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This is one of my favorite Space Shuttle pictures. I took it over Long Island (The other Long Island) as the last Space Shuttle to fly (Atlantis) approached the International Space Station
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How are us land based guys going to keep up with stuff like this.....

Great shot......

Now all I need in my budget is a trip to the ISS
wow, amazing! thanks for sharing!
Can you share the experience what it's like being in outer space?
I just can't imagine being there to take that picture. Awesome.
Our Earth. The most beautiful ecosystem in the universe. It is truly magnificent!
oh, hi!.. i´m studing ingennier aerospace =)... and i want work in NASA =)
Dale H.
That is very cool.
Before following you on G+ I never had a good chance to see photos like the ones you provide for us, From all of us, I would like to thank you for sharing and please keep posting these ULTRA cool photos!

Fantastic, gives us Earth trapped humans a chance to feel what it is like outside the atmosphere.
Very nice!

I can't wait to visit Kennedy Space Center in a few months. It's been a couple of years since I've been there, and there's always so much to see related to the shuttles and space program in general.
Hi, man,did u saw the Tiangong of Chinese Spaceship?
Very cool! They were even bringing a fresh keg!!! LOL! 
Wow +Thomas Hawk just said "so cool!" to one of my photos! I wish the real photographers could go to space too
Muuuito, mas muito legal mesmo!!!!
Really really clean.
Absolutely amazing. More than a little green with envy.
The island looks like a Pterodactyl with a head of Tyranosaurus Rex.
This picture is awesome, showing the Space Shuttle in contrast to this small bit of our whole planet. I'm following +Ron Garan a few day's now beeing impressed by every single picture he puts here. As astronomy is my hobby I really hope that a lot of people get to see these images and are impressed the same way as I do!
can you find the new stuff of china
cool man... you are god damn lucky to c all this stuffs
Beautiful shot. Is that an empty in Atlantis' bay, or did they forget to drop a keg off at the ISS?
"CÁM ƠN , tôi được nhìn thấy một cách xa hơn về vũ trụ , cám ơn bạn thật nhiều " this is my language- vietnamese
This isn't even fair. I'm trying my hardest to come up with witty posts and cat gifs, and you post a picture you took of a freakin' spaceship, that was between you and our entire planet, while you ORBITED IT. SOOOO unfair!
Wow, breathtaking pics..... I luv space...
oh no, locked my keys in the shuttle, wonder if road side assist will be long... Awesome shot, what camera did you use?
Who could make this photo
I live on long island = ]
AWSOMEEEEEEEEEEE........................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WONDERFULL
That's great! So many have taken a picture of a space shuttle. But not many from this angle. :)
Hey Ron, ow many hours you work in the iss per day?
Yes, I like it too, very nice shot. How far is the spaceshuttle from the ISS?
Its like seeing our planet in a different perspective. Thanks for sharing.
Chris F
Awesome. Following you was one of the best choices. Nice pics kepp them coming :-)
Thats amazing......its very sad feeling to see the Atlantis and knowing the the shuttle programm is over.......I remember the first start of Columbia and will never forget it....
omg soooo beautiful, I mourn the loss of the shuttle every day.
Drop dead gorgeous image. Thanks Ron for sharing this profound beauty with us.
its awesome! i've not seen such a pic ever before
awe some
look at the beautiful open atlantis with sea!!!!!!
What a beautiful image. How does it feel to capture that?!
WoW, so 神奇, I wish to become this owner...
DJ Riad
Ohh.... Man....!!!!
DJ Riad
Love You NASA
beautiful long island below superb space shuttle
hey boss which is this location. i liked that
The IT department made this their computer background! I love looking at Atlantis every day. Beautiful shot.
kalau keluar angakasa ajaj donk
love this picture so much :) thanks for sharing
What an incredible picture. I always imagined that the ISS was way out into almost utter darkness. This gives me a whole new different perspective. You look so close to the earth in this picture.
I love this photo Ron. I used it as my wallpaper 4 months when u posted it on Twitter several months back. Thank u!
That is a beautiful photo - does make me quite jealous!
Congratulations man, realy a great pic of a great moment in history!
Great Pic... well done son!
Vince B
Great picture 
Amazing!!! is also something for Space Shuttle fans (iPhone and FB "collecting" app devoted to last Shuttle flights this year.):
This is soooo cool ! Must be great to be in space and see all this .
wooww!! cool... =D i like this... :)

