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Pascalis Plantation
Oh what stories have been seen on either side of this window.

for #WindowWednesday / +#Window Wednesday
+Cheryl Cooper +Jules Falk Hunter +J.J. Bentley +Jason Kowing
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nice composition... boy does old paint on a shutter look great. you captured it nicely. thanks for sharing with #windowwednesday
Thanks +Mark Tyler it was an interesting old building with lots of character.
Ohhhh, the faded paint just makes my jaw drop! Loves!!
Thanks +Jason Kowing I really liked that the red and white of the faded paint was mirrored by the the red and white seen thru and reflected by the window.
Love the peeling paint, the texture of the wooden planks and the contrast of the very clean reflecting glass and the overall dilapidated look of the place.
Thanks +Karin Bronner , the clean windows were a little bit of a contrast. Even though it was dilapidated looking, it was actually well maintained inside and was a gift shop.
nice share Ron, I am partial to some pealing paint and old wood as you may already know ; )
+Jules Falk Hunter thanks, glad you liked it. The red peeling paint and flag in the window was what first caught my eye.
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