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I'm making two changes to my Geology Office Hours hangouts here on Google+.

First off, the Thursday evening office hour hadn't been getting much attendance, so I'm moving it up to 4:00pm CDT (2100 GMT) to match the time of the more well attended Monday office hour.

The second change is that until further notice Office Hours will only be offered to a limited circle (not public). In some ways this defeats the very purpose of holding office hours here on Google+, but until there are more moderation controls available to those who initiate public hangouts I see no other solution. Hopefully this change will only be temporary, but is necessitated by what happened during this past Monday's office hour. If you wish to participate in office hours today, simply indicate your interest by commenting on this post.
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I love the idea of hosting "office hours" on G+, but I have a newbie (to hangouts) question... I don't have a camera/microphone on my office computer. Is it possible to join a hangout simply as an observer? Thanks!
I believe you can still participate by just listening and typing comments/questions in the chat space, though I haven't actually participated in a hangout in this manner myself.
Well add me to the list. As long as work doesn't interrupt I'll join the conversation (in my limited capacity).
are you restricting the hangout to only people in your circles, or are you restricting it even further than that? I'm confused about why you need comments here to express interest. Or, is it people in your circles + people not in your circles but who do post here?
Please add me to your 'office hours' circle... today might be the day...
+Charles Carrigan I'll probably open it up to my geologically themed circles, but since nobody knows for sure whether they're currently in one of those circles, the only certain way to be included in the hangout is to comment here. It's entirely possible I'll make a new circle for Geology Office Hours based on requests to join, too. At any rate, by making this announcement public I'm offering anyone who's interested an opportunity to participate, which is my primary goal.
i also wana b a part of ths hangout
Looks like we might have an interesting topic for the Office Hours emerging on Twitter: Should geologists post about research to blogs before publishing?
Count me in! Though I'll be a text only contributor/listener (I'm also the temporary wizard behind the AGUSciPolicy Twitter account)
Just finished preparing the exams for tommorow and, if I'll manage to stay awake (almost 23:00 here), I would like to join you too.
Ron, I'm in, now it won't be at stupid o'clock for us Europeans
We just finished up, Gina, but you're added for next time.
Rats. Missed it today. Please keep me on the invite list.
Ron, not sure when I'll finally be able to join one if these, but please add me to the list for next time. How did today's discussion go?
What happened on Monday? Is there something with Hangouts that can be improved on the technical side to make the issue more manageable?
I keep meaning to swing by and see what the fuss is about, but have classes at the 4 CDT hour Mon/Thurs (and an office computer with a defective mic)... someday.
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