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One of the last pictures I took yesterday - Aurora Australis - the southern lights - dancing with the constellation Orion. An amazing moment.
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"I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser gate. All those moments will be lost in time... like tears in rain..."
I'm at a loss for words. That we should be able to see these images only hours after their taken, while the photographer at this very moment falls towards our planet perpetually missing gravities intended destination, is simply amazing. That he is communicating to all of us through G+ from that lofty vantage point in orbit is equally amazing. Thank you for sharing!
Ok... maybe I wasn't at a COMPLETE loss for words.
Your sense of wonder and love and engagement makes each new revelation from you an extra treat. Your keen eye for moment is lyrical as in the aurora with Orion watching over here.
Thank you so very much these gifts.
This is one of the coolest things I've ever seen! Wow!
Stunning - thank you for sharing!
stunning thanks for sharing. this images and to know that some one up there can share it with us can keep us dreaming!!!
Wow, I had no idea we had an astronaut on G+! +Daria Musk, this photograph seems like something that would inspire you!
I can not believe what I am reading, seing, witnessing..., I can not believe I am able to communicate with a person orbiting our planet, this is so too much. +Ron Garan is actually saying: '...a picture I took yesterday...' such a simple statement becomes such a contradiction when we look at the picture
Thank you for sharing
Oh +Christa Laser you're right!! Totally inspired! I loved +Ron Garan's Space Station Blues video too!! :-)
Actually got to talk to some NASA G+niuses!! Such an honor! :-)
well knock me over with a feather. technology is amazing. And Ron, that's spectacular beyond words. No surprise since I cried during a telescope documentary last night when they got to the Hubble images. They always do that to me.
Dαn J
Awesome picture.
this is truly out of the world....
Incredible photos, so beautiful, thank you for sharing these with us
How freaking AWESOME is that? Thank you for posting!!!! I am WICKED jealous!!!!
Safe journey home!
edit: You have to host some hangouts once you're back ;-)
You just went to the ISS to take more awesome pictures than us down here.. Cheater! xD
+Ron Garan Looks like you created a new category in Google+, very elite - "earthscape photographer"! Thanks for sharing, safe landing!
Incredibly awesome! Thanks for sharing these here with us. Stay safe!
Great shot. Love how the orion constellation made it in as well.
Wow, you are now 1 of three people in my "dailies" circle. Things that i NEED to look at every day. Astronauts are AWESOME!
Beautiful! I saw the Northern Lights a few days ago in my backyard but I'm sure that view doesn't compare to the view you experienced up there!
When you are up there, does space just look unreal? It must be so beautiful!
I would say thanks for sharing but I'm green with envy now!

