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Good to remember...although it might break the build...
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Ron Lusk

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“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”
Albert Camus

Beautiful Autumn Wallpaper selections at:

#Autumn   #Photography   #Landscape  
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Ron Lusk

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This is my neighbor, whom I met because we both walk a lot (me with dogs). Bit by bit, I found he was a musician, a pianist, and then that he is invited to play in China every year. He never has a piano with him when he walks, so I haven't been able to hear him—until now.
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Ron Lusk

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Oh, yes, indeed.
Clients. Can't live without 'em, can't make sense of 'em.

Image Liberated From That Other Social Network

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Ron Lusk

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A good tip if your .emacs file has only one line:

(org-babel-load-file "path/to/config/")
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Ron Lusk

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How is this different from (or an improvement upon) PlantUML?
Typing diagrams, and get instant feedback in the other window (C-c C-c). Great for documentations. I had a question about my subscription, and e-mailed the author. He replied in two minutes, which is unusually fast. 

You can choose your own style with `wsd-style`, more than 10 different styles.  I added my API key, so I don't get the URL below my diagram. Now I can export my org-mode documentations with the diagrams to SVG format. 
So I can use it in the Google Docs from my college, or edit it afterwards in different editors like Word or Google Docs. 
wsd-mode - A major-mode for Emacs and
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Ron Lusk

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+Judi Lemay-Lusk​ - here's an excellent "reason" to buy that phone I suggested to you. 😁
Check out this nice slow-mo video of a hummingbird shot with #Nexus6P 
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Ron Lusk

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Race reflections, with two important guidelines for people in technical fields
+Alon Halevy, head of the Structured Data Management Research group, recently celebrated his 10th anniversary at Google, and has shared his thoughts on the transition from academia to industry, how to choose projects, work life balance and more.
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Ron Lusk

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John Donne? By all means!
“No spring nor summer’s beauty hath such grace
As I have seen in one Autumnal face….”
John Donne

Lovely Autumn Photography selections at:

#Autumn   #Photography   #Landscapes  
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Ron Lusk

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Smartphone Use Delays Cognitive Declines

Smartphones aren't making us dumber, in fact using them helps keep your brain younger, longer. A new study has found that increased use of technology by older adults, especially mobile devices and PC's, actually helps keep their cognitive functioning younger into old age, with older adults today testing more like older adults 4-8 years younger tested just under a decade ago.

Googling, games, and other functions performed on these devices actually exercise the brain in a very real sense, helping to delay those declines in cognitive performance that have often been thought to be inevitable parts of aging.

Don't look down on Millennials for burying themselves in their devices, join them! If you want to stay young of mind, do as the young people do.

When in Rome...

#Smartphones #Science
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Ron Lusk

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Winnie the Pooh and Coffee in one post: how good can it get?
Pooh was once asked by Piglet what it was in the world he liked best.
“Well," said Pooh, "what I like best," and then he had to stop and think. Because although Eating Honey was a very good thing to do, there was a moment just before you began to eat it which was better than when you were, but he didn't know what it was called.”

Some mornings I make a Leché y leché, not to drink it but to contemplate its sensuous promise of coffee and sweet milk. To drink it you must swirl the dark, chocolaty coffee together with the sweet whiteness of the condensed milk. To drink it before then would be too bitter to start and sickly sweet to finish but there is something so tantalising about its appearance before swirling, with the dark promise of coffee and the sweet allure of lactose that that moment is like Pooh's honey just before he eats it.

"To travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive." El Dorado - Robert Louis Stevenson.
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Ron Lusk

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Why I print as often as possible …
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One person, one blog

First, a word about integrity. I've decided to write this blog with an unusual (for me) amount of transparency about my motivations and beli


We design and make travel and laptop bags in our Seattle factory.

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Friendly staff, huge and delicious breakfast burritos, and buttermilk donuts (try the one with maple glaze!) worth a cross-country trip.
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Excellent service, but a $18 voucher paid for one sandwich, a $4.50 liter of water, and potato chips
Public - 6 months ago
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Home away from home: I wish I had a coffee house like this—I'm sorry, I can't call it a "coffee shop" because that makes me think of places with more tables and waitresses—a coffee house like this near home. (I guess I do have one, but it lacks one thing: being here in Maine on vacation. Mine always has a business feel, only because I'm the one with something to do later.) The pastries are huge and delicious, the coffee very good, the service and people beyond compare. I had one of their breakfast sandwiches, the Blonde Bomber, and a lunch sandwich, the Greek Bean, and wish I were here longer to try more: both were excellent.
• • •
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reviewed 2 years ago
*The reviews were excellent, and they were right* We wanted a place to meet with old friends, and picked Vittles. I ordered the _Black and Jack Wrap_ (blackened chicken with vegetables and cheese) and, on the strength of the rave reviews, upgraded the chips (which are made here in the kitchen, and are said to be excellent) to the _Frizzled Onions_. Meals take time here: everything is fresh (the owner believes the kitchen doesn't have a can opener!), and is made fresh when ordered. My plate arrived, onions heaped on a substantial wrap, a cup of pickled vegetables peeking out from one end of the mound. The onions are not heavy battered onion rings, but are dredged lightly in flour, and then fried: light, crisp, tasty, but not filling and heavy.The wrap was a well-balanced mix of meat and veggies, although I have to say I didn't taste much "blackened" on the chicken: that might be because it was so well balanced. Even the home-made pickles were delightful, and I was sorry I put them off until late in my wrap. My wife ordered a Caesar salad with chicken, and was delighted thereby. My friend Bob ordered the _Classic Vittles Salad_, and was more than satisfied, not only with the quantity, but the taste and freshness. Angela had (I think) a grilled ham and cheese sandwich, again with the _Frizzled Onions_. Bob and Angela both hope to return to Vittles frequently. I spoke with the owner after we ate, when he revealed that they didn't own a can opener, as far as he knew. He arranged for us to have a complimentary order of their hand-made ice cream. My wife said, "Oh, chocolate!" and he replied, "Try it and see!" It wasn't. It was rich, creamy, tasty, want-more-of-it, but we couldn't place it. "Bailey's Irish Cream," he told us. "We dropped a pie one night and needed a replacement dessert, so I made this up on the spot." They've had it ever since, with variations. We hope to return, although we won't make the 600-mile trip just for this restaurant. If it were 50 miles, though, we very well might do that.
• • •
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39 reviews
Always a favorite stop for us
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*We keep coming back, year after year.* Visiting the _New Balance Factory Store_ is part of our regular protocol when we come to Maine. The prices are good, the shoes are great, and it supports one of the last manufacturers in the state. We'll be back!
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Great choice of sandwiches, and a patio to sit on with our dogs!
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