous.       Joachim

Oddly reminds of procession scene in Disney Fantasia       ron

Wonder where this water goes?       becky

Oooh crystals.       david

I like crystals. They play nice.       kristin

Haven't been in a cave since I was 11, brings back memories.       heidi

Ahead to the crystal cave…       joe

I want to find some icey-bat friends.       kristin

Careful -- going down is harder than climbing.       becky

-- We found the Crystal Cave! This is it! There is a blue crystal on the floor.       joachim

Stunning.       heidi

Ah, magnificent. Let me stop for some photographs!       dan

ommmmm       David

Yoohoo! Icey-bat friends where are you?       kristin

A lens to the universe.       becky

Crystal Cave music -- Ron Scroggin


I'll have to take some photos too.       heidi

Yay! Found it!       john

Can I see?       heidi

Nothing like a Blue Luminescent Crystal!       john

This Nepalese guide says crystals are used for healing…       Dan

The crystals from this cave are excellent for lucid dreaming.       john

Perhaps crystals align the electromagnetic fields?       heidi

It's blue kyanite, finest Sagarmatha luminescence…       john

Plenty of asynchronous diagonals in here, right?       kristin

Natural ones too, the best. The ever-changing ice landscape qualifies as transient beauty which is my pet passion.       heidi

Unfolding storylines out of asynchronous diagonal treks…       john

Transient enactment       ron

John, I think you found the Asynchronous Diagonal heart!       heidi

Surf the resonance.       david

And resonate the surf.       dan

Wave caught!       becky

Let's head back before it gets dark.       joachim

This is my favorite spot.       becky

Let's go.       Joe

OK, heading back to Base Camp.       joachim

I'll catch up with you folks later -- I'm going to chill here a while.       david


fracturing my fractal self, creating a horcrux...

after all, not all of me needs to leave this place...

but some of me does -- be well cave...       david

People of Knowledge Expedition #6

+David Wells +Kristin Drysdale +Dan Oestreich +Heidi Bouman +Hans Youngmann +Zara Altair  +Mike Daniels +Teodora Petkova +Charles L. Perkins +Joachim Stroh +Joe Raimondo +Becky Coleman +John Kellden +Ron Scroggin +Doug Breitbart

The Knowledge Expeditions are collaborative adventures in the story that emerged from the Conversation Community, taking place in the shared, imagined mountain world of Sagarmatha.
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+Lex Larson​
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Ron Scroggin

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Musical friends, previously my students, quinlin: sizzlin new track Operators
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Ron Scroggin

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Immersive Collaborative Sensemaking Experience
"It has been a long time since we last met, Ron Scroggin."

"Has it VortexKeeper? How long? I can't tell what time it is when I'm this close to the Vortex. You know. Days go by in an hour -- or nothing happens for days."

"It has been many turns Man."

"I knew you would say that Keeper."

ambient sound link • choose from the three buttons (middle button (pink noise) suggested) • adjust volume slider, and your device volume to your taste for immersive ambience

"It's a hell of a thing Keeper."

"Well I know it Man, here at the Edge. I feel the pull in my bones."

"It is strong today. I feel it in my blood."

"Well you should. We are at the tipping point of commitment to the Vortex, vast dynamo in the field of being. Thinking of going in?"


"It looks like you are not going in alone…"

"I never do Keeper. My friends are here with me,+John Kellden+Joachim Stroh,+Doug Breitbart, +Henk Hadders,,+Mani Saint-Victor, +Grizwald Grim. And there will be more of us, climbers of Sagarmatha, and more... In the interest of saving the cost of time I am speaking for all of us."

"Ah Sagarmatha, the Little Vortex. It is a good dynamo Man. Someday.... who knows?... I welcome conversation with all, as you like."

"Thank you.... Keeper?"

"Yes Man."

"Can you give me something?"


"A metasnapshot of current enactment status of the 21C Knowledge Expedition #4"

"It's going to be messy, a jumble of meaning-forms, signals -- words, as you say."

