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Ron Schott had a hangout named geology office hours. {url}Corey Barcus, Eva Abreu, Dana Hunter, Bernard Randhy Manting Balatau, Charles Carrigan, Chris Rowan, Doak Williford, marios gk, Harold Asmis, Macsen Apollo, Brad Newman, José António Macedo, Arthur Amendt, Luis M Fernandez, Roy Walter, emmanuel ssonko, Dallas Blue, Chris Palko, Engel Cordero, and Sam Silver
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Ron Schott was in a video call with 20 others
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G+ needs to add a way to kick people off, apparently.
Really disappointing. First time I've had to deal with that. Suggestions for moderating a public hangout are welcome.
Awesome topic. Alas, no webcam or mic. Will join sometime in the future.
I found the hangout last week via a chrome extension that shows all public hangouts. I wonder if it's getting too easy to find hangouts now.
It's really a shame. People don't have better things to do?
Unfortunately we had some disruptive folks join the hangout. No way to bounce them, so I shut it down.
Yeah, not enough controls, due to hangouts being more or less open. If we block them, they can't join your next hangout. I assume it was these three: emmanuel ssonko, Dallas Blue, Chris Palko, and I've blocked them all.
Wasn't Emmanuel asking good questions? I thought he was asking relevant stuff, unless he was talking over someone else. Hard to tell.
Perhaps I'm wrong. It's so hard to tell. He has no profile and has never posted anything publicly, so nothing says he's a participant. But I'm happy to unblock him if so.
Engel Cordero's another, report & block, please.
Ron, are we going to try again, or giving up for the day?
Glad my 6 year old son son didn't attend. I wanted him to pass along the question he asked me yesterday. After pondering a lot of exposed rock along the Blue Ridge Parkway, he asked "Dad, how did that rock get so big?"
I'd prefer to continue to do public hangouts for Geology Office Hours, but I may be forced to limit them unless we can find some effective controls to weed out the griefers. My apologies to all of you who tried to participate with good intentions.
Not your fault. I sent feedback to Google, we'll see how long & how much screaming it takes to get them to do something about it.
Wow, you really had people show up just to disrupt? Some people have no lives.
I'm done for today. Sorry.
Not a problem. Sorry people suck. :-(
If you guys manage to talk about Turkey on Thurs w/out disruption, can you try to record for me? I'll be at work, but really wanted to listen in.
Maybe limiting the public access using circles and just introducing people you know are really interested on these hangouts. I don't see any other way. At least till Google do something to control it better.
I've sent my feedback to G+:

"Since anyone you've blocked cannot join a hangout you create, I'd like to see the ability for the owner of a hangout to block someone and those people immediately get booted. This would add a level of admin and empower a hangout owner to control their own environment."
I'm so sorry Ron, I hope we can find a solution. I for one, really appreciated the knowledge you share with us.
Man, that sucks. Sound like giving moderation powers to the hangout organisers is the logical solution.

What time are you planning for Thursday? I'd like to see if I can make it (was commuting today).
Can you block, terminate, and immediately restart?
For now, Ron has to operate a 'Public-Private' hangout. I don't know if you can add members to the circle during the actual hangout. I don't even know how people can send requests to join. This might not be workable.
How many do it is to announce the Hangout, people request to be added in comments to the announcement, and the host invites them. It's far less accessible to the public, but gives a certain filter for the host. While there's no certain way to screen people, most of these clowns don't have a profile and haven't posted much.
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