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"That's no Moon!"
One day in the summer of 2011, a few days after leaving Earth, a spaceship carrying four humans, Chris Ferguson, Doug Hurley, Sandy Magnus and Rex Walheim, approached a satellite that had been orbiting their planet for more than ten years. On board were six other humans, Andrey Borisenko, Mike Fossum, Satoshi Furukawa, +Ron Garan, Alexander Samokutyaev and Sergei Volkov. Later that day, Space Shuttle Atlantis completed its approach and then docked to the International Space Station. Photograph of the International Space Station and Earth's Moon taken from Atlantis, 12:50 GMT July 10, 2011. Credit: NASA
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ISS does have the shape of a Tie-Fighter in this picture :D!
well then..that begs for........that's no moon....its a space station!!
That's awesome!  It almost looks like something out of Star Wars.
The moon is the small white speck in the upper right. The ISS is the small white speck near the center. 
Have you meet the lovely Chinese lady in space?
I dunno about the Chinese space station, haven't seen any photos of it, but I am familiar with the rabbit in the moon.
its nice! i remember STS-135 the final shuttles mission! i watched all the 12 days program on NASA TV and it was my first time to attend Astronaut jobs and see what they do! but Unfortunately its was the last one!
Hello +Ron Garan , 
I am a co leader for a girl scout troop in washington. I am attempting to get them more interested in science related activities.  I was wondering if I could schedule some kind of hang out with you where you could talk with the girls?

Fern Zimmerman
Co Leader for troop 42306
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