Naah, really thanks for sharing.
It's a little out of focus... :P j/k - awesome shot - I was thrown for a minute with the I took this picture yesterday..Never realized you could see them from that side!
Wow... this i the coolest post ever !!!
Well, yeah, he has the coolest job ever!
No earth photographer can compete with this.
Awesome, saw them from earth and I was spellbound.
One of the most incredible pictures I've ever seen. Thank you so much for sharing!!
I've seen mpre things nearby the Orion Constellation...
You just might be the coolest person i will follow!
holy mother of god, puss-puss! this is one awesome shot, ron! :D
You know, just another shot out of a window at work... (love it!)
I see that very thin layer of atmosphere that protects us, that makes us different from every other planet in our solar system.... and the realization of the fragile balance between life as we know it and destruction. Really brings home the need to protect our planet.
Wow.......this kind of stuff is why I love G+!
I think it needs a bit of white balance correction and sharpening. :-)
so that's your world right now... pretty sick huh. enjoy!!
One day I will be an astronaut ! (or maybe not...) Amazing stuff, thanks for sharing :)
Wow! +Ron Garan I didn't know there were SOUTHERN Lights! Though I've been mesmerized witnessing the Northern Lights a few years back. Thanks for sharing!
I created a new circle for you. It's my circle of awesomeness. Thank you so much for sharing with the world.
this photo is amazing, i have never seen something like this before ...
Absolutely awesome that you're sharing images on G+. Adding you to my circles immediately!
What can I say? These photos are amazing... I wish I were there!
Thanks for sharing your wonderful work !!!
This is actually sun flares being deflected by our atmosphere! How glad are we about it?
Plasma energy, hmm?
unbelievable. Please watch over us all.
Thaaaaaank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!! :D
That is one of the coolest things I have ever seen. Thank you for sharing.
When I look at photos like this, it puts into perspective that we're a tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny dust particle in space yet we're still fighting. Wish we could all go to space and take in what you do. I'm pretty sure there would never be another war again if we could
You are so lucky to have the opportunity to see our planet from above, thank you so much for sharing this with us, I have no words to describe how beautiful this is, thank you, are you still up there? greetings from El Salvador, Central America.
Amazing and beautiful photo! Hoping to witness an aurora by myself someday :)
+Ron Garan This is kind of a random question, but how's the internet connection strength in space?
this is a so beautiful nature... thank you for showing it to us
Kinda feels like he's cheating. We gravity slaves have to take pictures of kittens, sunsets and other mundane stuff :P
beautiful, to say the least Ron!
even the picture is awesome. I envy you for being witness of that particular moment :)
very nice Ron what an amazing capture and I hope you shoot Nikon ;)
Completely lost for words...thank you for sharing this!
Ron, these pictures are absolutely incredible! Even better than the special effects in movies! Thanks for sharing them. Do you get to read these comments from space?
One question : did you use a tripod ?? 1.6 sec exposure time !
Love it!!! thank you for sharing!
Maybe slightly out of focus .....

I'm Joking! :-)

Aurora from an angle I'd never even thought of before, just need to get myself a space ship now 
So awesome. BTW, when are you guys planning on dropping your newly developed NASA rain seeds over Texas so we can get some rain. We're on fire over here, literally.
Wow..beautiful shots...thanks for sharing them
Im making this my wallpaper - with your permission.
These are awesome. Thank you so much for sharing.
Can't say I've ever had an astronaut in my social network before! Awesome!
CJ Cox
wow! parallel my landmarks to yours...i see Barnes and Noble, you see Orion :) and other heavenly bodies...that. is.
Thank you for let us see through you eyes rocket man! 
Nice view from your "office" window. Thank you for sharing it!!
Wonderful! Thank you so much for taking us on that little trip.
Thank you for sharing this. There aren't very many travelers who can take us on this expedition. Most amazing!
This is totally photoshopped. I can tell from some if the pixels and having seen a few ... Oh who am I kidding. I'm humbled by this shot. 
Someone shared this with me and I thought, "How was this taken?" Oh -- by an ASTRONAUT! Well, that explains it! Cool!
Imagine this is the energy visualized from all our +comments on the planet :)
Sir, you have the coolest job. I'm always going to watch for your photos. Thanks!
Incredible! Your images stir my imagination! I've added you to my "photographers" circle and created an "astronaut" circle, just because.
Thanks Ron!
I've really enjoyed all the pictures and videos you've sent back from #InSpace. You're work with #FragileOasis has been outstanding and inspiring.
You have a good trip home and we'll see you on the ground here shortly.
+Ron Garan are you still up there?? Lucky you that are allowed to use your wi-fi, for most of us, as soon as the airplane lift off the ground, we are forbidden to use wi-fi. :-P

