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Grain Media is a Taiwanese company making cheap SoCs for IP Cam / Car DVR.
The BoM cost for a 720p IP camera board (including WiFi) should be less than $10.
A few times, my readers told me they really like comments on this blog, and they liked to check recent comments on the left sidebar, and some even subscribed to the Comments RSS Feed, although it might quite busy at times, especially during giveaways. Recently, an interesting conversation ...
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Ron K Jeffries

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The energy... oh my
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Ron K Jeffries

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If anyone collects mobile phones, (and somebody does...)  I just found an earlt Moto StarTec (I think that is name). This is not the huge brick, but is a BIG flip phone. Also found a Danger Research SideKick, the original version with the screen that swivelled around. Those who remember know that Andy Rubin was founder of Danger, he went on to create Android which Google bought early. The rest is history.

Photos posted on my Facebook: ronkjeffries.
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The Motorola StarTac was my first cell phone. What a wonderful piece of equipment!
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Ron K Jeffries

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Dear Internetz: My wife would like wireless headset to watch TV when I do not want to hear the TV. Some people advise that RF headsets are the way to go, I think because of simplicity (?? no need to pair...). On the other hand, BT headset variety-to-select-from seems attractive. 

Adding wireless headphones to your HDTV set is a great way to watch TV as just the volume you want without disturbing everyone else in the process. Read on as we show you how to outfit your HDTV set with wireless Bluetooth headphones.
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We had an rf set that we used for awhile.  Worked pretty well.  
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Ron K Jeffries

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Date of my email  from Project Fi was April 22. Have not yet rec'd invite. I live in Arroyo Grande, CA 93420. I may not sign up because I would prefer a not yet released handset that includes USB Type C connector and a smaller screen size as well. But damn, I am tempted...
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+Elizabeth Whitmire I was recently forced to downsize my phone size because of an unfortunate meeting between my cell phone and my washing machine. I looked around and decided to get a cheap phone until something I really wanted came available.

Luckily in only few months project Fi came along and then the bonus of putting the N6 on sale was like adding a cherry on top of the deal.

No invite yet but took last minute advantage of the N6 sale and it should arrive in my mailbox by next weekend. I cannot wait to get my hands on that big, beautiful screen.
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Ron K Jeffries

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New to me & interesting. I am old enough to remember the promise then disappointment of a different type of bubble memory. 
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Yes indeed. At my first "real" job at TI my team sat adjacent to the bubble memory fab in Dallas. Lots of head scratching going on in that group.
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Ron K Jeffries

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I got my Fi invite yesterday. I went to the site to explore, and I think the following may be true. Wording was a bit confusing. 

If you get a new Google Voice number when you join Project Fi, then later decide to leave Fi, that (new) number evaporates, period. And that's OK with me.

My question is if I port my (long used) Google Voice number to Project Fi, then later choose to leave Fi, am I able to continue using my Google Voice number? I think so, but want to check.
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According to Google, yes.

"If you ever cancel your Project Fi service, you’ll have the option to bring the number you were using with Project Fi back to Google Voice." 

More here;
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Ron K Jeffries

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Re BBB and RF interference
One of the problems I've had with doing RF projects with the Beaglebone Black is that there's a lot of RFI generated by the unshielded high-speed digital signals on the board. This has caused some interference issues that are difficult to eliminate. I recently discovered a metal enclosure for the BBB:

It fits nicely and still allows access to all the critical I/O ports. One minor clearance issue is that RT1 on my rev A5C BBB needs to be bent down toward the board to provide clearance to fully close the case.

I haven't tested it with an RF sensitive application yet to verify if it helps reduce interference, but that will come soon.
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"Turn your BeagleBone into a timeless relic". In theory, should lower emi some.
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Ron K Jeffries

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Good read re low to medium orbit small satelites. It's complicated. (tm)
Last week may have eliminated any remaining skepticism that smallsat constellations are, for now, the wave of the future for the space industry. On Monday, Airbus Defence and Space announced that OneWeb selected it to build that company's planned satellite fleet. The agreement—not yet a full ...
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Ron K Jeffries

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Maybe the GOP will be blessed by Mr Holt throwing his hat into the already crowded GOP running for POTUS ring. Think of how Fox News rating would skyrocket during the debates, or when Holt goes on the Sunday morning shows. This would be compelling theatre.

Or Rick Perry could select Holt as his VP candidate?

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To be fair (how BORING is that) a random donation by a racist really does NOT imply the candidate supports those opinions. Money is the mother's milk of politics, and a check that doesn't bounce is to be treasured.
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Ron K Jeffries

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I make, eat and love(!) kimchi.
Researchers say that there's a link between probiotics and mood.
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Ron K Jeffries

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Beach showers.
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Our beaches have sharks now ! Ocean City NJ...
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