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Did some prospecting on an asteroid today in the Virtual Reality Lab.

In preparation for a possible future mission to an asteroid, I explored the asteroid by flying myself around it with a jet pack equipped spacesuit. This is an investigation by +Stanford University student Sarah Gonzaga

The picture on the left shows me wearing all the VR equipment. The picture on the right shows one of the display that depicts my flight path around the asteroid.
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pretty awesome and quite impressive to see you fly yourself around like that!
that looks to complicted for me
you'd actually have to fly to the asteroid with a jet pack, man, I am scared of heights, let alone flying in the middle of space with a jet pack. You got some courage!, good tidings...
¿Qué se verá con esas gafas el futuro o el pasado?
Man that looks fun, even just the VR version. Since it's publicly funded, is there any chance the sim could be open sourced (or even sold to fund the real project)?
what is the colateral damage with excess redirecting of tragectory of asteriods and what unintended reorbiting of other unseen object. What will be the cost of that insurance bill? Not to diminish what absolute fun it would be! ;))+
that. is. awesome. But how would any future missions get to the asteroid within a survivable amount of time, and wouldn't any extra amounts of supplies create a need for stronger engines, and then those engines would need more fuel, creating more mass etc.?
Jetpacks? It's about time! :P
This is incredible though!
As would I. Richard, I think that you worry a bit too much. I seriously doubt that anyone is going to lose one of these things. I mean astronomers see these things without any warning long before they come very close.
That's a scary thought. One false move, and the asteroid bumps you into another orbit, too far to get back from. The ultimate extreme sport. Asteroid jumping.
I feel like this might actually become a job in the future, before AI is sophisticated enough to mine for humans.
Very cool! I'll bet you loved it!
Fantástico. Como o virtual tem a sua importância sem riscos. Para aprender, desbravar sem um grau de risco maior. Excelente.
Just think of it... an asteroid colony. It might revisit earth every 100 years or so... what better way to travel into deep space? I'll bet you it's been done before. BLUE BOOK, "Top Secret".
On your next exciting trip I got first dibbs for a piggyback ride!!!!!!
I imagine your left eye is scanning for pockets of Liquid Hydrogen trapped inside a huge block of Water ice next to the seven ton deposit of Helium 3. The beam from your right eye must be the metal discriminators locating the Metalic Lithium in a field of Platinum nuggets next to it. Heh heh, well we have to dream, thank you Sara and Stanford for all of your hard work using stone knives and bear skins to develop a technology that could save us all. Thank you Ron Garan for all of your hard work and effort on such an important mission as this.
Oh, I need something similar to practice my landing.. :)
I would like one of this instead of my playstation, it's very cool
but condition is never same in astriods............
why did you put the plus sign??????????????????????
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