BTW: It´s really weird to be writing to an astronaut in Space and read what he writes... the kind of things my dad would have never imagined (and being honest, me neither).
Ron, Beautifull images. I hope to make it to the North to catch the Northern Lights someday...Has always been a dream of mine.
Speachless. Beyond amazing. I have always wanted to see those in person, never in a million year would I have thought if viewing them from space. Thank you for sharing this with us.
Beautiful! Thank you for sharing!
Thanks for posting! You officially have the coolest page on G+
Amazing photographs! Thank you for sharing! You are very lucky! you see something which almost all people will never see in the rest of their life. the feeling to be out there in space, must be amazing!
Wow a real photo from space! I'm just so used to the special effects you see in sci-fi movies I can't believe its real! Amazing!
Incredible! Thanks so much for sharing!
Mad B
Wow Wow Wow! 73 from planet Earth!
WoW, I want to fly in outer space!!!!!
Excellent. Even at F2.8 and ISO 10K, these do not look too bad! I wish there was a way to track the movement so you could do a proper long exposure for better quality. But near parts of the earth will appear to move more quickly that more distant parts so a longer exposure would look a bit warped perhaps.
Ian H
Wonderful pics. Thanks a bunch for sharing.
Wow +Ron Garan this is awesome! Check out a few of my shots from Sept. 9-10 of the Northern lights!
beautiful! what an amazing opportunity!
WOW! I don't know what else to say.
Amazing nature, amazing you! I admire you because I was going to be an astronaut in my childhood.
Breathtaking. Thank you so much.
{Jaw hits floor and eyes fall out of head} That .... is so amazing. I love space.... I wish I could go out there and see it first hand like you have. Thank you for sharing these images....
I don't know Ron.... When I said to you to take pics that no one else has, I think you took it a little farther than I imagined. Literally.. Awesome captures, from a truly unique Perspective!!
Thank you for sharing. Seriously. It's not like I'll ever see that view in person. :) Thank you.
Absolutely amazing.
Cza Man
its kind of magic, great
FANASTIC! almost incomprehensible knowing it is real and not computer generated Pixar graphics!
What a beautuful perspective
Amazing how people can see the world in different forms and can share such lovely moments with everyone. Thanks for this lovely photo which i can share with my son. Aurora australis looks absolutely stunning.
If that's your scrapbook photos I'd love to see your real photo book! [;)]
MO Mdr
OMG, so awesome. Need it in higher res as desktop background. 
Hey man, you must be using Nexus S, right?
+Hassan Rashid yes ! he is there above .. up there.. they do have communications using twitter.. youtube.. etc. and G+ of course.. and he is sharing this actual photos he is taking and sharing right with us... isnt it amazing? who could have believed it 40 years ago?
Wow!! I think I'm more amazed that you uploaded this picture to G+ from outer space than by the picture itself!! I used to watch the NASA channel sometimes, and I'd see school children asking questions of astronauts onboard the ISS... It's so strange/awesome that now anyone (even me!) can potentially enjoy this kind of communication.

