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This is kinda cool Here's apparently what the "Shooting Star" I photographed from space "Sounded" like: Meteor Shower Sounds Captured by Space Radar
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You make me like space more and more every day.
sweet :) zooming then singing while burning up
sound is made by vibration... which means there is matter in space that vibrates... each time... kind of like air... right? it just made sens to me...
klu kla
Cool i which i can watch it from outerspace ;)
O my God! * scary! sounds
Yeah, thanks for the share. Thats an experience.
Pretty neat. Keep sharing with us. You give us great prospectives on space!
sounded like electronic loop created on software & bit eerie !
Cool! Kinda appropriate to the month since it sounds kinda spooky.
It must have been incredible looking down at shooting stars skipping off Earth's atmosphere instead of up as we were.
+Mihail C what you hear is detected by ground-based radar systems. And the matter you mention... is just out atmosphere :)
Better than kinda cool, its pretty freaking awesome.
me dumb... I forgot to read... it was strange that there was sound until I read the US Air Force Space Surveillance Radar IN TEXAS not in SPACE :))
sounds really ghostly..... pretty awesome...
was very cool thank you for sharing with us .
That's really cool! Thanks for your "out-worldly" shares +Ron Garan. Well, almost out-worldly but far out there enough.
wonderfull! that´s why is more precise to messure the meteor account by their sound
Amazing +Ron Garan . I would like to ask you if sometimes you or your colleagues feel scared when receiving that kind of sounds. I know you are professionals, and scientific people that can easily find an explanation for it, but I bet it can be really scary when, from the darkness, being silent everywhere, that kind of sounds comes up.

Thanks for sharing and congratulations!! It's amazing to have you here!!
Alberto > The sound is actually an earth based radiostation, which can only be recieved in the area of the reciever, if the signal has been reflected off of something in the atmosphere. It's a clever way of telling if there is stuff burning up in the atmosphere leaving a temporarily short trail of reflective dust.
The initial "whoosh" is from the meteor itself, and the dying whistling sound is from the ionized gas it leaves behind, which slowly recombines and fades.
Ok +Søren Rosenberg Jensen , the images confused me, as I thought they where received in the ISS. Anyway, I think my question is valid, as this could happen before (to record a strange signal in the ISS or any other space shuttle).
nice seeing a shooting star so closely
thank you for the brief , but so totally cool! experience.
That, is just plain creepy... and amazing!

To think space has noise too.. I just imagined it as a big silent mass!?
Thats a very interesting sound. The cosmos is truly a magnificent entity.
I created a circle "awesome guys" to add you especially.
This is why I have a passion for technology! Thank you.
Rex W
i always love the things outside the galaxy, space. i wanne be like you. I wish i could !!!
Keep all the great material and comments about the space program coming ! Thanks for sharing ! And wish there's more people G+ sharing from NASA and other fun-exciting inspiring fields ! :)
Ok - I guess I pictured space as being primarily silent. Is that incorrect? I can see how you would hear something hitting the space station, but I would have thought that something passing would not have had any sound (so it's not like the wind whistling as it goes by, is it?).
Amazing! I have learned SO MUCH just from your posts! I had no idea that any form of sound was generated from meteor showers. Didn't even consider if there is or is not white noise up there let alone the sounds you just shared!
and here i thought space was all quiet :) what a cool thing to share..i mean how many people can say they recorded the sound of a meteors flyin by?!? :)
+kristen chittick He only photographed the shooting star. The sound was recorded by the U.S. Air Force Space Surveillance Radar in Texas. Space is a quiet place!
sometimes you can hear meteors with your own ears! natural features like grass or wheat can be transducers of the low frequency radio waves produced by meteors. sounds like a whoosh or a fizz sound.
I'm kinda curious about the hazard these little bastards must certainly pose to a spacecraft. I imagine catastrophic consequences if a craft were to be hit by anything going that speed. Is it just part of the risk, or are there precautions to reasonably reduce that risk? 

Dude you are soo cool and lucky to be doing what you are!!
Your videos are also just like that.
+Ron Garan that's pretty cool... Does space make any sound for you guys up there?

I mean - like in a sub you hear things outside... In a house you hear things outside... In space - do you hear things? I mean - I understand that space is a vacuum and therefore sound cannot travel well. (or at all) - however - do you hear things that happen near the ship if any vibration carries over?

Or can you only hear things within the air confined areas?
lipi b
can u hear any sound there................
Almost like whale sounds.... interesting!
wow! ron its amazing yaar it feel to seem be good as to be in realty
Is there any possibility to hit a jet plane????!
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