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Ron Garan
I think we live on a pretty cool planet (and by "cool" - I mean awesome)
I think we live on a pretty cool planet (and by "cool" - I mean awesome)

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Proof from one of my students that you don't have to be in orbit to have an orbital perspective - #TheKeyIsWe

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What do all these countries all have in common?

United States, Netherlands, Italy, Austria, Israel, Poland, India, Germany, Brazil, France, Pakistan, New Zealand, Canada, China, United Kingdom, Philippines, Guatemala, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Denmark, Ireland, Switzerland, Singapore, Spain, Greece, Hungary, Taiwan, Mexico, Turkey, Romania, Portugal

Answer: people from all these countries are presently taking the MOOC, “Introduction to The Orbital Perspective”. Come join this great group: 

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The “Introduction to the Orbital Perspective” #MOOC starts today. Come join us on the journey: It's Free and #TheKeyIsWe

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Enrollment opened today for the MOOC (Massive On-line Open Course) I developed in collaboration with the +Arizona Wildcats, +University of Florida, and +Drexel University
The "Introduction to the Orbital Perspective" course begins on March 13th and it is free to take. I would love to have you all involved with the course and its related projects (like the Earthrise 2068 project).

Here's sample lesson video. Each week's lesson has tons of great content that make the point, #TheKeyIsWe

Here's a link to sign up for the course - please tune-in:

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I agree with this statement from Mike Pence:

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“Alternative Facts” are simply tools used to keep an inaccurate perspective reality intact.

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I participated in the Women’s March yesterday in Tucson AZ.

I did not participate to protest the peaceful transfer of power or to say that President Trump is not my president. Let me be clear, I accept the fact that Donald Trump is the legally elected 45th President of the Unites States. I respect the office and it is my hope and prayer that President Trump can lead this great nation to a better future. I also respect my right as an American to disagree with policy initiatives that are being enacted.

• I participated because I care about all the people in this country, but policies are being put in place that are divisive and will erode our rights

• I participated because a healthy environment is critical to both keeping our people healthy and the long-term health of our economy, but policies are being put in place that threaten our environment

• I participated because I believe that healthcare is a basic human right, but policies are being put in place that will leave many Americans without health insurance

• I participated because slashing services is not the way to reduce the size of the government. Routing out fraud, waste and abuse and the inefficiencies of a bloated government bureaucracy are the way to reduce the size of government, but policies are being put in place to slash services

• I participated because our country faces enormous problems and the only way we will be able to solve them is by including the efforts and contributions of all our people, but policies are being put in place that will limit our nation’s ability to incorporate the contributions of all

• I participated because we do not have a level playing field in this country and policies are being put in place that will stack the deck even further

• I participated because political corruption is eroding the very foundation of our society, but pushing through conflict-of-interest laden cabinet nominees is the opposite of draining the swamp

• I participated because it is my civic duty to stand up for what I believe – This is what democracy looks like

• And I participated because my bad-ass, take no prisoners, wife asked me to

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The power in the truth of Dr. Martin Luther King's message does not decay with the passing of time. #MLKDAY

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