Keep posting! ツ
Chan Li
+Ron Garan can you make a hangout with us someday ? it's going to be the coolest thing ever
boo Jay
Simply awe-inspiring! Each and every single photo you've graciously shared with us is a true work of art. Thanks so much!
wow~ very nice picture! what the green light is?
Out of all of the desolate planets and moons, are we ever lucky to live on this one. Horrayy Earth. Lov u long time.
This is one of the most amazing pictures I have ever seen. Will anybody be carrying on your communications from space?
One of my favourite movies +Rubin Sfadj I had to go through the whole post to see if anyone else had picked it. Well done.
There are no words big enough to describe the envy I have. Oh for a view of the aurora like this...Gives me goosebumps! Thank you so much for sharing with us.
More pictures, for the love of god more.
Oscar (from the movie Armageddon): This is space! Course, we're just in the beginning part of space, we-we haven't even got to outer space yet!
Thanks a lot for sharing of pictures of our blue rock !
this absolutely incredible. an amazing site! wow!
Sharing your amazing moment here created an amazing moment for people all over the world. If ever there was a post to share, this is the one.
Man, I struggle to get a mobile phone reception and you can post to G+ from space. That just ain't right.
Like a scene from a SciFi movie. Wonderful.
Amazing pics, keep sharing and good work up there!
this photo kinda reminds me of Tiberium from computer game Command & Conquer :D
Awesome pics..thnxx for sharing
Its amazing just how "other worldly" our own world can be. Simply stunning.
When this appeared in my stream I thought it was something from Red Dwarf at first.Didn't realise the Southern Lights put on such a great show. Brilliant photo. Would have been great to see that first hand.
Must be amazing to see this in person... I envy you greatly!
Amazing pictures. Congratulations.
:O I can imagine why you're sporting that big grin in your profile pic :D Thank you for these incredible pictures.
I'm speechless over here, this has to be one of the most incredible photographs I've ever seen!
Thank you for bringing my eyes out the atmosphere
Hi +Ron Garan , amazing photos! Just one question... how do you get internet in space to upload them?
wow, that is pretty dang cool. Reminded me of a shield on star trek absorbing phaser fire.
It is like the atmosphere was made to entertain us, and I am now seeing a picture of behind the screen.
I love this. Thanks so much! I wish we could all get out there and refresh our perspective on what's important.
+Ron Garan thanks for sharing, these awesome photos. Thanks for all that you do.
Just stunning! My walked in, saw that, and said "I am so going to be an astronaut!" and then studied his Algebra for an hour. Thanks so much for posting.
Simply beautiful our big grape of a planet! Thank you for this and for the smile this brings me in my cubicle. A big shout out from Brantford, Ontario, Canada ... Live Long & Prosper!
'Aurora Boreal' vista de cima! O mais impressionante Fenômeno da Natureza! =O
Hot damn. The world looks more awesome than I imagined.
Awesome (in the original sense)
I believe it is safe to all this the best G+ post to date.
What a fabulous view. Thank you for taking photos on your journey! ; )
These images are so amazing. Thank you so much for sharing them with the world.
Almost 1,000 likes!!! Haha, it deserves them.
Is the original of this available for D/L? I so very badly want it as my desktop wallpaper.
My son has always wanted to see the Northern Lights, will he be surprised that the Southern Lights are just as awesome! (by the way, he's just 5 years old)
Thank you for the amazing pictures!!!
This photo is amazing! Thank you so much for this!
Thank you, Ron! I have a room full of 6th graders who are in awe and want to follow you into space.
Hermosa!, gracias por compartirla Ron, Saludos desde México.
left me no words to say,,,,,,,wow,,,,,
Happy landing to Kazakhstan land! Pictures are amazing!
2011-9-14's post-15 shares,2723 shares for today's by now, a celebrity find it and spread it out or what ?
about the shares -- must be because of +James Brandon who shared the shot. That's how I stumbled on it :)
+Ron Garan I have never known and astronaut before. I'm going to LOVE watching what you post. I am already amazed, you see things only a fraction of a fraction of people get to experience in their life.
Awe inspiring.... do you ever.. ever wonder if there are others out there... doing what you guys do? Elsewhere in the cosmos?
Visto des del espacio no parece tan malo este planeta. Lástima que al acercarte...
La foto es preciosa, gracias :)
Totally unrelated but what's the internet speed that you get out there? ;)
And as its ISS, do you get internet from someone like International Internet? :P
All in all, amazing photos... love the lights! :)
+Joel Zucker You aren't alone! Is this the first real-time space based conversation in Social Media? It's an amazing feeling!
Amazing , please add me in your circle , I am armature photographer , I like all of yours awesome photography . Thanks
Great photos! It is awesome. That aurora is so bright...+1
Thanks for sharing this Ron - I had no idea one could see this from space. What a privilege to witness it!
+Rubin Sfadj You mean Ron is a Replicant?! ;-D
Thanks for those pics, Ron, I envy you soo much... :-)
Stunningly beautiful! I love the whole album but this is my favorite.
Ah, planet Druidia. And under that air shield, ten thousand years of fresh air. We must get through that air shield!
I guess being up there and see these things, must produce a wonderful effect on consciousness, that is what I envy of astronauts
Unbelievable! I somehow never thought you could see it from space...
I don't suppose there's a high-res version available? I want to stare at that on my desktop all day.
The reference to "Tears in the Rain" (in the first comment here) is right on the mark!
Wow, I'm so jealous. This reinvigorates my desire to go to space some day. My dream is still alive!
This is beautiful!
Thank you for sharing and keep'em coming. Have a nice trip ;-)
Thank you! They are really awesome!
Amazing! thanks for the pictures!
My 5 year old said that her school got to talk to you today! She was so excited about it and hasn't stopped talking about it since she got home. Now she wants to have a "Space Party" for her birthday.
Thanks for seeing this for us. There really isn't enough gratitude down here to express it fully enough.
I wanted to be an astronaut after the first manned space missions. Your images are the closest it will get. Thank you for sharing such beauty.
Amazing. Thanks for sharing. Just tonight, as I was reading a bedtime book to my 5 yr old son, I told him that there was a space station with astronauts living out in space. His eyes opened wide and his face lit up as his mind raced. Tomorrow morning I will show him these pictures. 
Holy crap! Google+ in space. Awesome!

