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I really feel like our grassroots campaigning is starting to pay off!
Actually win a state and watch the jaws fall off a lotta people. :-D
Isn't this was what Ron Paul was hoping for in the beginning?
Maybe voters are beginning to see that Paul is the only candidate who isn't putting the platform of the GOP above his personal convictions and the best interests of the nation. GO RON GO!
We know you've been top tier all along Dr., they just can't ignore us any longer!
He started out more slowly because he doesn't do the catchphrases and slogans that are easy to remember. Now he's building support because people see that he has good ideas (of his own! - not ripped off someone else) and is willing and able to explain them - and is consistent.

The little that Perry was able to explain of his "plan" tells me that he rushed to rip off Ron Paul's plan - and I still don't know what Cain's plan is even hoping to change, other than the tax code (so now we pay a different tax, but exactly what problems does that fix?).
+gabriel beaven Argument is how we test our ideas and see which ones hold water.

I think maybe you meant to refer to these attacks on character. Attacking character is bad. Arguing over ideas is good.
I think character is pretty important in a president.
+Andy vanboxel Agreed. What I mean is that these attacks on character (ie, the media focus on Herman Cain's sexual assault charges) only distract us from the real issues and make people vote based on emotion rather than logic and reason. They also don't necessarily give an accurate portrayal of the person's character.
problem is Paul has 3 times the intelligance as cain
thats not good, it is racist in my opinion to attack cain........why would u spew hate at cain? this is why i cant support rp
his comments about blacks several years ago to the press, i ahve met his jew hating supporters , one told me the holocaust never happened and hunfdredssaid bush planned 9-11 as does alex jones his buddy
this comment isnt attacking cain? Tracy Ahern - problem is Paul has 3 times the intelligance as cain

11:02 AM

not in your kkk minds. i will never vote for paul.........i stand for israel
so are you telling me there are no conspiracy theory supporteres who believe bush was behind 9-11?

is is not true that he is friends with alex jone? a jew haqter?

i hve met hundreds of paul supporteres and have heard the hate comments like the holocaust never hapened.

saying paul is 3x more intelligent trhan cain? has paul ever brought a corporartion back from bankruptcy

also u will not support the gop nominee. you attack them
"Republican consultant David Hill condemns the candidate's ‘increasingly leftish' positions. Syndicated columnist Mona Charen calls Paul ‘too cozy with kooks and conspiracy theorists.' Film critic and talk radio host Michael Medved looks over Paul's supporters and finds ‘an imposing collection of neo-Nazis, white Supremacists, Holocaust deniers, 9/11 'truthers' and other paranoid and discredited conspiracists.'"

Goldberg is the exception.

GQ magazine just named Ron Paul one of its "Men of the Year." Yep, the man described on the website of ex-KKK honcho and convicted fraudster David Duke as "our king" is now officially a male trend setter.

Molly Ball November 20 in the Las Vegas Review-Journal swoons:
Its ridiculous to say someone is racist because they same something bad about a person of color. Is the same comment was directed at Romney then suddenly its not racist?
+Donald Iarussi MFA Are you suggesting that the words of Ron Paul supporters are the words of Ron Paul himself?

Also, the articles you are citing rely quite heavily on opinions and insinuations.

Tell me this - would it not be hypocritical for Ron Paul to say that he believes strongly in personal liberty, but then to say that these people (wrong as they may be) should not be allowed to express their opinions?

And get your computer fixed, man. You should be able to edit your comments rather than creating a billion comments.
The battle, sir, is not to the strong alone; it is to the vigilant, the active, the brave. I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me Ron Paul.
You have to go Caucus. Just do it!
Who supports abortion? If your referring to Ron Paul, you've got the wrong guy buddy.
For that matter why are you wasting your valuable time on this post?
Hi Donald, nice try. I keep waiting to read the actual newsletters and see Ron Paul is the author or editor, but it never comes up. FOr instance, Herman Cain, you have the supposed "Evidence" step front and confess, but I have never once been able to see the damning evidence against Ron Paul for said newsletters.

