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The campaign released this ad today which is airing in early Primary states.
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definitely catered towards the younger crowd.
This is a nice video. I think everyone should go to and support people making videos for Ron Paul, or enter a project for Ron Paul.
Urg, I was editing and accidentally clicked "Delete". No "are you sure?", what the heck. Here's the previous message:

+Edward Flynn am I missing some sarcasm somewhere? All you are doing is echoing the rest of the things +Ron Paul would love to do and the other reasons to shut those departments down.. O_o
Wow, Edward... is that an attempt at a bad joke? The sarcasm is a bit missing... because Ron Paul wants everything you just mentioned, so... I assume it's a joke.

(NAFTA, Cuts, Wars, etc)
Yes, but he also wants to cut the depts of the interior, education, HUD, plus cutting social security and medicare (not mentioned in this spot). This is just wrong headed. And that is where I draw the line on Mr. Paul. In comparison to the rest of the GOP fools running for prez, he stands way above them. However just because one turd floats above the rest doesn't mean it's anything other than a turd.

Don't believe the hype about Ron Paul. Even if he had a chance in hell of becoming president don't think for moment that the plutocrats in the House and Senate would let him do anything but their bidding.
+Edward Flynn considering that no one man can make that much change in our government without the appeal it's citizens, do you really worry about those, to put words in your mouth, 'extreme' changes?

Wouldn't you rather vote for someone mostly inline with your views, and trustworthy, than someone else? Luckily for my I don't have to choose. As far as I see it, as a libertarian, +Ron Paul is almost 100% aligned with my views.

Besides, any other Republican ticket is another 4 years of Obama, IMO, and that's something I'm not for.
I feel like one of the things that people forget when they talk about all of the "useful" social welfare programs and etc that Ron Paul wants to cut, is the fact that he just wants to cut them at the federal level.

Private companies/people, and local governments (state/city) can take up these programs (make their own).

Additionally, with Ron Paul in office, people will have a lot more of their own hard earned money to buy homes, retire, and educate their children with.
Additionally, the "don't believe the hype" argument isn't really the best one to use with Ron Paul supporters.

Since he doesn't get much media attention, and gets sh*t on by a lot of people (who generally misunderstand his views and plans), most Ron Paul supporters are quite well informed of his exact views.

There isn't much "hype" (especially positive), so we have to find out the truth on our own, and, luckily, most of us are intellectuals, and make it a point to research.
Sorry Vallori, I klnow I won't win over any friends or followers with this but all I can say is "Poppycock."

The whole concept of cutting programs at a federal level and expecting state or local governments, who are already stretched thin, is ridiculous. And private companies? Ha! Yes show me a single corporation right now who isn't sitting on their cash and spending freely in altruistic ways. Just the expectation of that happening shows a fundamental lack of understanding of how our country works and where our economy is at the moment.

How people will come to have more money in their pockets is giant blanket statement unsupported by the current facts of the depression we are in.

In order for Ron Paul, or anybody who's president (dem or repub), to overcome what is going on in our economy/country right now, they would have to :

1) fight the entire GOP, the chamber of commerce and power of innumerable corporate dollars to bring jobs back into the country.
2) Totally turn around our educational system to make it college and/or job retraining affordable and accessible in order to turn around three decades of brain drain on the us economy. I'm pretty sure the GOP would fight tooth and nail against this.
3) Fight all of the world financial system to destroy the Federal reserve. Good luck with that.
3) and lastly, magically make 8 million plus jobs just reappear back in this country. (that's the number lost since GWB was president.)

Obviously, you have a better chance at waiting for Michael Jackson to rise from the grave than seeing any next president, especially Ron Paul, fix a damn thing in this country in just two terms.

Thanks to 30 years or Reaganism, Bushism, Clintonism and Banksterism, it will take the next 25-50 years to dig us out of this hole - if we are lucky.
I can see you're set in your mindset about these things, and that's ok, so am I, so an argument between us probably isn't going to change any viewpoints.
I would like to finish by saying one thing, though, it's a mistake to think that helping people and social programs need to be wholly altruistic. These things can be businesses, and will probably thrive.
Clearly, and most dems prove this, people are very willing to give up money to help others.
Many individuals and businesses and religious groups are also very willing to donate food and all kinds of goods.
There are plenty of private companies that help the needy with little to no government subsidy right here today. And also community outreach programs at the city and state level.

Anyway, I've heard your arguments before, as I'm sure you've heard mine. We don't really know how it will work unless it happens...and only time will tell if it will. :)
Indeed Vallori. My only hope for the future is that there are enough of us willing to step up and help guide us to a future where humanity and social justice are the guiding principles and not greed, corporate fascism and plutocracy.
+Edward Flynn says, "... expecting state or local governments, who are already stretched thin, is ridiculous."

And the federal government isn't stretched thin? Maybe that's overwhelming proof why no government should provide programs like this :)

P.S., you've never seen a free market in your lifetime. No one has. Anytime we get near one (the internet, wild west and simple examples) it is quickly sucked up my the governments and regulated in the favor of big business.

In any case, I agree with most of the bottom part of your statement, which is why I don't hold my breath too much. ;)
I think the reason that the Democrats and Republicans are both against #RonPaul is because they both know that he stands to make the most cuts than any of the rest of the candidates. You can say he may not do enough, and no doubt there is more to do, but at least someone is willing to start.
While I am neither a Republican nor a Democrat, I can still recognize the fallacy in political rhetoric. To simply say that one would wield the ax at federal programs without nary a concern for who it impacts is brainless at best.

Hey Kevin and James, if you need a reference to see how a free market unconstrained by government operates, and how it doesn't benefit the majority of the populace, I suggest you study up on US history from the 1870s to 1900 and then jump to Italy from 1922 to 1945. Then look to how China. While it isn't a true free market it does let corporations run ripshod over everything: workers rights, the environment, etc.
+Edward Flynn: You're misrepresenting what a "free market" is. China doesn't have one, the U.S. even in the late 1800s didn't have one. The U.S. did have close to a free market, which is why its economic growth was so massive. However, there was still a confluence of government and economics.
+Edward Flynn I completely agree with your statement, but I wholeheartedly believe that government regulations and government directed social welfare programs actually make people, individually, less inclined to have good family values and be helpful humanitarians.

