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I Love the Whole World / The World Is Just Awesome
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You'r right +Ron Garan the world is awesome and we should take more care about than we do today. The planet does not need us to survive but we need that planet in a good condition to survive.
我把《man vs wild》看完了,贝尔好帅啊!he is my idol!
Pete R.
Inspiring as hell! :)
no no no ...I love the whole world except reptiles and bugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I Love This Video / This Video Is Just Awesome

Thank you.^^
I also Love the Whole World / The World Is Just Awesome
okay, i have to admit, i watched it, but now back to UFOs!
my fav. tv vs wild .....n bear grylls is my hero
Great positivism in this video! Love it.
A truly awesome world we live on. Love it. 
Sok ebber kérdezi: van élet a földön kívül? Ott lebegtek kézen fogva.
Many ebber asks: Is there life outside of earth? He hovered, holding hands and singing.
My friend HATES spiders
and i love the discovery, i love the whole wide world, humdiara, humdiara ..........
This was a brilliant promotion! Discovery definitely has some talent on board.
I thought Bear Grylls was gonna eat that Spider
I used to watch this guy all of the time snd that spider is just freaky he is sooo brave
Bear grylls is not a man, he's a demon!!!!!
Its too yuck....
Everything is exciting and joyful!
I'm not touch to any spider.. it's not my hobby..
That says it all Ron, there is no place I would rather be also! I love the whole world, why can we not see the War Mongers pitting us against each other like pawns, their banks giving us loans as long as we kill each other? We must raise our fists into the sky and say, "no more War", we Love each other and accept our differences. The Banks must be stopped, we can do this together! We will bring the Asteroids to the Moon if we can stop the Wars. Earth impacting Comets and Asteroids, bah, we will land them on the Moon for the Future. Two Earths to Love!
Присоединяюсь к создателям клипа, я люблю этот мир таким какой он есть, во всех его проявлениях. Клип улётный. Йууу - ху!!!!
i would be scared stiff!!!!oooh it makes me shudder......
I love the aaaaawful songs, boom de a da..
man, this put me in the best mood. going to go outside and get off the computer now.
I love the whole world..... like cops and kids... boom be yadda boom be yadda....
wtf Im aracnophobic I think Ill never press the play button!
that is like the coolet video ever!!! i would have 2 agree!!!!
Bear Grylls going "I love my own pee"
I hope he doesn't each that. I think Bear was Special British reserves if I'm not mistaken. I don't know about him and weaponry, but I know he has air service experience. Okay now what about the world are we talking about?
boom de yada...boom de yada
I can't get it out of my head too! :-)
I love the world to. boom de yada bom de yada.
Touching me so much,love world.Your job is so cool.
so many things to see, and do, And I'm stuck in my fucking office!!
By the way I loveeee this commercial!!
i think he has a some degree of self-harming
yes, it is..I wish I had more time to discover its wonder and less time to figure it out if I have enough money to make to next month.
Arachnaphobic. . .I don't think I can bring myself to watch this. . .shudder. . .
Awesome :D me to i love the whole world tooo.........! :D
I love you Earth... if everyone sat down to meditate for a moment how fragile, beautiful and unique are you, I'm sure many people were more willing to take care of you to preserve your beauty .... Thanks +Ron Garan
I just tried playing Heart & Soul over top this's a match! No wonder this tune got stuck in my head so easily...
i love it the world is a great place i just rote the hole song
I love Ben Baily's line
I love Mythbusters
I love that dirty Mike
I love Transformers!
Whom de adda!
I appreciate the simplicity of the song and its message. Shoots you right at your mind and heart. Haha..
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