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Great post Ali! In our business, integrity is everything. It is the reason why we can strap ourselves to a few million pounds of explosives and trust that everything will work as planned. Space Exploration is based on integrity & trust.
"The iconic success of NASA is planted firmly on three foundational elements: innovation, inspiration, and integrity. While innovation and inspiration are visible through our endeavors and successes, it is our integrity – how we work, and our commitment to excellence and openness – that earns us the trust of the public and ensures our continued ability to inspire and innovate. Integrity is woven throughout the fabric of NASA. It has always been there. And each and every day, we recommit ourselves to keeping it there."
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Maybe a little courage thrown in there too?
" It is the reason why we can strap ourselves to a few million pounds of explosives and trust that everything will work as planned."

I never thought of it like that. That sounds very scary. 
Experienced this first hand at the Dryden NASASocial event. The successes, the science, the discoveries are all absolutely amazing because the people there are amazing. From the test pilots to the machinist to the videographer, every single person there made me think, "I'd love that job!"
obama should make the trip, he could be the first president on mars, and take all his friends and white house employees.
That's a good idea...and we'll pay for it like every other outting and 'date' that we spend millions on.
No one even bit on that crowd, maybe.
Obama's second term?... yeah, it will happen. GOP shot themselves in the foot before they even left the gates! G No P.
Now, the idea of a higher power seams less likely.
On Earth, we're constantly at War...fearing Hell...
We should be friends...we could gang up on some people...
and what in you right, though integrative mind ;) would make you want to " strap a couple million tons of explosives to yourself and hope everything works out as planned..." ???! =D **joking
Agnostic... ...war, murder, rape...etc. ... Everything is for a purpose?... a greater good? If there is a "God", he's a cruel bastard... and I want nothing to do with Him.
Speaking of chumps...chimps
You like using the term 'little' because you're so fat?
lol the 2nd.... really? war, murder, rape...etc. ... all that has absolutely nothing to do with people like you. deluded.
Your ass wouldn't fit in any of my circles!
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I'm making a point, and here comes some bull...
You're right ... you're boring.
Well, since you asked... I'm employed alright. I work 70 hours a week on a TV show doing lighting ( union 728)...
I've worked/hung out with virtually every "A" list celebrity...
For the past three years, I've been on first unit of the show NCIS LA starring LL Cool J and Chris O'Donnell.
We're on hiatus right now. We start shooting season 4 on July 9th...
Did you catch the two-hour season finale last night?
I'm working on a Pilot ri........... WAIT ...... I've made my point.
Not saying anything now, huh?
yes you say well, you trust that the hydrogen will not blast
There are strange people posting there boredom. That's a piece of information the world has been waiting for. Why not sharing this with the "A" list celebrities during the next hang-out?
+Fluke Splater Your President is needed here on Earth. If you need a candidate for a manned space flight to Mars (one way) I suggest the bored guy here. He could hang out with Little Green Men then :D
But, if you want to call me out...
Maybe that's the key, instead of "the lowest cost bidder" it should be the "lowest cost bid with truth and integrity" - details of the real true costs, ethical disposable incomes paid, no corners cut to damage and hurt our societies and ecologies, just to pad the pockets and powers of the antiquated and dangerous organizational structured aristocracies of ceos, vps, majority shareholders, instead of the brilliance and maturity of leadership which expects no overcompensation and adoration. Hierarchies of overcompensation the real threat to integrity, as we continue to see with Wall St, Lobbyists, many different ways to run dictatorships.
One long ass sentence, huh? I wish I was as high as you right now.
Totally sober and ready to move into the new Era of Brilliance and Shenanigans for all Humanity. Ready to Paradigmshift and truly designed a Shared Earth.
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