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Great party playlist for this years +Yuri's Night festivities from Zoe Strassfield. I think you forgot "Fly me to the Moon" - what else should be in there?
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Would David Bowie's "Space Oddity" be a bit too dark?
que bueno ser pionero de fotografías tan especiales como esta felicidades al creador de este obra de arte
this is steves son blake and what is it like in space is it fun or is it boring like it is down on earth.
well i really dont think earth is boring, I just wanted mr Ron to say its fun.
Que imagen espectacular!!!! :)
I'm going to try to compile all the song suggestions. Thanks keep em' coming
HMMM! Will first have to consult with Sigourney......
Queen's "'39" - as hard as it may seem to believe it is a song about space travel!
+Vlad Taushanov it's not just about space travel, it's a song about the personal impact of relativistic space travel on one astronaut's family, written by the, now, Chancellor of Liverpool John Moores University and a doctor of astrophysics. How much more apropos can you get? :)

Other thoughts...

You can't do without "Rockin' In the Orbit" which uses Sputnik's "beep" as percussion (1958 Jimmie Haskell - Rockin' In The Orbit (Space Satellite)).

Major Tom seems too obvious, but there it is.

Also sprach Zarathustra, of course.

There's something that makes me think of Talking to the Moon by Atomic Cat (Atomic Cat - Talking to the Moon [FULL-HD] HQ-Sound) a French group. I'd always thought of the "I'm talking to the moon" lyric as being a metaphor, but in this case it could be literal.
+Aaron Sherman I know, I know... It's probably the best-known song inspired by Einstein's Theory of Relativity. I've been a Queen fan since I was 12 - trust me, I know ;)
What about Sheila B's. ''I gave my heart to a starship trooper'' or'' Come Fly with me'' by old Blue eyes
Maybe some instrumental tunes? Check out the Zodiac, an USSR synth band: ZODIAC - Miysterious galaxy (Зодиак - Таинственная галактика) and Zodiak - Silver dream (Зодиак - Серебрянная мечта) . And of course don't forget the SPACE band (France), this: Space - Magic Fly Music Video and more: . In 80's that was the primary source of background music for space-related TV shows here in Russia.

What about Pink Floyd? The "Astronomy Domine", "Saucerful of Secrets", and almost whole "Dark Side Of The Moon" are so spacey...
Night flight to Venus by Boney M + Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft by the Carpenters
Ah, I forgot the "Ticket to the Moon" by ELO. Absolutely must-have!
''Rocket Man'' by Elton John + Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd
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