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Intervals? New to me. // hat tip +Ken Smith 
It was in grade school classes that most of us first learned about the syllable—the tiny unit of organization for speech sounds, bundles of which can be combined to construct words, phrases, sentences, paragraphs, mystery novels, biology textbooks, national constitutions, etc.
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Article gave a really good example too -- do we really say 'en–gin–eer' or 'eng–in–eer'?
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Ron K Jeffries

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I must declutter and organize my life better. Will I get to the minimalist state? Unlikely. But this is an interesting read.
The junk in our homes can clutter our minds as well. It’s time for a serious spring clean
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I love clutter--it feels like being surrounded by inspirations.  Trash and crap and pointless projects, though: I could probably do with fewer of those.  It did feel great to get rid of pointless old computers, although I did keep one.
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Ron K Jeffries

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Why Google's Project Fi may be important. (I'm guardedly optimistic...}
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I have been looking for the tutorial I used and finally found it.  I use google voice on my tablet to make calls (it works best with a headset).  I think there is a setting that gives the caller id.  It might be your google voice number though.
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Ron K Jeffries

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Anything I should be careful about when buying headset for Chromebook? Use case: Chrome Remote Desktop sessions with my Mom who has trouble with the phone. Will a $20 Logitech headset be OK or a mistake?
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+Andrew Hatchett Thanks, ordered one from Amazon.
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Ron K Jeffries

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LD West is selling a new breed of holster... Marketed to men and women, each holster holds a wallet on one side and a phone on the other.
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Ya'll excuse me while I whip this out...
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Ron K Jeffries

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Remember big brother is watching you from satellites that can see a dime from outer space. Looters you are identified.

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Ron K Jeffries

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Ron K Jeffries

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My Logitech M510 wireless mouse arrived yesterday from Amazon. Plugged in ths small USB wireless dongle. Restarted Acer CB5-571 Chromebook (16.6 in 1080p display, 4 GB RAM 32 GB SSD) abnd yes, it works flawless;y. I bought it for my 98 year old step mom who I visit this week withe her new Chromebook (hers has 768 resolution screen). She is not used to a touchpad, (yet?) so this is in the "no excuses" category. LOL

No more BS calls "I am from Microsoft and I will help you with your Windows" crap. The most recent incident made her Lenovo lappie unusable. Somebody explain why MSFT can't shut those @ssholes down? I get those calls all the time. Yesterday I said "OH, thank you for calling! But I don't own a Windows machine, I switched to Macs." (a Lie, sue me, LOL). He said no problem, I will transfer you to our Mac Support. At which point I treated him to some really foul language.
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Check out this guy takes revenge against telemarkers to a completely different level: a voice that seems to respond to questions  but is actually recorded:
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Ron K Jeffries

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Maybe Elon Musk of Tesla is on to something.
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We need more Elons.
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Ron K Jeffries

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This looks interesting. Hope it becomes real, real soon. #RasPi   #arduino   #IoT  
Ardhat claims to be the missing link that connects the Raspberry Pi with the Real World. It's a KickStarter campaign, and is ready for backing right now!
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Ron K Jeffries

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Interesting and fun. It begs the question as to how the mind reader's team learned name of the individuals.
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Ron K Jeffries

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I can use several of these when they're available. //Hope project attracts both money and a solid team. 
There are already quite a few smart Wi-Fi electric sockets like Kankun KK-SP3, Broadlink SP2, or Orvibo Vivo S20 among others that cost between $20 and $45 shipped. They can all be controlled via an Android or iOS app either via the touch of a button, or by setting schedules, and some can also ...
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