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Discovery, Thank you for your 39 missions to space to improve life on Earth including 13 missions to help construct the International Space Station. Thank you for the 2 weeks that my STS-124 crew mates and I were privileged to live and work onboard.

Thank you to the 10's of thousands of dedicated people who designed, constructed and maintained this incredibly marvelous masterpiece of technology.

Zoomable pictures of #Discovery's Flight Deck from +National Geographic
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Thank you, and all your fellow astronauts, for all the emotions you gave us on the Space Shuttles to expand our knowledge and our frontier!
I was part of USA Ground Ops for this launch and was on Red Crew when it went up. (USA Elevator Shop, We lifted you the first 195 ft into space!!)

It going to be great to be able to visit Discovery again soon here in D.C. Which is where I've moved since the mass layoff at KSC. Any idea, how long it will be before it is on full display so I can see her again?
Not sure what Jacc is advertising.. Rap maybe?
Aleksandr, after translating your reply, there is interest on my part, but really need to place that in a hangout...
Thank you Discovery for bringing all your Crews home safe and sound from the most harsh environment in this universe!
The third spacecraft to join the space shuttle fleet? Isn't it actually the fifth?
Enterprise, Challenger, Columbia, Atlantis, Discovery, Endeavour... How exactly is it the third? Am I missing something?
Enterprise wasn't a spacecraft, it was a test rig for the fleet - thus never left the atmosphere and Atlantis was delivered a year after Discovery.
Okay, I'll give you the one about Atlantis (my mistake), but Enterprise was intended for spaceflight and almost flew twice. Whether or not she should be considered a part of the fleet is really semantics, isn't it?
I don't think it could have been launched even if NASA wanted to - it was considered for redevelopment as a space capable orbiter after Challenger exploded, but instead Endeavour was built.

The only flights Enterprise did were as part of atmospheric testing and control.

NASA considers Columbia to be the oldest in the Shuttle Fleet, which is good enough for me.
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So first you want to destroy them and now you want to help them... Interesting...
I'll wait and read about it in the mainstream media.

Who is Nassa away, he must have really upset you? Anyway, back to the conversation about NASA Space Shuttles.
+Tony Merryfield +Vlad Taushanov There are strange people with highly unique knowledge (and secrets of their own). I will be looking forward to the revelations on youtube. Hope he manages to upload a video there. On this site a profile pic (would be interesting) and the proper addressing of commenters are missing. ;)
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+slah aldin Explaining breakthroughs in science to a global community will not be possible without proper wording and presentation of the thoughts and reasoning. Google Translator is not sufficient for that undertaking. Already claiming to be superior to Kepler and Einstein (I think you mean Albert, your spelling does not say so) even to all Nassa (!!) scientists cannot provoke any other reaction than not being taken seriously, to put it politely. Simply ridiculous.
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+chargi souma You may have your belief in Coran as others have their belief in the Bible. But that is religion and not science.
+slah aldin I guess all your explanations are that all this is the work of God (or Allah, as you call him). You are not the first one to say that, so there is nothing revolutionary in your "findings".
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