And to state the obvious ... SPECTACULAR photo!!!
wow...I'm happy and glad to be alive.
Look out the window there is earth and the aurora awesome!
Thanks a lot for the picture. How Breathtaking!
Wow that's lovely
A very nice shot, and very educational too. The next time someone asks me what the aurora are, I should show them this.

Oh, the lovely spectacles our pale blue dot offers us. Lovely.
Absolutely AWESOME!! I really cannot think of anything else I want more in life than to visit space, and it would be even better if I could bring my camera, sooo.. any chance for me to hitchhike along next time? I have my towel ready!
Each day you get to see amazing sites! How blessed are you!?
Humbling and beautiful. Let's not fuck this planet up, it's all we have!
+Ron Garan, thank you for sharing these pictures and your experiences straight from the space. And for taking our words to the space :-). Will you please share what kind of network do you use for accessing earth based Internet? As a user, how different is the experience of accessing Internet from the ISS? What kind of restrictions or challenges are faced? What kind of network administration tasks astronauts have to do? Are you already experimenting laser or some sort of visual light based deep space communication? Thank you in anticipation.
(I'm aware of various space comm programs NASA has:
Hey Dude! :-D I'm right down there! I'm overwintering in Antarctica! :-0
Write me an e-mail and I'll go outside and wave at the stars while you're up there hahahaha
These have to be some of the best photographs ever taken... ever! You should get a prize. :-)
Wow... That is just wow... Amazing. Never seen anything like it before. Wow... 
I put that as my background, it is a great picture
I love northern/southern lights! I want to see it IRL one day. And you're soooooo lucky to be able to see it from space!
That is one of the coolest things I've seen! 
+Natanael L let's not attribute too much of this to luck. This is a result of a lot of hard work from many scientists, engineers, and bureaucrats. Ron probably sacrificed an entire life to train for these moments that we can now share.
It makes me wish I was up there. And it reminds me of Bowie's Space Oddity. <3
Unbelievable. Looks like the shield on the alien's spaceships in Independence Day!
welcome home +Ron Garan I saw your "soft" landing !! does it hit as hard as I see on the video??? omg.. but you all came out of the vehicle with a big smile!!
That's a pretty awesome picture; very nice.
God I absolutely LOVE images and personal reflections from astronauts in space. .... !

Funny, last whole round it was via TWITTER and the protocol naming of AstroPaolo and names like that... Now, though, I suppose due to Google's NAME POLICY, nothing fanciful like that was permitted....

So tell me, +Ron Garan, how can we easily spot all your peers -- all astronauts on Mission, and particularly those who love to take photos and share observations?