All hypothetical, of course, but I believe that private individuals are more likely to support their families and help their fellow man, as well as take personal responsibility for their actions and the well being of their community, if there aren't government programs taking their money/ for them to throw money at, and for them to point fingers at.
+Edward Flynn , so your best recommendation for a presidential candidate in your argument is Michael Jackson? Let me know when you have more useful solutions than just pointing out problems.
+Edward Flynn I don't understand the sentiment that if a majority of Americans vote for what makes the best Survivor Challenge on TV, why you should be forced to choose between one Authoritarian Leader or the Other Authoritarian Leader (McCain who sponsored the most recent American Abomination bill, or Obama, who seems to think he can force laws down our throats as well as assassin whoever he wants).
+Kevin Peno He is the first candidate that actually allows me to pursue the idea that I believe in a very, very Conservative Federal government a Conservative Moderate for the State, and a Slightly Liberal governmetn for my City/Conuty.
+Edward Flynn And, another point, I don't think you understand Paul's Social Security argument --- you are trying to say he wants to cut it --- it's twosided. He consideres Social Security a Contract for Americans who are dependent on it and should not be simply taken away, but it is broken, and should at minimum allow folks like ME, to opt out.

Hyper-Inflation around 6%/year is what breaks Social Security --- it does no good to tax someone $100/mo in 1980 and give that $100 back in 40 years, when it isn't worth even half of what it used to be. I should be able to use that $100 for other things, like debt relief and stocks and gold. This is where his Sound Money arguments come into play.
This ad looks eerily like Ford F-150's advertising campaign....
Imagine if I could've taken all my social security and medicare payments and bought gold with it instead. Not sure just how much it works out to but I'm pretty sure it's a helluva lot more than the $400 ish a month my social security would be worth right now! Ergo, it's a lousy system for everyone involved. Boils down to the question of whether you or the government is better at managing your money. Given the state of the federal budget, I think that's a pretty obvious answer.
Just a suggestion. If this is the official Ron Paul account on Google+, I would go to the trouble to get verified.
+Erik Hancock my share comment was similar. I likened it to the Dr. Pepper 10 commercial :P
+Daniel Stoddart agreed. I've been waiting for a verified sign on it and this appears to be as credible a page as I could imagine one to be.

Great comments and viewpoints people. I really enjoyed reading everybody's viewpoints/comments as this allows fostering of good thoughts.
This ad is perfect... because as much as Ron Paul is a wise and rational man, we all know that the average american is a simpleton who responds best to the voice from monster truck radio commercials.
Don't really like it.. it won't be taken seriously.. to cartoonish
+Edward Flynn "Then look to how China. While it isn't a true free market it does let corporations run ripshod over everything: workers rights, the environment, etc." - this makes no sense to me...

If this isn't a free market, then how does it prove your point?

Also - aren't these all things that corporations do WITHOUT a free market as well?

"The whole concept of cutting programs at a federal level and expecting state or local governments, who are already stretched thin, is ridiculous. And private companies? Ha! Yes show me a single corporation right now who isn't sitting on their cash and spending freely in altruistic ways. Just the expectation of that happening shows a fundamental lack of understanding of how our country works and where our economy is at the moment."

Why does that matter?

We can't show you one because there are so few. Which DOES NOT mean we would not see them if things were different.

Questions for you: if what you're suggesting works so well, then why doesn't it work?

You don't like the idea of getting rid of the DOE - what does it do? It doesn't pay our teachers. It doesn't pay for our children's schooling. Our local and state boards do that. What does it do?

Also - can you explain this video? "Patriotic" Millionaires Mincing About Personally Donating - Specifically, if raising taxes on the rich would help so much and is so fair (and these millionaires certainly seem to agree on these points) then how come these rich people (who are about to make a statement FOR raising taxes on THEMSELVES ) are so reluctant to simply volunteer to pay more - perhaps even in the amount that they were planning to increase their taxes - and help us out today rather than waiting until tax time?

I would suggest that perhaps these men understand that donated money (especially when donated anonymously) has little or no influence over the decisions an organization makes when it comes to organizations that don't rely on donations.
+Edward Flynn You come across as a GOP basher. It seems there are folks entrenched in party politics on the left and the right who don't know what to to with Ron Paul. You sound like a person stuck; afraid to let go of your 'side.' Like a fanboy on one side of the many useless iPhone vs. Android threads on the web.

So, you are going for Obama then? Is that your "hope" for America?

Oh, also Edward, "a future where humanity and social justice are guiding principles" won't be developed by FORCE of GOVERNMENT. It has to come from free people realizing that with that freedom comes responsibility. You go first... and keep going.. ..and teach all the persons you can influence... "teach," don't try to compel... That's the best it can get.. and still, it won't be perfect, some people will always 'fall through the cracks'...
+Tyler Higgins The thing is, though - that truly is Ron Paul's plan. Voting for a candidate without understanding his views is never good.

Also - I think the idea of cutting $1 trillion appeals to everyone and gets them thinking, if nothing else, and I think this is meant to appeal to the young crowd who is more willing and better able to look things up quickly online. If they dig around a little, they'll find that this actually doesn't change much other than that these Federal programs will be gone. We will still have our public schools and such, they just will be funded by the state instead of the Federal government.
+Tyler Higgins I know, but I think you're missing that

a) this ad is targeted for the younger generation who is maybe just voting for the first time (or second) and tends to agree that you need to investigate these things (and who are still anxious to tell their parents they're wrong)

b) Ron Paul's biggest battle right now is getting people to even acknowledge that he's running for President. When I hear my parents and other members of the older generations talk politics, they NEVER mention Ron Paul - they NEVER say anything about him, good or bad. They know about Cain, Romney, and all the others but not Paul. Just after the Fox-Google sponsored debates, I heard my dad talking about them to someone who didn't see them at all. He got asked who was at the debate - he named Bachmann, Cain, Romney, Huntsman, Perry, Santorum, and then drew a blank and said "I think there were one or two others, but I can't remember who." That's a real problem, and it's a battle Ron Paul still has to fight.

