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Ron Helwig
Just trying to improve the world by changing the money the world uses
Just trying to improve the world by changing the money the world uses

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Chance to win a badly needed computer? Sure. And they have decent coverage of android news too.

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30 minutes long but well worth watching. The context he puts the surveillance capabilities in is brilliant.

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But y'all should already know all this :-)

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I saw myself in it three times, once as an activist (wearing a tricorne hat), once as an entrepreneur (showing off +Shire Silver  cards), and once as a father (carrying my son at +Porcfest - the Porcupine Freedom Festival ).

Its an hour long but really well done. Some of the best quality video coming out of the Free State. 101 Reasons: Liberty Lives in New Hampshire (Full Length Film)

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Done with testing, this is actual use of the RMH.

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I'd love to see this exceed the goal.
We love people who show that government is not needed, and one of our favorites is Shire Sharing. They are putting together this year's Thanksgiving drive and could use your help.

You can donate funds at and you can be sure that any excess donations will be used wisely.

And if you are in New Hampshire (or will be then) you can join in the fun of delivering the meals. The delivery event is being organised on Facebook at
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