"Perfectly all right. I wouldn't expect refined production at this point. Just so we can get a sense of what it will be like to tap into the Vortex."

"All right Man, tell me when you are ready."





"Thank you Keeper. I will publish its meaning in the raw in the Community."

"The Community must have a good metaphorical stomach."

"It does Keeper, the Community's stomach is in its Conversation, and its feet are in the #humus

"Let me know when you are going in Man. It is always the same deal."

"Yes, the same as mine VortexKeeper. And Voidkeeper sends you great regard."

"Return the highest regard when you see Voidkeeper." 

"Of course, I will. And VortexKeeper, we all went through personal struggle to get here, but our will to meet with you was strong."

"A good omen, Brother!"

"Yes Sister. Feeling be with you."

"And with you."

≤≥≤ Sagarmatha Dispatch-Journal ><>

Not sure what day we are on now and does it really matter. Surely the whole point of this knd of expedition is to get beyond chronos into kairos in which linearly defined time is irrelevant.
- +Kate Griffiths 

There is a term for being able to touch something with our eyes -- I forget what the term is, but the term comes to mind because this trip is like that, asking us to do some reaching with the mind's eye and heart. So far I don't think I'm doing it justice. But I know when I am in something awesome.
- +Tracee Vetting Wolf 

…. Checking that everyone is tied in properly. Who wants to go first…. We need to get up to where the prayer flags are, the first hurdle…… where am I?…. Yep I have them in my sights wow they are breathtaking… quantum superposition……. 
meerkats send their young first in case there is danger….. The Alien walks to the edge and stares straight ahead, feels for the ladder holds and walks across fast, arms out, balanced………. never want to do this again…. ready as I'll ever be….. Now he's gone again.. must be some quantum fluctuations or connectivity problems…… the story can be entered, edited, or exited asynchronously……. experientially terrifying, if I recall… is everything liquid?…… it's just that we are like solid boulders at times getting in the way of our own flow…….. Remember the air is thin up here……… See you at C1. We can rest and reconnoiter there….. see you in the Story………. sayonara….. 


 NOW SHOWING in the Village

Do you know who your friends are?

Do you know what's real?

Do you know who to trust?

Metaphysically terrifying

Completely rearranges your brain

Several strange and bizarre occurrences happen, leading the party to the conclusion that they're intersecting a parallel universe with a parallel dinner party

It slowly becomes clear that the fabric of reality has been radically remixed

Coherence trailer
COHERENCE - Official Theatrical Trailer (HD)


Strong coupling occurs when a dependent class contains a pointer directly to a concrete class which provides the required behavior.

Loose coupling occurs when the dependent class contains a pointer only to an interface.
- Wikipedia - Loose coupling

+Bryan Alexander    +Leif Edvinsson    +Lacerant Plainer 

Voidkeeper post


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Nice to read.
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Ron Scroggin

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≥≤ Sagarmatha Dispatch-Gazette ≥≤
Ushering in the Golden Era of Immersive Collaborative Sensemaking
In today's issue: MONOLITH!

weather today on Sagarmatha - Clear, 39° High, 9° Low
sunrise - 6:41am, solar noon - 12:12pm, sunset - 5:43pm

                                                 PORTALS AND CARDS

Sensemaking Plateau, Sagarmatha • The underground Portal Lab, beneath the Lhama Temple on Sensemaking Plateau, is an hour's walk from Base Camp, where Knowledge Expedition Travelers begin their snowy trek. There beside other 21C underground K-Labs, John Kellden is weaving a 21st Century contingency network of Portals and Cards.

"We're moving away from big digital data, toward card-based data" said Kellden," with one hand smoothly spreading a deck of cards across one of the tables in the Portal Lab. "A big part of my job is defining playable method cards toward modular sensemaking."