I have, however, seen some quotes here and there (only one or two), the primary one involving the bent-out distortion of the phrase in one article about Al Black Men are criminals in D.C. --- a punditive remark against the racist D.C. policeforce, who seem to arrest blacks by color, not by crime ---- to turn that around and suggest (let's assume) Ron Paul wrote that, it is not an attack on Blacks, it's an attack on the Justice system for portraying profound stereotyping adn racist profiling.

And THAT is the biggest argument for Ron Paul being a racist --- when he SLAMS the D.C. police for being racist by stopping all blacks on the street.
In other words, pwned.
And Donald, man oh man, where do you get your news anyway? Supports Abortion? That proves you have never even read anything on Ron Paul of substance, and only aspired to read the propaganda.
calling up talk radio, stating my case against ron zeig heil paul
Good luck with that Donald --- good luck with tryign to convince people that a Congressman that votes against Authoritarian and Socialist legislation is somehow a Socialist and Authoritarian like Hitler.

Good luck.
strange how mainstream newz even fox don't talk much about ron paul...they know deep down that he would change how this country would do business!
They wont have a choice after January 3rd.
oh this asshole again hahaha, in what way does paul hate jews??
the alex jones lunatics really think paul can win?well lets see..dems will vote for obama, millions like me will not vote for the babbeling kkk arian nation jew hater has no chance....send money to Israel not adolph hitelr paul
How about Isreal saying they dont want our help? Do they not know what is good for them? Also have you checked the polls donald? Paul is going to win Iowa.
Ok obviously this is not worth my time...
ron paul is endorsed by the Arian Nation and KKK

Gingrich questions Ron Paul on racist newsletters
Donald Iarussi, just because a member of a criminal element may like you, does that mean that nobody else should like you? I find it interesting that you mention that Ron is "endorsed by" the Arian Nation and KKK, yet he has publicly denounced these groups and does not endorse THEM.
Donald, it really gets old how people make baseless claims against conservatives as being racists. Look at Ron Paul's policies at and you will see they are color blind. He will get the government out of our business and eliminate our debt. There's nothing racist about that. He is for freedom and liberty, something Americans are less familiar with than at any other time in our history.
Donald is a troll. there is no point in responding, he just posts the same ridiculous nonsense over and over.
I think its a good step in backing Mr.Ron Paul because he sounds sincere and his name sounds like a new and refreshing colonge which is needed to get ride of some of the stench in Washington.Reducing the number of congressman out to make a buck from lobbyist and special interest groups selling there vote can better serve the people of our great nation.Our nations government started with volunteers, man who for 6months of the year came together to wright the constitution and note its progress.Today we have the rich getting richer off the backs of the tax payers and corporate america,we while poor and low middle class so dist-rote forget we live in a democracy.lets us not forget our pass mistakes lest there repeated,the rich get richer when the lower class earn a good income to buy!!!. supply and demand american economy works
paul will lose beacuse dems and gop will destroy his campaign. hje is a nazi, a jew hater a black hater
is there some type of issue with my last name?
Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney have among the highest Positive Intensity Scores from Republicans of any GOP candidate. However, Romney generates higher positive intensity from Democrats than Gingrich. Neither Republican sparks as much intensity -- negative or positive -- as Barack Obama.
paul plummets despite kkk and arian nation support......

Mitt Romney

Former Governor of Massachusetts


Newt Gingrich

Former Speaker of the House


Ron Paul

U.S. Representative from Texas


Rick Perry

Governor of Texas

now your really talking out of your ass. every poll show paul leading and rising. keep telling yourself that mitt is the man.
Former Aide: Ron Paul Claimed ‘Saving The Jews’ Was Absolutely None Of Our Business
Go ahead and quote dondero all you want. He's obviously a douchebag who is mad he got fired. How about the other Israeli aid who says otherwise?
lol, it is amazing how i as a jew should believe that jew hater paul...he will never win,,,,,,,he is a lover of alex jones, he said bush watched with "glee" as the wtc got attacked. his newsletetrs are racist...oh wait all the people he hires are liars........all these people who paul supported now reveal what a nut paul is....and they are all douchebags? lol
Donald, this doesn't make sense if you're honest. Because I posted above an interview with an actual Israeli citizen who was Ron Paul's foregin advisor and he said that Ron Paul was not anti-Israel. If anyone would know, he would. In case you missed it, you can read it at

Also, I saw that earlier, in the midst of the random insults you hurt at Congressman Paul, you said he was pro abortion. That's not accurate. He has spoken at Right To Life events and is the only candidate to actually put out prolife ads this election cycle (see and Ron Paul Ad - Life). And part of Paul's platform is to defund Planned Parenthood from receiving a dime in taxpayer money. Under Ron Paul the U.S. government would never pay for an abortion.

