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Ron Perrin - Helping Water Utilities Save Time, Water and Money, Since 1997
Ron Perrin - Helping Water Utilities Save Time, Water and Money, Since 1997

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Cleaning tanks and towers is often forgotten as the interior of the tank is simply out of sight and out of mind. The Ron Perrin Clean Water Tank Project was granted 501(c)3 status by the IRS in August of 2018.
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ESTABLISHED WATER TANK AND TOWER INSPECTION AND CLEANING COMPANY is seeking an experienced Water Tank commercial diver. Good criminal history and driving record is required.

PAID- Out of town travel is required (typically 3-4 days per week).

Line Air Dive Training is Required. Commercial Diver Experience is preferred,
Fall protection and confined space training is required and may be provided free of charge for the right individual.
CURRENT SCUBA, CPR Certification and recent diving physical are required, preference given to ADCI Certified Diver.

Top PAY for experienced Water TANK and TOWER DIVER e-mail resume and salary history.

Key Responsibilities:
Work underwater and above water with a Dive Team of 3 – 4 commercialy certified divers. Efficiently and effectively perform water tank and tower inspections and the removal of tank sediment from the floor of water storage tanks.
Must be fit and able to carry gear bags up to 80lbs

Working Conditions:
Love of working outdoors is essential and the willingness to work in bad weather conditions i.e. rain, high humidity and heat.
Required to work a minimum of 35 hours per week for FT position
Able to work weekends and overtime as needed

- Healthy physical status, current dive physical is required.  

- Line air training, Scuba Certification, fall protection and confined space training is required (we can help with fall protection and confined space training if you do not have it already).

If you have any questions or would like assistance going forward please reach out directly!

Employment is year round. Pay based on experience. Pre-employment drug screening is required. This position requires frequent out of town travel, paid by company (from Fort Worth, Texas). Please e-mail resume (write resume in subject line). For additional information and application see:

If you have previously applied for this job PLEASE CALL FOR INTERVIEW 817-377-4899.

New Applicants Call 817-377-4899 to schedule interview M-F 8 to 5.
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DIVE JOB! Are you a certified ADCI Diver looking for something different? Check out our company. We are looking for an ENTRY LEVEL Diver/Tender and a Lead Diver/Supervisor. Schedule a phone interview today, Call 817-377-4899.
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Were looking for a new DIVER not Truck driver!
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The deadly brain-eating amoeba is here to stay. It was recently found again in Louisiana drinking water.

Is this amoeba in your system?

Most water systems have no way to test for this heat loving amoeba. The best way to make sure it is not living in your water system it to keep your tanks clean!

Cleaning water storage tanks and towers removes the habitat that can offer safe harbor to a wide range of microbes.

When is the last time your storage tanks were cleaned? Need a quote Call 817-377-4899.
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The Face of an American Hero - Exposing the Flint water crisis
by Ron Perrin

I write a lot about drinking water contamination and the importance of keeping water storage tanks and towers clean. I haven’t written about people that much but this is about both drinking water contamination and a particular person I think is an American Hero.

Pediatrician Mona Hanna-Attisha or Dr. Monica as her young patients call her, did not plan her life to be a hero and I am sure she doesn’t see herself that way now, but she is. She is the person that made enough noise, would not take, “your wrong” or “everything is ok”, for an answer. After noticing many of her young Flint, MI patients had lead poisoning, she suspected the water supply. She is the person at the right place at the right time that stood up to say, something is very wrong here and she was not going to go away.

Her story was covered on CBS Sunday Morning this past Fathers Day. I had the opportunity to watch with my son and infant grandson. My son made the comment that she is a REAL AMERICAN HERO. I could not agree more.

I titled this, “The Face of an American Hero”, because Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha was born in Iraq and raised in Michigan after her family fled the regime of Saddam Hussein. Being a true American is not about where you were born but about who you are and who you want to be. It has always been about doing the right thing. The USA has always attracted the best and brightest the world has to offer. I think we are very lucky to count her as one of us, and I wanted to share her story.

She has written a book, “What The Eyes Don’t See See“, by Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha.
If you missed her CBS interview check it out here:
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Do you have lead in your water?
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Water Tank Cleaning - Is your local water storage tank clean? Did you know in most states there is no requirement to ever clean potable water storage tanks and towers? You may want to ask your local official when was the last time storage tanks in your neighborhood were cleaned!
Cleaning a water tank in south Texas today. Over time, potable water systems accumulate sediment in storage tanks and towers. These storage tanks are the last stop treated water makes before it is served at your tap. A host of different contaminants can use the sediment for a habitat and grow. We see this a lot in summer months, microbes love heat. It is a good idea to have all water storage tanks on a cleaning schedule
Divers can clean water storage with minimal water loss, you also get the great documentation of an underwater video showing work being performed and the after video showing the clean tank floor. For a free quote call Ron Perrin Water Technologies at 817-377-4899.
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