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Every once in awhile I need to watch this again
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awesome Ron, thanks for sharing.
Love the title... So I'm not alone to think that the danger is imminent?
"earth...we got a problem!"
Unfortunately my connection is to poor to watch vids. thanks for this!
C'est très touchant! La musique, les images, le montage... Ça me fait réfléchir. J'ai tant espéré, souhaité que le monde change pour qu'il devienne plus juste pour tous et toutes, que les guerres cessent... Comme c'est long changer pour les humains-humaines:( Malgré les déceptions j'espère encore...
+Diane Labelle il y a de bonnes raisons d'esperer, tout est un probleme d'education et de donner le pouvoir aux bonnes personnes. Internet est un contre pouvoir imparable, et une source d'education globale.
Awesome video! Would love to see earth from that perspective.
I still find it remarkable that the Russian word for peace is basically the same word for World...MИРЧ MИР, IIRC? It's at minute 1:57...
Qu'es ce qu'elle est belle la terre vu d'en haut. Superbes images.
Nata m
Great video
I've seen that scene where the little laddie is pressing up against the screen showing an image of the ISS from above, the Earth spinning below, in another post about kids born within the last 10 years never having known a world where humans don't live in space. It's an emotive shot and I think it should be made into a motivational poster.
Thankyou for everything you do for us Ron, and all your fellow NASA employees. Much muchly appreciated!
Had to listen to it again. I cannot imagine what other perfect song is there to fit this.
"Keep doing what is right for space flight and ignore the rest"... it does renew ones resolve to review the benefits of our efforts.
Great, video..... I love seeing things from your perspective.. Thx
One where we have colonized multiple worlds and have achieved faster than light travel.
I want a world in which scientific projects like NASA get the funding of the military.

EDIT: It's the only way humanity can progress.
Cannot download. Adobe again....sic...very good video though, nice!!
I Want A Space Age World. A World With High Technology.
life... what a waste of money and time
Me too! I dont like wars, either.
Here's a waste of money for you, Moldo - the almost 50% of the national GDP spent on social programs that promote government dependence and irresponsibility for a whole segment of society. Why take care of your body when the government will support you in your slow death? Why bust your butt working when you can collect unemployment? Why take responsibility at all when you can just sit back and suck the lifeblood of people who know better. We have NO EXCUSE for not having a replacement for the space shuttle program and it's a huge black eye for the USA that should have every American furious over the mismanagement of our treasury. I've met people in the space program, and they are brilliant, caring people who are absolutely contagious in their optimism for humanity. Don't you DARE lump them in with those responsible for the "bridge to nowhere" or the quagmires the wars created.
It is a sad fact that war does spur the economy...temporarily. I am certainly not an advocate for wanton sword-rattling, but at the risk of starting another thread of 'why we went to war' and all the opinions that dredges up I think we can all agree that the wars - whatever the justifications - were an overall drain on our economy and were plagued with lack of foresight. Just a point of note however: the amount of spending our government did during the Bush-era years absolutely pales in comparison (i.e., less than a 1/3) to the spending we have done every year under the new administration.
...and I just have to put my face in my hands and grimace about the "bridge to nowhere" debacle...
So why aren't we charging the world rent...they charge us for transit. It seems only fair
This video was really great. I am very proud to be an American and what the space program has accomplished.
Right now, a single large impactor can end us. All of us. If humanity is to survive in the long term, we must establish sustainable human colonies that are not on Earth.

The only way to get to that future is to keep getting better at going to places that are not Earth and living in places that are not Earth. The way to keep getting better?

Go, live, learn, repeat. NASA costs too much but they are a huge resource for others who will follow with much lower cost (and some increase in risk). And you will find more than enough people to take those heightened risks, learn what needs to be learned, and help my kids be a part of that better future.
+Clark Moore I disagree with you on the social services, but completely agree with you on much better funding for both private and government space programs. I would like to see voluntary taxes for programs like this. Give me the option to give money to these two programs and I would as long as the government was not allowed to spend it elsewhere.

The same thing for the national dept, though this one would require the passage of a law that prevented the government from spending more money than it took in except in times of war before I would be willing to pay into it.

Did you know that the United States takes in more than 2 Trillion dollars in revenue each year.

There is no reason we cannot live within our means, do extraordinary research and provide assistance to our fellow citizens that need it.
Indeed, I would need to watch that over and over if I had been up there for a while.
a trusting world=honest and truthful would be a start,true number=real /t-matter/smcs
I want a world where every government tells the truth....
i like this song what is it cald!!!!!!
Thats okay I gets exited too when I tipe
Wut do u get when u mix NASA with a weird song... This awesome video
to keep the air fresh water clean the grass growing the rain falling the sun shining,and let there be LOVE blowing in the wind ,positve power,g-f /e-f
it's amazing i didn't see yet such ...........................i want this world
Advancements in space have provided many peaceful benefits for all of mankind. In the past only wars, and other unpleasant events have brought as much advancement; in a longer time.
Sad to see an end to our shuttles. I worked Boeing Space at Air Force Plant 42 Palmdale, CA - Shuttle maintenance and modification center. An honor to be a small part of a greater whole in American History. God Speed!
I showed this video clip to my 5th grade students and had them journal "What kind of world do they want?" Thanks for sharing this amazing clip with the world!
wow.........a gr8 video........with gr8 message......
Love the shots of earth from space, makes you realize how big our world really is.
There used to be 1 thing I did when I needed to "reset" in this business, when I lost sight of the big picture - go watch "On Human Destiny" in the theater at Space Center Houston. Now there's 2 things - the other is to watch this video. This is why we explore.
I want  a clean , a peaceful; and a  beautiful world   which justice ;respect , culture &  scientific development reign
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