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Tremendous accomplishment. Congrats to all!
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like askey blue sea
And I thought that it did not exist.
tony d
Awesome! Now lets repeat it 1000 times!
Archaic? It's far more efficient than constructing an enormous pillow.
+Randy Creasi does limit the prospects of commercial spaceflight to professional astronauts though. Ordinary folks won't do splashdown.
Can't wait to see it land on a pad using it's thrusters.
+Randy Creasi I was speaking for nonenthusiasts, not myself. I'd happily splashdown if I could go up!
Woot! Damn this is awesome. Maybe my kid can be an astronaut now.
+Jason Wells Bless you for speaking for the nonenthusiasts, for they lack the enthusiasm to speak for themselves.
so, what happens if you let a really wild fart loose inside one of those things? or does it just fill your own suit?
That capsule looks seriously beaten up.
tony d
SpaceX should consider the idea to create spaceships design to extract minerals and gases from other planets. 
I was and still sad that the shuttle era ended but a new an even more exciting era just started with the Dragon capsule from SpaceX!
I had the same feelings as Bertrand about the shuttle era.  This is cool though.
congrats to all those who put the effort into this. Can hardly wait to see humans go up in one.
Okay, it is settled, not only dragons can fly but they can swim as well.
... and dictate policy for we US citizens... Oh Well...LOL
... So truely good, all of the pix you have shared... God Bless and Thank You so much...-:)
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