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In the latest polls, our campaign is tied for 1st in Iowa and we are 2nd in New Hampshire. You can help the campaign by making voter id calls from your home. You can sign up here:
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Wow, someone following Ron Paul just to troll like an idiot. Nice.
@+Robert Parker Is this a self-referencing post? I take +Mike Smullin's exclamation mark as an indication that his post in response to this video shows legitimate excitement about the content of the video itself and an emotionally charged exclamation as a result of the video. Your comment, on the other hand, serves as merely inflammatory and off the original topic of the video and (if my understanding is correct) Mike's comparatively on-topic comment of excitement about it - which (again, if I'm right) would make you the troll, Robert.

Back on topic, I think this video does a good job of showing the resolve and enthusiasm of Paul supporters and an even better job of showing that the grassroots volunteer effort to help his campaign has a strong sense of organization in targeted strategy - supportive and sympathetic voters in primary states. I do feel, however, that the young ladies in the video (sisters?) would serve the campaign better by polishing up on the professional aspects of their language, e.g. dropping the ubiquitously dispersed "like"s in almost every sentence, not calling less directly involved supporters "punk[s]", and throwing out phrases like "chill yo", "killin' it", etc. If the authenticity of their informal speech is directed at getting young people to involve themselves, I feel it comes at the price of more serious viewers receiving an unprofessional impression from these supporters.
Yikes. I am interested in Ron Paul, but these two young ladies are not convincing representatives. More power to them for getting in front of the camera and expressing themselves, but I'm not sure they are helping the campaign. This is not a commentary on their appearance, but rather their presence. I am uncomfortable watching and listening to them. Their mannerisms and vocabulary are off-putting to me. "Not just models", indeed. As much as you want a candidate to be in touch with "the people", there is a certain level of professionalism you expect from them and their base. Or maybe I'm just a "punk".
+Adam Smith I don't think they were THAT bad. I do agree, however, that a greater sense of professionalism would've faired better in the representation of a potential nominee more commonly associated with the 'grass roots' movement. I can see what they were going for by utilizing these young women in a social media campaign, but it wouldn't hurt to throw a suit and combover in there every once in a while.
Say Goodbye to America if Ron Paul doesn't get elected. Ron Paul is the only hope for America. The average American only watches mainstream media news and doesn't have a clue about the current debt crisis and its severity. We should spend more time educating the public about this.
Ron Paul will END THE FED.
That's an extraordinary claim and it will require an extraordinary explanation. The only thing I could think of that would provoke someone to say such a thing is because he doesn't believe that its the governments role to divide wealth. Instead he is a stanch economist with professional research dating back from the 60s. He says free markets are the best and most fair way to distribute wealth but when the governments steps in that ruins the checks and balances and creates inevitable market failure. Don't confuse corporatism with capitalism. Please do a little more research. If you really feel that strongly about him then you should dig deeper. But you won't find one flip flop in over 30 years of being in office :-)
(Edit: thanks @Zachary for posting before i did, as i did my own research)

Everyone has their own opinions, it's great that Adrian can express his. Here's the Wikipedia article about it. and his link image shows this website. It's a message board forum ...
(and the Wikipedia article on the website which seems to be written in a ''neutral'' (irony?) point of view)

I found the New York times article (which is from citation [29]) of the above wiki article, ''Corrections: For the Record'' Published: December 26, 2007 which nuls the claim.

Without doing more research, it's just a blanket statement like "I can see Russia from my house" :-) (Would she have made a good VP? We will never know) It's easy to claim that Albert Einstein was wrong about 1 thing, maybe wrong about others? ... we wont ever know, unless we learn from history and try to take all sides of issues into account. "The significant problems we face today cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them." Einstein, Albert

Each of the presidential candidates has their own ideas, and (If I recall correctly) some people thought that voting Bush/Al Gore there was no difference, so there is now way to have known what that decision could have founded.

It's great that now the Internet is bigger and its easier to get more information & share and find out facts. I think that, this decision, 10 years from now will also be looked at as one of the most important decisions that are made. Whoever wins.

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Zachary, its because Ron Paul thinks Israel and take care of itself and we shouldn't spoon-feed Israel. He is also against the Rothschild created "Federal Reserve" that controls all the wealth and has bankrupted America.
Anyone who has a thing for Israel hates Ron Paul because Ron Paul is an honest man and he believes in relations and trade with all countries.
Another good way is to pick up some of thos emailers on, a Htousand mailers/flyers are about $80 after tax, and considering you can touch a thousand people at a mall entrance, busy corner, etc, that is paper in hand and ability to talk about the movement.
100% by looking at what others are saying, you can then actually engage others in conversation and find out why they say what they say. With TV & newspaper it's a 1-way communications medium. So then when your talking to others (in real life) you can backup your statements with facts and references. ... with newspaper & TV you can't check the facts.
If he wins Iowa or New Hampshire the main stream media will hopefully cover him better.
I live in SC and before I lived in Florida. No matter where I live or who I end up talking to I try my best to get the word out on what Ron Paul stands for, what his accomplishments are, and his solutions to the state of affairs our country now sits in. If you live in Iowa or New Hampshire DO THE SAME! Now is the chance to change our course. It's time we had a classical Liberal back in office. Spend less and invest the rest!
I am still waiting to be contacted. I have been practically spamming FB on Ron Paul and the candidate updates. My motto of sorts... Be informed...
+Loretta E have you tried using the website? There is a few phone numbers listed that you can call directly. (Headquarters Phone (Toll-Free): 1-855-886-9779Headquarters Phone (Local): 1-703-563-6620 ) I have sent email comments, and they do get responded to. However, there is LOTS of email that gets sent to the campaign headquarters inbox. Calling direct might prove faster response. (if your volunteering to help). Feel free to make your own videos / websites of promotion. it just doesn't get officially indourced, untill approved. My hopes is that someone can be working to update this G+ page and be active in answering peoples questions :)
I wonder why the national news media still chooses to ignore your popularity. Is it because they are the ones who do the electing around here? It sure does seem like it. They managed to elect Obama and label every Ron Paul voter a "Tea Party" liberal. I simply picked the best candidate (by far) from the field of contenders (like you are supposed to do). Whatever "label" they choose to affix is up to them. I would simply call myself an intelligent person who can make her own decision (please and thank you)!
There is but one candidate who has been consistent over the years.

Why the media wants Mitt to be the repub nominee? Easy. He comes complete with talking points for BHO.
Your words, not mine, Yung. But it apparent you know who I am referring to.
Im native Latvian living in London UK, and I really have not felt so much sympathy for any Latvian or English politician as I do for Ron Paul. That guy is just amazing, the true knight of North American Constitution. If I could vote in US, I would for Ron Paul.
This is the change we need this time...Keep up the good work!!!
I agree +Tin Man Why should the government decide everything for us? That makes us less independent in my opinion. Why should the government decided what gets put in the food I buy at the store (UDSA or FDA)?
Ron Paul I respect your stand for our country and the people you are a true LEADER.
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