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Roaring Brook falls this morning.
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Aargh! So close in space and time, and yet so far. I didn't sign into the trailhead logbook because I was just planning to GigaPan from the base of the falls (which I did - photos are downloading to the computer right now). I suspect I was already gone when you got there, but I'll have to check the photo timestamps. You didn't notice a blue Jeep Liberty with the Kansas plates "OUTCROP" in the lot, did you?
I would have been all jiggety had I seen your car and put two and two together. Or seen your logbook entry. I almost inquired about your itinerary because I was thinking about the Nubble hike, but my schedule was too unpredictable this week and I was not sure I could get there. The hike turned out great. I have never been to the base of the falls. I look forward to learning what it looks like.
My itinerary was equally unpredictable, but I camped last night at Harris Lake near Newcomb and got an early start this morning. GigaPanned Chapel Pond starting about 8am and Roaring Brook Falls from 9:30-10:10am. We missed each other by mere minutes, if that!
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