This is reality. If you are prolife, then so is Ron Paul. Mitt Romney has actually written checks to Planned Parenthood (see Ron Paul wants to completely DEFUND Planned Parenthood of taxpayer dollars and has certainly never given them a dime of his money.
I'm sad to see so many post with negative comments on any candidate for this nations highest office,it just proves the lack of nobility and honor in the choices of men running and serving in government today.When we as a people who live in the greatest nation on earth today, focus on the filth of candidates, blasted on the air ways for all the world to see;how truly great than are we? Maybe we should have an ethics comity investigate anyone who announces they would like to run for any high office in our government,at-least this could save the nation of all the embarrassment and bring out men of honor and nobility you think.Perhaps dropping the age requirement standards and exchanging them with moral ethical values, along with educational quality's good for running a government like in times of old;we may regain the honor of being the nation to follow again!!! One nation under GOD with liberty and justice for all! ET.ISH ELOHIM
If this is true, than only one thing I say is from scripture is there is no trust in man a part from GOD. this to say we need to trust that He is in control, We need to pray for all ourselves that He be glorified whomever gets in office.
paul is a nut..he will never gain the votes of Jews. He wants us to ignore islamo facism, let iran have nukes, he supported the holocaust vs jews..zionism will prevail over this hitler loving nutcase..he is a JEW hater
Ah, right. Don't address any of the issues I brought up. Just keep saying the same baseless propaganda over and over again like Baghdad Bob. Just keep doing that. Whatever you do, stay away from the actual issues.
Thats what Donald does. He's very similar to 5 year old who covers his ears and screams when people say things he does not want to hear.
he is NOT going to win, democrats,, gop, zionists, blacks, hispanics will work together to defeat this nut
I'd rather vote for Ron Paul and have a tiny shot at liberty, freedom and restoring America than have no shot by voting for socialism.
I am a zionist, I will Never Vote for Ron Paul

there is already a gop lobby that is working on defeating ron paul, democrats, libs, cons, gop, we are all against adolph hitler paul
Florida hit hardest by Sears store closings

Florida to lose 11 Sears or Kmart stores; Ohio, Michigan and Georgia will lose 6
+jamie butcher good one - I was thinking "mother fucking asshole" like why the hell would he advertise that?
paul needs to drop out , he cannot win.....let the catholics beat the mormon..poaul is a jew hater
+Donald Iarussi MFA That's called defamation, unless you can back it up. You're really trying to get blocked aren't you?
You've been saying the same bullshit for months now, and Ron Paul is still going strong. If Paul can't win, Romney can't either. Romney can't win without Paul's supporters, and Paul's supporters won't vote for Romney. Same goes for all the other Republican candidates.
little adolph? he was my congressman, he and his wife ru paul? iws that her name? this guy has newsletters devoted to antis emitism....he is a jew hating racist.........
if gold is so great, why are people willing to sell it for cash?
+Donald Iarussi MFA They aren't. Well, the smart ones aren't. Actually, the opposite is true - gold is so great that people are willing to BUY it with cash. That's why we see those ads on TV - those businesses know that gold is worth something.
I think I finally figured it out. +Donald Iarussi MFA - you're a wannabe Michael Moore. You want to write a book or make a movie about Dr. Paul and his supporters, but you haven't been able to dig up any dirt, so you're trying to put down your own and hope that no one will notice.

Well, Mr. "Master of Fine Arts" - you're free to do as you will, but be aware that your comments are not well-received.
Ron Paul has a lasting legacy of impacting the system. Of course, the systems are very large, yet a single person with charisma managed to change it.
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