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Learn about +Don Pettit's plan to capture the transit of Venus for the 1st time from space. These will be the only photos of the transit #fromspace  until the next time it happens (December 2117)
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koooool video and value information to everyone know more about it thanks.
+Don Pettit You are an astronomy hero! This will be so epic!!!!! Will you be using a wide variety of photo and video filters?
Great stuff but don't miss it  >>>> 2117...;-)
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But +Ron Garan , if we fly up in spacecraft some time before 2117 surely we'll be able to observe a transit any time we want =)
+Anthony Kelly Venus will not pass the line of sight between the Earth and the Sun again until 2117.  So we'll all have to wait for the next one. The good news is I'm sure there'll be allot more than 6 people living in space then
Thanks for the reply, +Ron Garan ... I'm just hoping that we'll have a few manned vehicles beyond low earth orbit before then, and their crews will be able to witness such events from other orbits instead of waiting for the planets to slowly align.
एक बार एक छोरा एक घनी सुथरी छोरी के पिच्छे पिच्छे जा रहा था ...वो अपने दोस्त ते बोला अक या चोरी जे मेरे ते एक बार बोल पड़े तो मैं सीधा सवरग मैं जा ..व छोरी पिच्छे मुड के बोली अक मैं बोल भी पडूँगी ..पर तू कल भी आदये धक्के खाता पावेगा
Now I did not know this about Cooks expedition to Tahiti. It is a wonder we learned anything in Public schools.
Our ruskie friends are posting some surprising pics from that region of the inner ring of the solar system - A transit of venus though - does venus ever really and truly transit?
I like it . . . unfortunately because of my gender I can't use it lol.
i would love to be one of them looking down at that marvelous view
JT Vega
I have a feeling US Military is going develop that ASB in the future...
I plan to see it from Bogotá.  I hope it is not cloudy.
We learned to fly just over 100 yrs ago and look now !!!.
i plan to see it from the Tardis right next to it. =P
but most likely ABOARD it with the psychic paper and the Doctor. :P 
holy cow! thats venus!!!! phh it looked like a hair ball
for real it did look like a gaint hair ball 
It would be interesting to see transit of Venus without Bailly's droplets, disturbing deformities of Venus outline.  
but with such little camera not much can be expected. 
Ahh dude that is awesome good for u!!!!!
did not know they had an observation post
On the Space Station.  When I worked at KSC
we were more involved with the Flight hardware
And User Integration of payloads.

Looks nice guys!
Woah! I went to a planetarium last night, and they mentioned that too. 
r u kidding?!!??! The next time this event will occur will be in ONE HUNDRED YEARS!!!!! This generation will be dead, and unable to see it again, so you better enjoy it. 
yea, it's on tuesday, but after that, this event won't take place until 2117
you know something Savannah, your boring!!!!
jai gil
Marlen Castaneda,ur not cute OK.and get off the computer because we all hate u, even ashley!
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Awesome opportunity looking forward to the images.
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