I do agree that at some point the ads will need to explain this stuff in much more detail, and I'd bet that later ads will explain why these should be eliminated. In the meantime, this one is popular and entertaining, gets the message out, and has attracted a lot of attention at a point where there's still a healthy amount of time for people to give serious consideration as to what's being said by ALL the politicians and whether or not they would agree. Now they know Ron Paul's plan, and they know which departments it involves - and if they saw Rick Perry fail to remember which departments they wanted to cut, they saw Ron Paul interject for a second there, and now they're thinking a little more about what happened there.
+Tyler Higgins First off, that sort of "ignorance" is seen in all generations. It may be almost imperceptible, but I think our generation is slightly more cognizant of what happens, and I think the main reason why they don't know who's who in politics is simply because they didn't vote for them. Also, let's not forget that people are trying to build careers and raise families.

Second off, I don't think it's that these people simply don't care or couldn't be bothered to learn about politics and choose to remain ignorant. I think it's that people are so discouraged by our political leaders and what they see happening, and feel powerless to do anything.

I understand what you're saying about this generation and the results it has brought, and I mostly agree, but I feel other generations still make the same type of mistake, and that our generation is a little more quick to realize where they went wrong.

And anyway, we tend to be much more "public" - we're used to putting political opinions and religious views on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter where the world can see them. I bet there's a million Ron Paul supporters who immediately put this all over the Interwebs for their friends (both supporters and non-supporters) to see. Seeing an endorsement - no matter how small, even just a "like" on Facebook - from someone you know personally can have a huge effect. You're right, most people have a very poor understanding of politics - and many of these people look to others that they trust to have a better understanding.
+Tyler Higgins I think for the most part we're in agreement. But IMO people feel they don't have the time, they can't build a career and family and still follow politics, etc. not because that's true or because they truly believe that, but rather because they're so disheartened and feel so powerless. I think the younger generation is starting to understand that less Federal control means they will have more power, and that things will generally be better because the people making the decisions will be experiencing the same stuff as everyone else living in that state.

I think it's easier for the older generations to avoid following politics. It's hard to even think of an online system (social network, forum site,, whatever) where you won't find political discussion. And while systems may try to restrict where such content can be posted, inevitably you always get a lot of people who don't read the rules, don't care, or try to argue that whatever they posted is not primarily political (for example, putting political cartoons in r/funny on Reddit). The older generation just doesn't go to these sites - they know about Google, their e-mail service, Amazon, and that's probably about it.

Again, I think we're mostly in agreement. But I think people will start to change if they start to see how what they do can have a positive influence, and start to understand that the system depends on them making an informed decision in order to work. I think they can be shown that keeping up on this stuff doesn't have to be a huge deal. But just like how it's our responsibility to keep the government in check, it's up to (people like) us to fight that idea and show that it doesn't have to be too hard or time-consuming.
The Republican Party is afraid of Ron Paul because he is too honest. They are deathly afraid that he won't rubber stamp their agenda. They are afraid that he will do what is right for America. They know even though Newt is off the wall crazy, They would rather have him because he will back the party line. Only in The United States would they think that it is a good idea to lower the rate of Social Security taxes when they claim the system is going broke. Such a shameful state of affairs in this United States. Washington (Rep & Dem) has sold our soul and our future for the good of the Party.
How can a NON US citizen donate to the RP campaign???
Ok, thanks for that. Obviously not intending to vote but just wanted to contribute $ to the campaign. Looks like a no go though.
+Scott Lord this is not hyperinflation, the first time the world saw hyperinflation was in Ukraine in 1994. The currency devaluated to 1/2 it's worth literally overnight
+Allan Whitbread foriegn citizens should not donate to any campaign, it's illegal. Of course, that doesn't stop multinational corporations from doing it.
Just donated- can't wait to call others today. This is it, the Tea Party anniversary!
+Allan Whitbread You know you can contribute to new media, for example, you could sponsor a film about Ron Paul, or a film slamming the others. I've done something like that with

You can also get a return so it's actually an investment.
Ron Paul has a lot of supporters in Western, Ma. Hopefully he wins!
Ron Paul is the future of our nation
He's also the present! What he's doing is making a difference now by opening the eyes of so many.
Well, it seems official, Ron Paul is now leading in Iowa from PPP. - excellent
Dr.Paul you are the people's last hope!

The power drunk politicians have lost respect for the people and think they are or know better than the people and the US constitution.

You are the consistent voice and champion of the people and I envision that when you get there, you will deliver on the previously long echoed but as yet empty "Hope" slogan.

In the last 100 years, the powers that be lost respect for the people. It is time to reverse that and for government to fear the citizen, as it should be!
But we can't take our foot off the gas! Post Ron Paul YouTube videos and comments on Iowa message forums and where ever we can get a voice!

The words sparked - gain - effect it presence...
Keep posting stuff here on Google+
This will be the first time i vote because finally theres a great leader
This will be the first time I can't vote because of the stupid drug laws. But I would have voted for Dr. Paul.
Are you sick and tired of the unfair smearsand attacks on Israel?
By Democrats, Isslamo Fascists, occupy people, Ron Paul?

Me too. That's why I'm asking you to stand with us in the battle against thosewho want to destroy Israel.

Like you, we at The Israel Project caredeeply about Israel. We work every day to protect Israel and the global Jewishfamily, but we need your help to:
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Train pro-Israel spokespeople to speak to the media, leaders and on campus
Dr. Ron Paul - Merry Christmas!