I think it's hands down still one of the greatest advances of mankind -- not the spacecrafts and engineering to get there per se -- THAT TOO IS STAGGERING... But no, it's the ease, OBVIOUSNESS and fluidity of INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION on all these Missions... We see Explorers, we see Researchers, we see, Scientists, we see Problem Solvers, we see Inventors, we see, Discoverers, we see Cooperative Routines and Collaborative construction.... and none of it, not one piece of it, is polluted by the petty nationalistic governmental possessiveness of the various participating nation states.

For those of us who witness all of this, NONE of it is a surprise! It was only a surprise once -- when the US and USSR first collaborated on the International Space Station so many years ago. And the fact that it was a surprise then -- an exuberant uplifting surprise -- way back when is a testimony to how pathetic governments can be at indoctrination and demonization of an entire language or demographic and geographic region of people. I say this not to dwell on that past, but to emphasize the majestic nature of the now, as a cautionary reminder that there was never ever anything evil about Russian/Soviet citizenry or people. Yet we in America were explicitly taught that they were in fact EVIL, out to kill us, out to crush us.

And when the smoke clears, it's always the same: GOVERNMENTAL STRUCTURES, or theories of ECONOMY, imposed upon people by other people -- sometimes by force, sometimes by charismatic deception, sometimes by megalomania, sometimes by thirst for money and power to control resources, sometimes by bait & switch -- and sometimes not even imposed at all, but rather experimented as a potential improvement to a prior methodology that could use improvement. But over and over and over again, PEOPLE, citizens are tarred with the outrageous deeds of their governments decision makers (I won't use the word "leaders", it is often not apt).... and then State Media goes in for the kill to teach the population how horrifying every single living in Quadrant X of the globe is, by virtue of their residing there.

Sadly, the USA discovered in the past ten years in particular, that it TOO has "State Media" --- and its State Media, carried out by Conglomerate Media Networks whose interests are served via quid-pro-quo lobbying by US Senate and House Legislators' votes which corporate networks' unlimited treasuries buy via election financing ---- is every bit as good at demonizing entire populations of humanity as any of the worst offenders thru-out modern history since Television was invented.

But all your images of multinational cooperation, and alignment of purpose, and the commonality of human values shared across all cultures, obliterate all of the disinformation... And for me they, correctly so, SHAME the nations who continue to proliferate stories that paint inhabitants of entire regions of the world as EVIL or "our enemies". Such obsolete, silly, pathetic, last-gasp thinking. Thankfully, no one has to read my 1000 words (nor will they). The images always say it better. Thank you, to all of you up there, and all of you on Planet Earth too.
help! i'm stuck inside of a large ball!
Incredible photos. What a privilege to be able to see them. Thanks for sharing Ron Garan, Henning
خیلی زیباست و کار خیلی جالبی است
From IRAN.
بی نظیر و بسیار زیبا . عظمت و بزرگی خلقت خداوند از اونجا بهتر دیده می‌شه
خدایا شکرت که این توانایی را به انسان دادی که می‌تواند به بزرگی تو بیشتر پی ببرد.
These are amazing! Thank you for sharing!
I was about to say, "oh, yeah, right, " and then I saw you're an astronaut and thought, "oh, how cool!" This is a really great photo.
Incredible stuff. So jealous, you get to see things I never will and can only dream of. Thanks so much for sharing and making my dreams that bit clearer. 
by watching these amazing pictures and reading descriptions, like "over Arganistan", "over China" i began to wonder, how well handheld gps units working at such heights :) do they show height correctly?
+Ron Garan Can you do hangouts from the Space Station? That would be pretty cool
+Daytraitors Yo Well, I'd be lucky if I got up there. :)
And considering the competition for getting up in space, he can probably consider himself lucky anyway.
Wonderful, only and unimaginable. Congratulations.
ma quella che si vede è l'aurora boreale? che spettacolo!!
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