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Project Vault strikes is important (very low energy and amazing capabilities), and technically impressive. The question (for me) is this: do any of the few thousand people who have me in their G+ circles care? These days the Twitter, where I have far fewer followers, is a much more engaging venue. Hell, even Facebook does better than G+.

Maybe I need to rebuild G+ from scratch. Or give it a rest.
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Twitter is a rather unappealing format to me; I've tried reading twitter feeds at times,  but normally end up disappointed and feeling like I wasted my time with unsatisfying little odds and ends of opinions. There can be occasional G+ comments that are hilarious yet short enough to fit into a tweet (due to making good use of shared context) but frequently the best comments in a discussion are longer. Facebook is a total non-starter for me. Nevertheless,  if you decide to bail from G+, you're still welcome to come chat on IRC whenever our early-morning/late-night schedules overlap.
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Ron K Jeffries

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That "race to zero" in online storage is reaching the finish line, and any company trying to build a business based on charging for storage is dreaming.
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Ron K Jeffries

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May be of interest to fellow veterans.
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Ron K Jeffries

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I'm confused about what extra value (in terms of OneNote) happens if I subscribe to Office365? At $100/year for a five-seat family plan it is not real expensive. But I mainly use Google Docs these days...
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I like Office 365 because I also am able to install it on my tablet and phone and access my documents from anywhere. My kids have it installed on their computers for college. I also like that being a bit of a techy geek, I always have the newest version of office.
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Ron K Jeffries

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What do you think? Interesting article... #energy   #IoT  
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One of the very best I have seen online, thanks Ron.  Energy management was my speciality for the last half of my working life.  I see only two oversights in her article .. pumped storage has an efficiency of about 70% which needs to be factored-in, and heat-losses from many industrial processes can be substantially recovered using heat-pump technology. 
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Ron K Jeffries

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This is a smart move by GOOG. I hope it happens, soonish.
Yesterday, The Information reported on a new effort by Google to create new software for the Internet of Things. The Information reported it would run under the Android brand and would connect low power devices such as fridges, light bulbs, garden monitors and more. Brillo likely would be part ...
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Ron K Jeffries

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Not sure I fully appreciate this development but it is impressive
The ability to read a description of a scene and then picture it has always been uniquely human. Not anymore.
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Ron K Jeffries

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Can  processing air to extract moisture make sense economically? A friend is seriously considering adding a couple of solar panels to his existing installation and purchasing this system. 
The dewpointe® is a remarkably simple, yet highly effective appliance that creates drinking water out of the abundant supply of moisture in the atmosphere. It uses the most current water purification technology available to ensure a dependable production of the world's purest water for your home ...
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+Bisbo Nian Absolutely. Give me a bounds on recoverable resource and a median value, preferably scoped for location and or conditions (e.g., relative and absolute humidity), along with power and capital costs.
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Ron K Jeffries

Diskussion  - 
Another question: How can it be that this OneNote G+ community attracts such a small number of people? Odd.
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Microsoft should kick their OneNote social engagement team in the ass
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Ron K Jeffries

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I am new to OneNote (trying to decide if it is right for my use cases). Do any of you use it on a Chromebook? I also use Android, but Chromebook is a big part of my computing usage.
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Yes I do.
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Ron K Jeffries

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Solid article. They tested various thin client systems, found one they like.
I have been working with Citrix XenDesktop as our VDI platform of choice for several years now. The backend technology is great, it's fast, stable and easy to administrator. I've also looked at VMw...
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At first I was poo-poo ing the PS2 port and DVI (instead of HDMI) but the niche these probably fit into would be interfacing older legacy hardware in a highly cost restrained environment with hundreds of clients.
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Ron K Jeffries

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Which Android tablet has front facing speakers? Use case: need clear and good volume for Hangouts with my 98 year old Mom. Would an external speaker work as well or better?
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I also recommend headphones but to answer the question asked, the Nexus 9 has forward facing speakers.
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