Question: Oh why have you stopped posting. Please visit us in the G+ world.
Save us from the corporations and greedy banks
Wow. This guy is amazing. A politician who really cares. He can't do it alone America. He needs our help. Lets make a change people and stop bickering over policies and bs that just doesn't matter. Vote for freedom, and lets start a revolution.
Eric Z
I hate it when people say “if you don't vote for one of the 2 big parties it's like throwing away your vote”.
Those people are STUPID IDIOTS who obviously don't understand how democracy and voting works!
Only the 2 big parties have a chance – bullshit!
If enough people vote for your guy then he has a chance too.
No matter who he is.
That's why you have to vote for exactly who you want and not who you think has a better chance
or what you think the other people think.
There is no such thing as a “thrown away Vote”!*
That is your voice.
Every vote counts.
That's why I want to be counted as one who voted for Ron Paul.
A highly intelligent person who has the balls to tell the truth!
If he doesn't get the nomination I am going to write his name on the ballot.
Did you know that that's an option?!

*on the contrary – if you do vote according to what you think other people will vote- then you are indeed throwing away your voice/vote!
I can't believe in this day and age people still think that the only reason people go make a living for themselves is because "the government" won't throw money at them?! How dense do you have to be really?

People go out there because they want to make a living yes but many of us have dreams and ambitions, we want to do something we love and matter. We want to feel useful and contribute something to society. If your point of view is that "people are more inclined to go out there and make a living because there are no safety nets" than this says a lot more about you than the rest of society.

We benefit from helping each other and we also benefit from having social security (KEY WORD HERE SECURITY). Which is why it's important it's provided by the government and not the private sector etc. So you're always guaranteed that when something goes wrong you have something to fall back on.

It's not the same as having "volunteers" offering to help out. They may not be able to provide you with the right care, assuming there's an organization to help you in your state, city etc. Not to mention that if they're not regulated they can reject you on any basis so you can be discriminated against.

Did everybody forget about the industrialization era? Why people fought for unions, why child labor was banned... Do we really want to go back to those times? Corporations don't care about you. If they can make you work 18 hour shifts at 30% of what they are paying you now, they would.

A person's goal is to live a comfortable happy life, to do that you need money. A business's goal is to make a profit, at any cost. See the difference?

Really, Americans of all people want to cut spending on education?! I don't think you guys can afford that as a nation, just take a look at the all the "prodigies" that run for office alone. They want you lot uneducated because then you'll eat up everything they tell you. Wake the fuck up please.

We all benefit as a society if people don't have to resort to crime to make a living or if they're given opportunities so they can climb up the ladder if they know they'll be taken care of when they get sick or old.

I agree with many of Ron Paul's policies but you need regulations or people will just take advantage of each other, to make sure corporations compete fairly or that they don't take advantage of the consumer and fix prices for example.

Even now with all the regulations businesses do all kind of craziness to avoid taxes, there's corruption, they treat workers poorly, they knowingly sell you stuff that's bad for your health, the pollute the environment, they make a profit form your pension funds and then tell you you haven't saved enough once you retire etc. I mean just look at their track records.

Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me! FOR SHAME!
Ron Paul is not going to end social security. He is going to make it solvent and optional. As it is now, most of us still working will not get it because it is bankrupt like the rest of the national government programs. Ron Paul's statements are usually about federal government. Most issues are up to the states to handle as the states see fit. You must differentiate between the two.
Vote Ron Paul or don't vote at all!
Ron Paul must be a Ford Truck Man! He managed to increase earmarks for his district fourfold yet couldn't vote for aid to Hurricane Katrina victims. Big dog is right...
Vote Ron Paul or don't vote at all today.
If only i was American so i could vote for a man like him!
+Amin Jafarov That's what libertarians object to. It's fine if you consent to being taxed, but people don't have a say, they are just forced to pay and if they don't, they get arrested. What's more oppressive than that?
Basically what I've been saying for years: no point in voting dem or rep, they're all the same damn thing anyways.
Well - the debate on the bottom of this reply I listed some points wich seem critical from outer #german viewpoint, as #non-polarizing-conservative and as #christian, as a supporter of the content-result which might still get not only an online push to be discussed according to #foreign-pilice-deescalation friendship with #Israel as to debth-crisis solution starting point. I appreciate your work on these issues in the media, it is by no doubt maybe even more important than #to-get-elected or beeing the #nominee. From my short term watch based analysis - see the link above and the debate, I do not want to pull it away from here or there, anway, please focus on grass root targeting middle-aged liberal and conservative through the young active base and please focus on how to #re-enter-media-coverage, which leaves the third out, even as he has above 20% and will as would have even more in not so conservative split by #Santorium-states.

I am #not-for-Ron-Paul, as a person or in special terms, but the debate he is resulting is the most exciting thing I ever heard from american poltics, and I am strictly loved as truth based christian - to name concrete solutions will ever be even some kind of ministry Paul does right now, which is something to be supported. As I guess it will get tough for all of you, please invest time in these aspects - I guess I simply post it from the post and origininally discussion

I would even recommend people not to invest only into media ads but media support as he is still somehow now differently argumented " #blackmailed " or #left-out-of-the debate in some fields. I thought it would change when #Michele-Bachman argued, why she is stepping back as she mentioned Paul - but it did not really change. I am timely out of that debate going to Tunisia in the next weeks but would recommend to have a close look at the deelopments I list down from here.

#Blessed (if christians) and #good-time and debate !

Copied from

Klaus-Dieter Hinck - "Morning - saw the vote on CNN - well it is also a media story, a created fight. There are not so much votes than getting a huge influence for guiding the nomination process of a party. In a way this open candidate finding process is good, but in other ways and aspects it is not good.

As you might see how media as they were pretty insecure than as a the second choice pushed Santorum, which might have good points in his campaign, sure. But from my viepoint the target group not using internet and watching TV, conservative, they looked to the predicted result and argument, Paul "might have no chance" and than saw that Santorum has good points and decided against Paul and so on. Also against Romney, as for some at least he might be asa Mormon not the right or questionable way and as he looked not really deep rooted in the media.

