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Ron Richards
"Spending warm summer days indoors"
"Spending warm summer days indoors"

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I got a brand new Vizio E Series TV with Chromecast built in.

I’m so happy with it I might cry. Setup was a breeze + it works perfectly.

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Very cool Google Home easter egg. Lights make a wreath when asked to play Christmas music.

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Major iOS Bias Time Magazine? eyeroll

Still, some great apps in here for both iOS and Android

When you install a new app, does having to register an account stop you? Or are we so used to it, we register without thinking about it?

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Disney launched a site of Open Source projects. Fascinated by the irony between this + their position on copyright. Regardless, a cool thing to see.

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Great Arena this week on All About Android. If you have a phone with a Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor, check out Pyrope Browser - you can see up to 40% speed increase on web page loading. If you dig it, give it a vote! 
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Pyrope Browser
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MUVIZ Nav Bar Audio Visualizer
Pyrope Browser
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I love seeing innovation in apps like Allo and Amity, but it’s gotta be scary to try and compete in the Messaging app vertical

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Vote in this week's All About Android Poll! I brought DACTYL, a great app that makes your fingerprint sensor the shutter button for your camera. AND the Developer just added support for Lenka, Flo's app in the area -pretty cool right? Great independent developer - give him some support and vote! 

Android faithful! I'm going to co-hosting The New Screen Savers this Saturday - got questions? Android? Tech? Games? Anything! Ask away and Leo and I might answer your question! Bonus points if you mention you watch AAA ;)

email 'em to: 

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Up bright and early to prep for the Samsung event today with +Jason Howelll + +Leo Laporte - watch live at 11 AM ET

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