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Ron Orr
"The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Create it"
"The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Create it"
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Minnesota Home Cashflow Cycle

I want you to buy a Minnesota home with a cheaper payment then you currently pay now, whether you are renting or own a home right now.  You will put in a notice with your landlord or plan on moving, listing, or selling your current home.   Buy a home at a far cheaper monthly payment due to the lower interest rate that your landlord likely didn't get years ago or never got. When you have a lower payment then you have now you will have money to pay down all credit cards, all bills, other expenses, and feel less trapped and more in control daily.

If you have to get a smaller house, do that, but most likely you will get a nicer home when you take advantage of low interest rates. By deciding to get a lower payment and cash on cash return. It will create a compounding effect where all credit cards will be paid quickly, and soon you will even have money for vacations and entertainment.  In order to start this process of getting homes emailed to you please text or call 763-634-1766 and Garrett Hilton with Bridge Realty will connect with you and reply back with answers to your questions.

Cashflow Cycle

What you are intending to do then is create a compounding cashflow cycle which makes you feel richer and more wealthy every single day that goes by, which gives you more time freedom. To find out the right bedrooms, bathrooms, squarefeet and city to get that monthly payment that you want, you will want to contact a Minnesota real estate agent.  The agent will help you buy a home.  You can buy the big house that's expensive to try to impress someone, but that feeling won't last, and it will just take more time to clean and cause more expenses in every area of your life.  This cycle is compounding to your advantage or against you.

Compounding Feedbackloop Cycle

For those of you that read my writings, you will see that I teach cycles, feedback loops, compound effect and how to get it working for you.  Garrett has been a real estate agent for over 15 years so he can save you years of learning this process, he has also worked with rehab and fixup cycles of homes so he can explain this to you.  Right now you want to make decisions about your home buying cycle, but you need more information from Garrett to speed up and compound your home buying cycle process.  Your success cycle will come from repeated positive habit cycles.  This cycle can't start positive for you until you text and call Garrett to see where your credit is, and to let him know how to help you.  You can reach me on facebook at

You can read my blog at

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you can also check out my products at  where some relate to real state.  Many have bought books, dvd, cd's, and mor which means they must really like it.

Minnesota dream home
Search your own dream homes right now.
Text for your dream home photos today

It's fun to search for your dream home online and get photos, details, and imagine yourself living in the home.  When you visualize your true intention of the exact type of home you want, it helps you get closer to the clarity of what you want.  This process starts by collecting data of looking at listings online, comparing bedrooms, pricing, monthly payments, backyards, square feet, bathrooms, kitchens, there are so many variables to compare.

Before you get too far ahead of yourself don't invest 2 months researching homes that cost more than you can afford, or worse yet you can't get pre-approved for a loan, and you really should be looking at a list of rent to own or contract for deed, or you could get pre-approved with 30-90 days of talking to a credit repair expert.  I call this a data-driven feedback loop.  There is a part of you that gets so excited that you want to take 1000's of actions doing fun things looking at photos, comparing homes, driving neighborhoods, etc, but you really should text or call an agent to find out what you qualify for based on your monthly income and your credit score.  Please text or call Garrett Hilton 763-634-1766 who is with Bridge Realty, who is going to help you by answering your questions and starting the process, the sooner the better. The sooner you can work with him the sooner you can be out looking at homes in person and not just online. 

Ask a Minnesota Real Estate Agent Questions

I have been around real estate investing , sales cyles and the business since 2002, but owned my own nice properties before that.  I have got to work with many agents and I understand their business models, sales cycles, and one of the main things I observe is it would be great to see people call sooner rather then later and put in a plan to get to the next step in 30-60 days vs. 365 days.  Sometimes credit repair is easy, but it just takes time to mail paperwork, or simple mortgage things just take time to self-correct.  These cycles take time, so you'll wish you started the dialogue and conversation today.  Improving your credit could even improve your credit score and interest rates on credit cards or auto loans and that could even get you to pay off debt faster.

Expert Minnesota real estate advice

Sometimes you have to just save yourself 5-20 years of the school of hard knocks of buying, selling or investing and work directly with an educated agent like Garrett who has been doing this for over 15 years, rehabbing, buying, selling, landlording and more.  you can simply text him at 763-634-1766, you can call if you'd rather do that.  Start the dialogue, ask a few questions, and see if he is a good fit for you.  We want to see your success and want to see you enjoy the success.  We want you to be part of the systems that work.  Any of you that follow my writing know that I write about cycles,  systems, data, 80/20 rules, monetization, evolving and much more.  My main objective is for you to text Garrett even it's just 1 quick question.  You may not follow up again for a week or a month, just get the process started.

You can follow me on facebook at

You can read my blog at

Thank you for reading this, I am off to put this article on my facebook, pinterest, CL, google plus and more.

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