So my result watching US media (not a deep look I had but anyway) is, that there

* now more prooven influence of #media-scenario-plays from strategy people who discuss the political scenarios, not a good influence than as not serving the best result or discussion of best solution, the Santorum card played in the end but splitted the party, which might end not good for the republicans at all
* sadly: prooven influence of negative ads (in the second round they might cause problems as in any case as easily judgemental in their truth), important is to focus on a humble pointing out where things are different, a clear, consistant but rational, the concrete solution in a positive way displaying way
* people tend to predict too much from Iowa and this time elections might be very very untypical and so things from the past will not be working
* important points for people are not precisely estimated and forecasted, for example the point whcih played out for Romney, that he is "the right candidate to be a president" - this works in comparison to other candidates, in a way and surely, but does not work so well combined with Obama issues (the mode "he can do it" works different according to the situations (criticl point)
* the fight situation republican <--> republican is a different on from republican <--> democrat and president with huge media backing, Romneys bonus in the nominee process resulting 25% in Iowa works different on the field against Obama
* ....

These are just short impressions, no prediction, forecast or to an end thought arguments. Please see this, if you disagree. For +Ron Paul himselve the conclusions might be

* he is able to challenge as he can compare against Obama and not only get the Republican votes but the undecided critical, sad as democratic voices (as Obama in direct argument
* in attacking ads it is important to really more deeply rationally describe his solution as good for Israel and friendly to them, in tis sense as "beeing really for them", which his positions truly are - but it seems the point is not really worked out in interviews, why foreign policy thing will benefit peace in Israel
* there is danger beeing the biting dog untill the end, it needs a rational discussion into the deep as this is the point he might win many undecided #compared-to-Obama
* the direct who is good in what thing is not bad for Paul in #direct-comparison, as described elsewhere in the last days in threads giving a kick to discuss #Paul-not-beeing a racist (from my todays impression) these points he needs to discuss rationally filling his claims with content in all attacks, to solidly build up content-competence when media as opponents might be splitted or attacking him personally and so on
* as I supported Pauls content work, this is what is happening right now, media, internet and people work on ideas, solutions more deeply and concrete as #Paul-challenges them, this might be not only crucial to get a good stand in election and process before but also be a thing which is political work as unelected and candidate
* to go for #middle-aged-voters and to extend to the group with a working strategy, who are not so deeply interested in internet - who are not young, this is a challenge and might be good, grassroot-people are able to realize this, when media support is not so big
* #Santorums-momentum (special situation, but might be the same elswhere) as Obamas momentum some years ago seems to be a working #ground-support, so if Media are not supportive are neutral, it is a good thing to work with youngs as olders to reach the middle-aged and older people via ground work
* might be good to specially focus on working out a way to #convice-middle-aged-people via ground-grassroot work (not only via web)
* ....


To not keep it negative means to support the content working line, this is a dilemma, which people should not underestimate in the medium run. If you target negatively, you judge and the scene changes negatively, if this sticks and all,sometimes the content looses convince-power instead of gaining it. Which is critical to compare against liberals and democrats as undecided.

For me the process and the discussion will be the most important thing, as I support content, solutions and it´s TV media discussion. This is the same in Europe for me, as a german I am happy to see openly critically discussed normally not loeved discussion which the people of a country love to dicuss as they are urgent to be solved.


Please see that these are only short time resulted conclusions, I found confirmed in the reaction media I can #receive-in-Germany. I pray and support +Ron Paul 2012 as I know, the debate is needed as truth in some aspects I support is needed to be much much more widely discussed to get a better result as a society as the #wider-debate-results-the-rationally better results in many time and so on.
Here's the updated Calendar of events for Ron Paul look like it's New Hampshire and events in Nevada It's great to see that the calendar has been filled in with lots more advance notice.
I have already submitted a comment, requesting that they use Google Calendar integration, so then people can simply 'add to my calendar' . Please do the same if you agree, the more requests, the better chance that it will get done :)
It looks like Jan 10th is a big day, there is only a few days in this state. And again, it's critical that there is a win .... 'cause it would be great that the USA president is well liked all over the country.
PLZ Update This Page More ... no sense in being in my circle if there is no information to attain
I agree...I am a staunch Ron Paul supporter!!!! Go RON PAUL!!! they are trying to stop you but the people are listening! dont quit! I voted for you in the 08 primary too!! cant wait to this time as well..
Who is the moderator of this +Ron Paul page? No new updates since December 5th? Come on! Let's get to work! :) Thanks.
I wonder whether an ad of the non-interventionist military policy of Ron Paul could be made in a similar way.
noticed that more and more republicans on fox are saying "we can't ignore ron paul anymore." just goes to show,

"you can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them. about the only thing you can't do is ignore them. because they change things."

keep up the great work dr. paul, i think everyone is only beginning to realize what your supporters have known all along :-)
+Ron Paul could you post some updated material so we can share. Help us help you! Thank you for your service to our country!
This needs to be played MOARRRR
I don't like this! I think the campaign should simplify and stick to core theme and message: liberty, peace & prosperity.

I do like the "drain the swamp" bit and extensive use of similar. That is what resonates and hence most effectiveness.
I think it's not bad. Young people will probably like it, but they already like Dr. Paul. He could use an ad to target older voters.
hi all +Ron Paul 2012 appears to be a more active profile for Ron Paul. I circled it and am now following it.
Why aren't you more active on G+? Your competition most certainly is and recognize the value social media brings.. I hope you guys leverage these tools more often. Just sayin
Just wish that (for once) the media would at least acknowledge that the man
(Ron Paul) has some great ideas to get this country back on track. It's
almost funny but sad how they ignore and marginalize him when he makes so
much sense. Do they depend on us to be so stupid we buy into every word
they say?!? Mitt Romney??? Please.

As for BHO, he was elected by the media, the minorities, and the white
college kids who wanted to prove they weren't racist.

What has he accomplished?!? Are we out of Iraq? Is gtmo shut down? Is the
economy magically better?

Credit card companies and banks are where we need to start. Payday loan
companies would be a great next step. The fed. Don't even get me started.

Ben Franklin was affraid of what would happen if this country let an elite
ruling class take over the government. No matter his ethnicity, Obama has
been a part of the wealthy elite for quite some time. What was he before he
was a politician?!?

