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Ron Richards

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Just signed up for Google Contributor. Either it’s cutting edge stuff or I’m a sucker. We’ll see...

UPDATE: I’ll give Google Contributor this, the function to see a photo of your choice instead of banners? Genius. I now see Morrissey instead of ads
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I'm going to have look into this. Is #Google separating photos?
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Ron Richards

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Hey everyone - gearing up for today's DTNS starting shortly...come watch!
+Ron Richards is on the show today reacting to the Microsoft BUILD announcements, specifically Android apps running on Windows 10 phones.

Support the show at
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Tom Merritt. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
DTNS 2482 - with Ron Richards
Wed, April 29, 4:30 PM
Hangouts On Air - Broadcast for free

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Ron Richards

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Scanning the tech news to prep for appearing on the Daily Tech News Show with +Tom Merritt - 1:30 PM PT today on - come watch!

Anything you want to see/hear us talk about? let me know!
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Ron Richards

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Attended an advance screening of Avengers: Age of Ultron - I don't want to spoil it for anyone - but I enjoyed it, it was very good.  Specific details to be discussed after you all see it this weekend.

That said, this is James Spader's world, we're just living in it.
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He's come a long way from Stargate. 
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Ron Richards

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Hey! Look what actually exists! 
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Cancelled mine after 3rd delay, glad I did, concept just doesn't hold water
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Ron Richards

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As +Gina Trapani noted, shocked to see Twitter developing something on Android first...Highlights! Hope to see more like this in the future from Twitter! #android
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Oh and Twitters is really a big enough company you'd think they can release on all the major platforms at once. I wonder it's that fact that it's easier to do staged roll-outs on Android (I've heard) so test it there first?
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Ron Richards

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Here's a shot in the dark:

I assume many of my followers here on Google+ have an interest in tech.I have a few app ideas I've been tinkering with that I would like to move forward on.

Are there any developers out there who would be interested in potentially working with me?

Looking for someone who can do light front end (Don't need a designer yet), and heavy back end. Not too specific about platform, so open to PHP, Ruby on Rails, or Python. 

Get in touch with me by e-mailing me via my page - let me know what you do and some links to your work.
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+Yee Keat Phuah maybe? If it gets the job done... I'm not picky
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Ron Richards

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Wow - Microsoft is bringing it at #Build2015
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I was going to watch it, but the stream kept stuttering for me constantly and I didn't have enough time to watch before work :c
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Ron Richards

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This week's +All About Android area poll! My entry was Phonograph - Material Design music player - quite nice, check it out and check out the others and vote for your favorite app!
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Phonograph Music Player
Manual Camera
Does Not Commute
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Changed my vote for the +Ron Richards​ win. 
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Ron Richards

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UPDATE - the problem isn't blackout restrictions, rather the MLB At Bat app isn't working with Chromecast. I can get the game video to stream on the tablet as well as the desktop. I'm now casting the tab with the video from my browser, so watching the game and all is well. Hopefully they fix the chromecast function soon.

Annual post about how much I hate +FOX Sports and the +MLB and their dumb blackout rules. As a PAYING customer of +MLB TV there should be NO reason why I can't watch the +New York Mets / Yankees game on the app and Chromecast right now.  

It's 2015 - this is ridiculous that this is still a problem
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Mets kick Yankee Ass!  Harvey almost goes 9 (not sure I agree with Terry's decision to keep him in there).  Go for the series win in today's rubber game.  LETS GO METS!
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Ron Richards

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More music thumbs up - this time SPEEDY ORTIZ - this new record is really good
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Ron Richards

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Can't believe I didn't post this earlier...a few weeks back I was joined by my best friends and iFanboy co-founders to moderate A Spotlight on Darwyn Cooke at WonderCon - we recorded it for you to watch and enjoy - get some indepth talk with one of comics most talented people (Darwyn, not us)
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Wow you're going to be the editor of the next Darwyn Cooke title, congratulations.

It seems crazy how different mediums work, I have books on my shelf with your name printed on it then there are all the podcasts you've done.  It's weird to think how you're known to such disparate audiences. 
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