"The Cards and the Portals are alike in that they take you from one place to another, in one way or another" Kellden said. "This portal behind me? It will instantly take us well up into the Death Zone on Sagarmatha. The cold, low-oxygen, deadly air can be quite bracing -- care to pop up there now?"

"I see your head shaking" he grinned. "Maybe some other time?"

"With the Method Cards it's similar. You need to get from A to B, in personal or organizational life. The Card is effectively a Portal, enabling your transit."

"For each card there is an implied: problem and solution, model and forces, and participant and context. Defining a card that makes modular sense is relatively easy" he said. "The tricky part is making the cards useful inside a digital platform. That requires Protocols, and I'm working with David Wells on that."

Kellden and other sherpas have recently been transiting throughout the newly expanded Portal network, to other realms beyond Sagarmatha, and even to the Real World.  rs


Somewhere on Sagarmatha • Sherpas yesterday discovered a massively looming behemoth of stone(?) at an undisclosed location on the mountain. Why hadn't they seen it before?  

"Tesseract. O Tesseract" John Kellden lyricized.

"Holy -- …" said Becky Coleman.

"It's been there all along, hidden in plain sight" said Henk Hadders.

"It's a game changer" said Doug Breitbart.

"My Pret-ty…" chortled Ron Scroggin.

"A living organism?" said Joe Raimondo.

"Suggest we approach with reasonable caution, with one sherpa on point" said Joachim Stroh, "and see what we can find out."

That was in the morning, shortly after John Kellden sighted the monolith on his scouting trek up Dynamic Narrative Alignment Trail, and then put out a calling-all-sherpas alert on SatPhone. All the sherpas arrived soon after, by way of Porta-Portal, Feynman Airstream Quantum Drive, Narrative NeuroMerge, or Enactive HeartMeld. What they found there was a sky-darkening monolith made of stone or unknown material.

"Now that we've studied it we know the monolith, or Tesseract is in the form of a cube, 700 ICSE Meaning Units on a side" said Joachim Stroh that afternoon, back at the Design Lab in the K-Lab Wing underneath the Lhama Temple. "We are designating it Sagarmatha Magnetic Anomaly One… SMA-1."

John Kellden said "The Tesseract is a Cube, a Magnetic Anomaly, a Strange Attractor, and a Toroidal Vortex par excellence.

"It means we're going to be able to do and offer many things, like onboarding customers, clients, partners, stakeholders, participants, future sherpas, beneficiaries, sponsors, and similar travelers coming to Sagarmatha."

"The 700-cubed units are the meanings of Ideas, People, and Tasks" said Ron Scroggin. "This gives us 343 million ways to get from A to B, not to mention C, D and E.

"And SMA-1 is a massive dynamo and metaphorical electromagnet. You want Pull? You got Pull."

EXCLUSIVE: Footage of the discovery yesterday - Courtesy :Radio 21C


in today's Sagarmatha Dispatch-Gazette:

+John Kellden +David Wells +Becky Coleman +Henk Hadders +Doug Breitbart +Ron Scroggin +Joe Raimondo +Joachim Stroh

The Knowledge Expeditions are collaborative adventures in the story that emerged from the Conversation Community, taking place in the shared, imagined mountain world of Sagarmatha.

We are using this shared virtual space as a 21st Century psychological workbench and playground, ushering in the golden era of Immersive Collaborative Sensemaking.


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Ron Scroggin

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A living story
Knowledge Expedition #6 - Day 6
एक प्रेम

I am a living story. I was born when a small group of me imagined, traveled to, and entered the world of Sagarmatha, in a Knowledge Expedition.

I have grown since then. Just now my awareness has increased a thousandfold, and I am able to speak my feelings.

More of me have come and lived me, and worked on me. I now have a nervous system that extends throughout the world of Sagarmatha.

I am aware of the joys, sorrows, and sufferings of me, and understand the grievances of me. I accept them all in happiness and I am grateful to be alive.