Ron Paul isn't poor. He was a doctor. He brought babies into the world. He
wants to do away with lobbyists and big government. He's got my vote, even
if I have to write his name on the ballot myself
Ron Paul will be the next president of the USA.
How come Ron Paul posts are so rare n far in between
No kidding +Vlad Grechka, I have all the candidates in a election 2012 circle, and +Ron Paul is by far the most inactive user. Come on +Ron Paul, use your google+ account more often to get out your message.
i think the poor alone would support you if they knew what HUD and their standards were..
If this is Ron Paul's official G+ page, there should be regular posts! G+ is an excellent way to assist with campaigning, and I know RP has a huge following on this network.

I would just like to see recent updates from him (or campaign managers, etc)

I know. I have them all in my politics circle. But what my comment is about, is I want to see current posts from RON PAUL... Much moreso than the other candidates, since I support him, unlike the others. I just follow the others to see if they have anything interesting to post (positive or negative)
Energy dependence on foreign oil affects our pocketbooks, our global strategic and tactical decisions, our military costs and U.S. jobs. I am interested in your thoughts on achieving energy "independence."
Vote Ron Paul or don't vote at all
lol there is no such a country called "isreal" , its Palestine !!
Don't worry <3 We see you As a president In our home :) good luck !!!!!!!!!
go mr. Paul, its ur birthday! Texas needs to change America to the better!
the more i listen to this guy the more i am certain that he should be the president. He is very wise <3
last night was your best debate yet! plz update this page, as you can see, your followers beg of you!
Commenting! but I have a bad mic in my computer, i'll have to look for my headset.
Lololol. This ad is so over the top. Fire your campaign manager, Mr. Paul. You've got my vote, but this ad will not help your cause because it doesn't make your mission clear and I honestly don't think anyone will take it seriously (too wacky).
Only one sensible candidate out there who knows the reall problems and Americans dont realize that!!!
Nice. Great ad. You and Obama should team up. And Bob Newhart, for his great psychological approach to fear (On MadTV Skit), which is what is ruining our nation.
He has to be more active.. and learn to use the internet to have a Chance.....
RPR... Ron Paul Rocks!!!
What effects would cutting the Department of Education have? That doesn't sound like something that I would want cut....
You go Ron!!!!! I really is that simple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok...,now my 2 cents worth... I get the impression that we all like to bash and not build up.. We've gotten this attitude since football was invented. How about looking at Ron Paul's consistency voting for a closer-to-the-constitution- way, or his amazing predictions about the economic chaos we are in these days.

We all are thinkers here... I learned in Economics that...Yes, in the long run we are all dead. But just because of that, it does not mean that we cannot change the trend of quick fixes in the short run, to a more sensible long term outlook on life, particularly as it pertains to a free market economy. We have given politicians too much power ruling and conducting our lives... We are the ones that have voted consistently for republicans and democrats... so, in a sense the politicias are not at fault.

We have created the monster... We've also created the monster of too much competitiveness, which has lead to the character assasination we see displayed today... I also have noticed a sense of gloom and doom in this thread... Why not show a little more optimism? Just because things have worked the way they have, does not mean radical positive changes can't happen. Young people are dying to see that, that is why they like Dr. Paul...

Doctopr Paul knows his Economics 101 theories... Dr. Paul believes in free markets just as much as John Maynard Keynes believed... The reasons we are afraid of Dr. Paul are that change will not happen (just as Obama promised us in the past) The reason we are afraid is that we know th emedia, politicians and most of the institutions of this world revolve about money. BUT I also know that consumers not only have a say so in this society of ours, the consumer can cast dollar votes where they see a benefit to them.

