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Yes it is...If we work together!
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I'm trying to figure out what they're advocating here, it seems to be some vague idea that technology and innovation can solve all of our problems. I think food security and the attendant social unrest is going to be one of our biggest problems in the coming decades.
I'm very excited about, and truly sold on, technology advancements.  But I agree with Paul, how can technology solve wide-sweeping, persistent social problems like poverty, disease, and conflict?  I'm working to figure it out! 
This video is all about hope and what we can achieve when we are not lazy or selfish. But honestly, how often do we end up in the rat race to even consider any of this. 
I think it's important to realize that most social problems are not treated as technical problems with technical solution (but should be).
All artificial creation is a form of technology used to solve the inconveniences that plague or existence.

If you're skeptical that these problems cannot be solved by technology then you are skeptical that they can be solved at all (at least by humans) because technology is our only means of doing so reliably.
This video could be the definition of "optimism" and why we should have it.
Hey, let's say this together; three, two, one, go: ''I believe. I believe. I believe. I believe. I believe. I believe. I believe. I believe. I believe. I believe. I believe. I believe. I believe. I believe. I believe. I believe. I believe. I believe. I believe. I believe....''
This is a film about humanity's greed..about strangling the earth of its resources.
Humans are a disease of the earth as long as we are never satisfied with what we already have, as long as we are told and sold a better self. Look at the beauty of nature that we so easily destroy for our own small conveniences.
Live for now, enjoy the moment, lead the right path and the future will lead the right way.
The spiritual core of our Being is not considered these days.  Churches are secondary and for many suspect.  Intellect has become our focus.  We are paying a tremendous price for not putting our fears on the alter where we can see them for what they really are.
+Wendy Sue Yes, no one I hope is suggesting a machine that smashes eggs to be the solution to poverty. It's really a given that the right technology is going to be needed for the solution. 

I wonder why you exclude all possible solutions in which government is involved. Do you exclude any solution that includes any group of individuals such as a non-profit or corporation as well? If yes then why? if no then whats the difference between the two other than name why is one better than the other? 
It's not about our receiving.  Its about giving to receive.  Willingly we find Bliss, not because we deserve it.
+Paul Breen the only thing that can possibly prevent the disasters you describe is technology. It'll help us produce meat in factories without need for cattle, increase crop yields, allow us to use infertile land to produce food.
In short, it'll help us increase the amount of food we can produce per acre by orders of magnitude. 

Technology usually first helps us create problems (think atom bombs and global warming) but it also helps us solve them
As long as we have people on earth. There will be no utopia. It's like ass holes and percentages. Everyone has one.
it's all mine, Coz Live is so beautifull
Interesting but how many of this is actually practical when poverty still exist
Poverty and bad grammar - not a combo platter I am willing to swallow.
Inspiring video. If we all work together humanity will achieve the impossible
but this clip is only the cover of the first book 
of 7.045 billions of books 
"the futur is ours"
let's read the writings on the wall, let's do it 
the future is ours 
According to Obama, it isn't if you slander the prophet if Islam.
Sorry folks. It's election season. Everything's political
Engineers and scientists need to become our idols... who's truly inventing and changing the world we live in today? I wish we glorified the work of our contemporary inventors and innovators rather than the pretty faces of our pop-stars. I wish the balance wasn't so tilted in favour of the glam gossips but more towards the great discoveries...
hey chaps, a man's gota do wat his gona do. get out n bask in the sun, enjoy simple moments of lyf optionally work till u die. however complex we get n debate over our own machinations life could mean entirely smthn contrary to our arguments. go for each others throats n make a meal out of it. cheers. 
Nothin beats a group effort by determined people 
Government stifles growth, imagination, entrepreneurship, innovation and prosperity.

Nobody will work, when working simply amounts to slavery.
Remember folks, according to Obama, if you create something great, you didn't build it. It was created by the guy receiving food stamps.
just a another supposed self inspiring commercail by the companies that destroy the earth ewe live in.
If the goal is not a Global Community all efforts will be for naught. The only way to advance as a race is to advance as one people. Any other plan or method will eventually result in the same extremes we see in the world today. Only understanding of rich & poor should be how someone is educated. That too should quickly become a thing of the past as education is an equal opportunity.
To achieve equallity one must assure self of knowledgable ideas
With the ability to share.
+Anthony Champ Equality means equal rights, not equal wealth. The only way to achieve equal wealth is for everyone to be equally poor and starving to death.
The future is only ours if we mend our present.
Thats exactly the words that Adolph Hitler used in one of his most welllll known speaches,
Oh that is interesting. I didnt realize we were on a sustainable path! 
cool prius drivin with no hands!!!
Thomas Malthus was right we are dooommeedd!!
na waoooo, remember God is d creator n originator of all tinx........
Yes, God is the Creator of everything - We are just HIS breath. If we stop breathing "Game over" !!!
are you sure the future does not belong to some evil alien that wants to destroy us all?
The future is a bag of snakes. Go ahead and let them out, but watch your balls.
Falsely believing that future Technology will come along that distribute's itself where needed is seductive to those who seek to avoid humane responsibility. 

As the power of Religion fades Techno-Religion is becoming the new opiate of the masses. A false and unrealistic sense of contentment among people.

We need to educate people on reality. It's not Marxism that says the environment is in decline or hardship and stress in life is getting worse or the number of people in poverty is increasing, it's really happening.

There's a myth that we haven't invented the Technology we need to advance ourselves and solve our problems. We continue to postpone the present for the future, why? to line the pockets of a small minority. 

Technology can be fantastic, but it's also neutral, then distributed by capitalist markets. So while we have the technology to feed impoverished parts of the world, there is little short term profit in it, so they end up starving to death holding a smartphone and gun instead.

The conflation of technological advancement with human progress leads to self-worship. Reason makes possible the calculations, science and technological advances of industrial civilization, but reason does not connect us with the forces of life.

The ancient Greeks learned that hubris is the deadliest curse of the human race. A lesson learned at the cost of tremendous suffering.
wahh wahh greed did it to me 
Angel C
Yes we can...
We truly live in a great time. We are all doing so well as a society. The only reason we don't see it, is because we focus on the bad, the worst of our time. If we just forget about it for a time, we can truly see what a great time we are living in.
very good. video.
Pete R.
We are the future. 
The future i happening now. Every action in this world bare a consequence and we must remember to develop and protect this world we're living on.
It's very good video.
the question is: what have you done so far?
by the way, who says the future is yours? And GOD?
Lets see what happens after December 20-24 this year 
The future is never ours until we grow up: peace, love and unity on protected and saved planet; my planet!
We muslims will not accept slavery of anti christ(Dajjal).
Nothing worthwhile is easy. But I am an optimist and I love this video...
The sons of the gods are doing big things!
Congratulations and continue to push to our great destination!
I total agree whit this never go back only go to the future and not wait for another build someday ... working every day to build a better world for all of US...
The bet part is: "We can do this because we did it before!"
A melhor parte é: "Nós podemos fazer poque nós já o fizemos antes!"
Há indícios, muito sólidos, que a humanidade já alcançou este nível tecnológico no passado...
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