“Sent from my phone, sorry for typos” — as an indication that smartphones are inferior writing tools - Ian Bogost, professor, Georgia Institute of Technology

I found this article interesting because I hadn't thought about the implications of the trend towards mobile devices, especially for Wikipedia.

This got me thinking about long-form vs. short-form content creation.  If the trend is towards a Twitter/Instagram form of interaction vs. a Wikipedia form, then content creation is headed for a sharp division between the mobile device-oriented masses and the large screen "creative class" that Judith Donath, author of the coming book “The Social Machine: Designs for Living Online” alludes to in the article.

With the Empowered Wealth online program "The Secrets of True Wealth" targeted to launch in a month, this article has started me thinking about the longer term opportunity to create Empowered Wealth media for mobile devices.  It's a niche I'd like to explore.


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