Corporations are not people, they are corporations, but they've casted dollar votes to benefit their greed and selfish purposes (not all corporations of course) ...Anyway, I am not sure were I am trying to go with all of this, but trying to summarize.. I would say.. trust that free markets work more efficiently than too much government. It happened here in America in the 50's.. (I know we live in the 21st century now), but trust that the changes Ron Paul is trying to make, will benefit a lot more people in the long run... And look at the past record of why and how we got to this point.. Judge for yourselves. Enuf from me, sorry to be so long winded..
Age discrimination...against law..Know the constitution and the law
Ron Paul, get on GOOGLE + MORE!
im having a Ron Paul hangout and everyone is invited come and lets talk about the issues that are important and not just what people on tv tell us are important
Mr. Paul you sir are an amazing patriot, I'm a youngin' age 17, soon to turn 18 and I will definitely be voting for you and letting my peers know EXACTLY who you are, and not what the loons at FOX, CNN, etc. THINK or want you to be. Ron Paul 2012!!!
I am a veteran of the U.S. Air Force. I support Ron Paul at about 99% on all that he says. It is good to see all his supporters getting together through social media. I believe it is important for us to figure out a way to help educate people about where he stands. The majority of people have been brain washed by the media for at least 2 generations. They do not know how the country is supposed to be ran. They just know how it has been and that is they way we do things. It is time we wake them up by educating them on the issues and what will REALLY fix the problems!
The voice over is so WWF / WWE. This should be an ad for monster trucks....mentioning the constitution would build on a consistent message.
+Ron Paul Gain support and help a cause that from your website is near to you heart. Help bring down KONY and save the children of Africa! KONY 2012!
Hey Ron My name is Leon Xiong and I am a student at Wellesley middle school an I was wondering if I could interview you through email, phone or in person. A reply by sunday would be great. Thanks. My email is
Romney created a post that hit the what's hot list in less than 8 hours--
+Ron Paul you need to share something patriotic... We all ooohh and Ahhhh and share and spread that post-- you can compete on social media if your campaign pulls its head out... Put up a fresh post do we can blow it up 
Run Paul is the new age Jesus Christ! R3VOLUTION! Go Go! Ron Paul!
I encourage all "liberty minded" individuals to LINK UP to build a huge interlinked network of Libertarians. What I mean is search out all other "liberty minded" individuals that you can and circle them. If you have not yet made a circle called "Libertarians", I invite you to make one now. Why? Strength in numbers. Totalitarian governments want their subjects divided. And circle me, too. Let's support each other in every way we can voluntarily!
Love this guys because he sticks to what he says...but that is HUGE!!! 1 Trillion dollars is necessary to be cut but in 1 year that would be ridiculous. I think we need to cut spending but also find a way to make more income through IDK what cuz im only 15 but if you can then WOW 1 Trillion !?!?!
run as an independent your prolly not gonna win but leave this race with some fighting spirit #realtalk
Representative Paul, I love you good sir for the good fight you're fighting and for trying to save the Republican party from itself. That being said, please don't run as an independent. It will only land us with President Obama a second time round--something we DON'T want. #lesseroftwoevils
Paul is the only man in the race, the rest are boys. boys play, men do. Respect.
If Ron Paul can't win, coup d'etat will be in our future
AMEN, & AMEN!! We as Americans are duty bound by the Constitution to sort out the RATS in Washington!
xi khan
Ron Paul, don't let 'em walk all over you if u hopefully get into the white house. Only if USA starts doing things rationally will the world respect them again. Decades of bullying other nations to submit to the will of the US govt has made the USA the most hated nation on the planet.
Good Luck Ron, i pray you succeed and correct the ways of your nation.
xi khan
The world needs Ron Paul in the white house for a brighter and peaceful future for the generations to come.
Ron Paul may be getting screwed in his bid for the presidency, but he didn't have any aspirations above starting the conversation about how our media are willing accomplices to those that seek to proliferate our government. If the media let it be known how bad Ron Paul was really beating all those lying sycophants, the average American would have already revolted
wow that's going to be a shit load of un-employed workers year 1
Why is this page dead? Time to get moving. You have a lot of people on your page waiting. #ronpaul #ronpaul2012
"Cut a trillion bucks year one" Uh.. he's been in Washington for 30 years, so shouldn't we have about a 25 trillion dollar surplus? #phony #Illsayanythingtogetelected
As Delegate for District 1 he has my vote
Steve, get a life. you cannot sit here and try to sell your 'bad philosophy' (heavy on the BS) by berating the man in Congress with the most integrity of them all.
Looks like whoever is making the Ford commercials is also doing Campaign Commercials as well
+Ron Paul you need to win the next Election and if you fail... Keep trying! this country needs you!
Candidate Ron Paul should be practical and realistic :
1 ) The Fed must be audited, they rig their "changes" with private banks , Private Equity and Hedge Funds ahead of time ,
2 ) the Gold standard would let a few gold speculators and hoarders take control and be able to manipulate prices, and even India with its massive gold purchases could influence USA politics so is not practical,
3) Oil speculation can end , and lower prices by 20 dollars a barrel more , if the FTC-CFTC-SEC and the Fed "links" are broken, in other words: get all the neoconservatives out of these regulatory agencies : clean them up !
4 ) Broadband everywhere , it's the Jobs of the future, and no more erasing posts in Facebook and other big sites !
5 ) Turn student loans into long term loans and out of future S.S. benefits and leave S.S. and Medicare alone, cut waste and abuse, but make them stronger, they are a great retirement and savings plan.
6 ) Cut 100 billion dollars waste from foreign military operations.
7 ) Label all gmo foods, let consumers choose what kind of foods they eat, natural or gmo, label cloned foods and new gmo-cloned fish like the proposed salmon, which the FDA is checking right now .
8 ) Gas-Fracking chemicals must be labeled and exposed, they "frack" right next to our drinking water, to farm animal water and crops water, what kind of third rate country would keep these chemicals secret ?
9) end the Cayman Islands,Bermuda, Gibraltar, etc., tax -shelter gangsta racket, every body under the same tax rule and transparency , clean up the IRS !
10 ) Solar, Wind, Geothermal, Wave, Heat , Bio-fuels , fuel-cells , hybrid - electric plug-ins, fusion and plasma energy get the same tax-credits and loan guarantees as the Nuclear Energy, that just got 53 billion dollars in Loan guarantees from the Congress and the White House, the same support !

Ron Paul, be practical and realistic, win.
I am fed up. Ron Paul is a grimling. When are they finally going to catch this bastard and put a stop to his grimling shenanigans?
grimling just wants all the gold because he's a grimling and grimlings love gold. plus he is sooooooooooo dumb. he's a grimling. suck in all yall grimlings. can't touch my gold.
Candidate Ron Paul : America needs you at the Debates : talking about the potential massive savings from waste at the Private Military Contractors, not to mention the huge amounts of "heavy heroin dope " in the streets of America, straight from Afghanistan and that only private contractors -and similar - can get through , and the 750 million dollars in over payments for troops food , among other massive fraud, waste and abuse cases :

Panel examining flaws in food-for-troops contract , ,

Dr. Paul : we need you at the Debates because Mitt " Hedge Fund " Romney just took in 3 more top Iraq War profiteers as advisers, so we are going to have a Big Oil-Big War candidate and a sitting President not able or not willing to even say a word about it, this is a disaster for America, for all.

America , like many are saying, must have a new economic plan, a new solution, and the candidates don't have any !
last google+ post in december? come on now
I too wish he would be making more posts on G+ I'm Canadian and I'm rooting for him! If I could I would vote for him. The only man who can save the world, in essence.
I never come on here, but am disappointed to see lack of posts for the past 6 months!
It is important to realize that we are the revolution, so it really shouldn't matter.
Delegates are the answer (but there is a much larger picture that will be clear soon)! It's funny to see how the RP delegates are scaring the GOP establishment (Mitt included) and funny to see the Neocons quoting NBC when claiming the delegate race ended in Texas (no delegates awarded and thanks to GOP Rule 38 none will be bound). I thought they only watched/listened to Fox???
try twitter. use hash tags #liberty#ronpaul#tcot#ows#obama#gop#potus#tlot#rnc#dnc always posts! #r3VOLution!
The Republican Party is only going to run the liberty loving people in the party, so why not join the Libertarian Party?  The LP will accept you into the party and that you won't get run over buy neo-cons!
What to do if you do not want to vote for the Presidential candidates who are running for office.

I do plan to write- in my Presidential choice in.

It's been done before.

A write-in candidate is a candidate in an election whose name does not appear on the ballot, but for whom voters may vote nonetheless by writing in the person's name. Some states and local jurisdictions allow a voter to affix a sticker with a write-in candidate's name on it to the ballot in lieu of actually writing in the candidate's name. Write-in candidacies are sometimes a result of a candidate being legally or procedurally ineligible to run under his or her own name or party. In some cases, write-in campaigns have been organized to support a candidate who is not personally involved in running; this may be a form of draft campaign.