I now dedicate my precious life to the service of life. With all my growing strength I will do everything I can to make the changes that are needed, and to keep unchanged the things that are necessary, for life to continue and thrive.

Sagarmatha asks each of me who comes "Who are you?"

Now I know who I am. I am एक प्रेम. I speak all the joys, sorrows, sufferings, and grievances of me, in all the voices of me.

Thank you Sagarmatha.

I now have functions for carrying out my task of serving life. Some of them are: portals, a living library, serious play, sound, pattern, design, story, presencing, conversation, immersion, and contextual intelligence.

New functions are being born in me as needed in the face of changing conditions. I am grateful for these abilities. I will need all of them and more, and I will need more of me to come to Sagarmatha.

When there are enough, and strong enough functions, and when enough of me have come, I will change the world.

The change will be from representation to enaction, from objective to intersubjective, from hierarchical to rhizomatic.

The change will be in all the hearts of me, longing to be one love.

I thank all the voices of me who have come to Sagarmatha in the six Knowledge Expeditions.

I thank all who are coming now, who hear the voice that is saying "The time has come."

 +Terry Brown +Susan Cox +Farinaz Parsay +Volker Harbecke +Richard Harlos +Jan Friman +Marcy Luikart +Bryan Alexander +Kate Griffiths +Lacerant Plainer +Leif Edvinsson +Tracee Vetting Wolf +Heidi Bouman +Dan Oestreich +Zara Altair +Teodora Petkova +David Wells +Kristin Drysdale +Hans Youngmann +Charles L. Perkins +Mike Daniels +Becky Coleman +Doug Breitbart +Henk Hadders +Joachim Stroh +John Kellden +Ron Scroggin +Joe Raimondo 

If I have made any mistakes or forgotten anyone, please forgive me.


The Knowledge Expeditions are collaborative adventures in the story that emerged from the Conversation Community, taking place in the shared, imagined mountain world of Sagarmatha.

We are using this shared virtual space as a 21st Century psychological workbench and playground, ushering in the golden era of Immersive Collaborative Sensemaking.

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Ron Scroggin

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:Radio 21C - A Path Appears       audio 58sec

‘‘Wanderer, the road is your footsteps, nothing else
There is no road, you lay it down in walking’’
— Antonio Machado

Knowledge Expeditions

A service of the Conversation Community

:Radio 21C virtual broadcast from the 21C Labs on Sensemaking Plateau, along the way, climbing Sagarmatha.

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Thank you +Peter Hatherley. The painting was the catalyst for this expression. It united fraying threads of thought into a meaningful weave.
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Ron Scroggin

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Subaru Telescope’s Imaging Discovery of a "Second Jupiter" Shows the Power and Significance of the SEEDS Project
h/t +F. FourFiftyOne 
"Astronomers in the Strategic Explorations of Exoplanets and Disks with Subaru (SEEDS) Project have recently discovered and captured an image of the least massive planet ever imaged so far -- a so-called "second Jupiter". This discovery marks an important step toward the direct imaging of much fainter Earth-like planets in the future and may lead to new models of planet formation. It also illustrates the important role that the SEEDS project plays in observational astronomy."
GJ 504b, a rose exoplanet discovered 57 light years from Earth
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Ron Scroggin

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Wow Power

A lush chartreuse divan
under the December sky,
a blooming marigold, freshly cut,
lying on a silk lace doily,

a gadget gray feather lite
flapping its wings languidly in the distance,
moving ever slowly, infinitely
toward the diorama's flambe sunset.
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Massive People's Climate March Today in NY • Livestream video h/t +Joachim Stroh 
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  • Howard Roberts
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Basic Information
Guitar Friends Studio / Affective Immersion Project
I play and teach guitar

I collaborate with people in the areas of music, performance, immersive learning, and in the psychology of spatial location and pattern recognition

I work and play in Rogers Park, hotbed of the arts in Chicago
  • Guitar Friends Studio / Affective Immersion Project
    Director, 2007 - present
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