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Where on (Google) Earth #312?

Since early in 2007 the Geoblogosphere ( has played a game called "Where on (Google) Earth?". The object of the game is to identify the location (by latitude and longitude) and geologic significance of a scene from Google Earth ( The first person to correctly identify both has the honor of selecting and hosting the next WoGE challenge on their own geology blog. A full list of previous winners is tracked here:

Since I discovered Matias' Brazilian Z structure ( I'm due to post WoGE #312. My own geology blog ( has hosted lots of WoGEs in the past ( but I've been eager to bring a WoGE challenge to Google+, now that it's open to everyone. I now have that opportunity.

The image below is an oblique view, rather than the standard overhead map view (click on it for a larger view). There's clearly some interesting structural geology in there, but I leave it to you to decipher exactly what and where. Felix Bossert offers some good tips for the beginner: and a set of informal rules that have been established over the years: Since I expect this one to be somewhat challenging I will not invoke the Schott Rule.

Happy hunting!

[One more note, due to the nature of Google+ Sharing: Only comments on this original post will be eligible for consideration in the solution of this challenge. If you want to reshare this post, please consider turning off comments.]
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this would also be interesting as a coding challenge to finde any location on google earth by using a picture :D
True, but that would take all the fun out of the search. This is your chance to be a modern day explorer. Relish it.
well, you could still do it without the picture search, but the picture search would be an immensely useful tool to identify locations of photos taken before gps came to consumer cameras. that would be a hugh technical revolution. just saying ;)
Oh, I agree! I've often fantasized about this sort of technology when I get stuck and frustrated with a WoGE. It would be a remarkable tool and I'd love to see somebody create it.
Nice, not sure that I'll have time with gsaminn here, but glad to see this post!
I was just about to paste your e-mail comment in here. Thanks for making your own account - I hadn't forseen that that might be a stumbling block. Anyhow, welcome aboard Google+ and congratulations on another win!
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