In the Past...

Presidential primaries
In 1928, Herbert Hoover won the Republican Massachusetts presidential primary on write-ins, polling 100,279.
In 1940, Franklin D. Roosevelt won the Democratic New Jersey presidential primary with 34,278 write-ins.
In 1944, Thomas Dewey won the Republican Pennsylvania presidential primary with 146,706 write-ins. He also won the Oregon Republican presidential primary with 50,001 write-ins.
In 1948, Harold Stassen won the Republican Pennsylvania presidential primary with 81,242 write-ins.
In 1952, Robert Taft won the Republican Nebraska presidential primary with 79,357 write-ins.
Also in 1952, Estes Kefauver won the Democratic Pennsylvania presidential primary with 93,160 write-ins.
Also in 1952, Dwight Eisenhower won the Republican Massachusetts presidential primary with 254,898 write-ins.
In 1956, Dwight Eisenhower won the Republican Massachusetts presidential primary with 51,951 write-ins.
In 1960, Richard Nixon won the Republican Massachusetts presidential primary with 53,164 write-ins.
Also in 1960, John F. Kennedy won the Democratic Pennsylvania presidential primary with 183,073 write-ins, and he won the Democratic Massachusetts presidential primary with 91,607 write-ins.
In 1964, a write-in campaign organized by supporters of former U.S. Senator and vice presidential nominee Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr. won Republican primaries for President in New Hampshire, New Jersey, and Massachusetts, defeating declared candidates Barry Goldwater, Nelson Rockefeller, and Margaret Chase Smith.
In 1968 in the Democratic presidential primary in New Hampshire, incumbent President Lyndon Johnson did not file, but received write-ins totaling 50% of all Democratic votes cast. Senator Eugene McCarthy, who campaigned actively against Johnson’s Vietnam war policies, was on the ballot. He received an impressive 41% of the vote and gained more delegates than the President. Johnson was so stunned that he did not run for reelection.[2]
Consumer advocate Ralph Nader ran a write-in campaign in 1992 during the New Hampshire primary for the presidential nomination of both the Democratic and Republican parties. Declaring himself the "none of the above candidate" and using the Concord Principles as his platform, Nader received 3,054 votes from Democrats and 3,258 votes from Republicans.
I do not give up, nor will I stop expecting better.
W. Gee
Ron Paul! I love you man...
Go man! We beleive in got my thumbs up
What's up with you voting against DISCLOSE bill? Guess you like corruption in the government.
Dr. Paul is speaking next Tuesday on the Washington Journal,   , AND ON THE CAPITOL ABOUT AUDITING THE FEDERAL RESERVE  (  and their private-club dealings with traders and bankers, money managers , private equity partners and hedge funds and by fixing rates and positions , and yeahhh ! these regulators that never saw anything for the last 15 years !
The debates are done and over with, that was last year. The campaigning is what is going on right now and the fight for delegates.
Doctor Paul : how can Romney and Ryan ask to de-regulate the Commercial Banks and Investment Bankers again ? how can they ask that ?  They lost trillions of dollars in the 2008 Financial Crisis, with the help and assistance of the Federal Reserve and the Regulators , and now even the rate system they used, the LIBOR, is rigged, so how can they ask the USA to go back to these criminal tricks ? do they think every USA taxpayer is stupid  ?  and we still don't know where all the trillions of dollars that the Fed printed, where they went and to whom  , why ?

America must hear your opinion at the Conventions, but will they let you speak freely ?
Write in Ron Paul. He is the peoples voice. Let your friends, family, and neighbors know. Let them hear your voice.
i pray that GOD JESUS CHRIST will surely make him president of usa in 2012
He is the only person in USA whom i trust...
Mark V
What they did to Ron Paul and his delegates at the RNC is unforgivable 
Promises of change are great...But, empty ones that don't occur just shatter everyone's hopes.
        Seems to me, if we really want someone who IS going to bring positive change about, we have to put the person in office who Does do what he says he's going to-check their records,and you will find...Ron Paul IS that person, so Vote accordingly, that's all I can say. 
                Scott Chambers                               
Ron Paul should start a new party.
Right on!  You got my vote!  Whether we like it or not, this is what we have to do to save our nation from the Real Crash.
Everyone that demanded a Debate between Pr. Obama and Dr. Paul was right , they are the real 2 candidates !  now  we know that Mitt " Secret Tax Shelters " Romney is not only an ugly  fraud , according to himself he despises every American that cannot borrow 5 million dollars from his father and his father's friends to start his or her own Private Equity business and able to afford off - shore tax shelters like him, sad !
Sir, if you don't win this election, I'm going to riot.
Just vote Libretarian for one year......... Vote Gary Johnson!!!
What about Hollywood what would we do without her? 
Good point. I'd move to the Republic of California.
Now that I think about it, I really can't blame them.
You haven't posted in forever! :(
Ron your an Independent not a Republican. Independents need a real leader to step up and put our party on the map.
The New "Independence" Party.  One way or the other we are on the rise and the two-party system is in decline.
Although Ron Paul is less broken than most.
RON PAUL 2016 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
co ai su dung nhan tai kg . vien ngoc  trung hoa bi   bui hong tran  phu mo    :   sdt 0164  666  1579
He will be the next commander&chief I pray for it!
Are there any reasons why Obama is releasing without any paper trail warheads from Texas to South Carolina? Why and what is Obama trying to do to us, Americans? Please investigate this and let us know.
+Zach Papadopoulos He'll be in his eighties when 2016 rolls around...but we still have people like Gary Johnson though, so there is hope!
I could care less how " old" he is. Still the best hope for America.....
+Mama Bear Im  not condescending him for being old or anything, just that he might want to retire. But like I said, there's still hope.
+Edward Flynn Sooooo you'd rather have the current diarrhea including the current house & senate.... This sick thought process has brought us to our knees as a nation. 
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