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tren do co j` ko vay? ban oj co the cho tuj dy voj dc ko?
It seems that the only thing better than standing on the shoulders of giants must be gallantly floating above their heads.
I wish i was either A) lucky enough & clever enough to go into space with NASA or B) Had enough money so i can pay the Russians to take me to space..... Id change my entire life just to go up there for a couple of hours and this picture just shows me another reason why i must achieve my dream.....
i told U hartly this space sattele so ameging for a astronots!
Great shot! Thank-you :)
Assim como acho a filosofia um dos principais instrumento para poetizar uma situação, também acho a fotografia um fantático instrumento. É Arte puuuuraaa!!!!!!.
this has been my desktop background for about a month. Just joined Google+ and here's the photographer. Thanks!
wow. it's so sad that the usa will not send any more space flights
I 'm giving u a salute fr ur historic and magnificent achievement in the field of astronomy & space research.In my view u r one among the legends who have created a mildstone.THANKS fr ur DEEDS towards universe.
Kinda makes my job look somewhat boring
The picture is marvelous, worth saving. Though I never worked for/ in space and may never will, makes me nostalgically sad to look at this. I grew up getting excited by this space shuttle concept. Never thought they will retire without a replacement in place.
really awesome! i hope i can go there someday!
Great thanks for all beautiful photos, Mr. Garan!!! These are some of the best photos I've ever seen!
AAAAAAAAWWW...Experience in flight always a pleasure!!
looks like a giant can o' beans in the cargo bay...
Pilot: Please secure you're seatbelt, it might get windy!
You don't get this POV very often... glad you made the most of it. ;)
i wish to be.......................
its realy amusing.
You have excellent photographic skills, very impressive. These are one of the most rare photos one would see in his lifetime. I really appreciate your generosity in sharing this. Thank you Ron
104917 g+ folks are lost in space..I am one of them..Thank you Ron!
been wondering why does it seem that very little progress has been made in the space program, seems like we have spent trillions of dollars and not much to show for it. how far away is space travel for normal people? why are we living on space stations yet? Do you think the best way to go is with some one like the virgin mobile guy?
of course but i think moving it o ut of the goverments hands might be best, they seem to be moving at a snails pace. I find all the pictures amazing, just makes me want more, i wish the nasa channel made some sense, i am one of those people who can stare at the sky for hours and just get lost, i usual have to stop cause people wonder what is wrong with me, special being in a wheel chair, ha ha funny b not so much
that is a very spectacular photo I like that you can see the land under the water like you are looking at a pic from google maps
man i got to study hard and get here
ky loo
man i gotta get rich and get up there
it ´s magnificent the space transbordador.I wish I been there
Thanks for the new desktop background image!
thanks for being up there for all the rest of us down here , you guys are great!
breathtaking.... So sad NASA killed the shuttle program.
Thank you for posting this picture I think is awesome!
spacecraft atlantis
jagan s
this is top of the earth? or inner of the earth?,
It's awsome, cool picture
Oh man I wish I could take this photo by my self by standing outside the EARTH.
Can't believe you get to do this stuff, best job ever
Ry Tze
Manusia sungguh kerdil dialam maya ini!!! Maha Suci Allah!!!
That is gorgeous! Look at those colors!
Just looking at that picture is an awesome experience. How awesome must it have been to actually take it...
amazing awesome it almost looks fake..could you imagine if the 1 hr. screwed up this roll of film??!??!! lol kidding, i'm sure it was digital or attached to your hat or something, nice job :) see any UFO's up there?
one dbt . while u r in dat shuttle, hw can u take that pic frm out side the shuttle????????????????????????????/
Muito maneira, incrivel como nosso planeta é lindo
lipi b
juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuust amazing
Star atrek alus ...... voi että ..... niin ihmeelistä
siis Star Trek alus piti sanoo :D
Looks very low, what's the approximate altitude this is at?
This is my background on all my computers its just that amazing
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wow thats really cool i have that photo on my computer
Thanks for sharing these tremendous images +Ron Garan! Were you a photog before becoming an astronaut?
Magnifico,gracias por el privilegio
there's no enemy like a only human lives the earth..
A remarkable and historic photos now! Thank you!
que dicha la tuya que puedes ver el hermoso universo al cual pertenecemos mi niño dice que quiere ser como tu y que en esta foto el ve a un dinosaurio rex
wow thanks for sharing your amazing images!
wouuuuuu!!! estas si son Fotografías Excelente RON!!!
Really Really Really very thrilling
USA... USA.... USA...
despite of all of their debt issues and economic problem... they still good among the best...
its really awasome i 2 have a dreem 2 achive it
That's a shot not many photographer, think they let me have a go? 
Wow- -A tripod in space.... living the dream.... Many thanks for amazing photo.
bel bonheur que doivent ressentir les pilotes quand ils regardent ce paysage... tres belle photo wouaou!!
simplesmente fantástico 
wow  ... สักวันคงจะได้ไปนอกจักรวาล....
i wanna 
make a friend ship with you 
Thanks for sharing Mr. Garan, I still miss the trips from the Spaces Shutters!
This photo is still in my wallpaper queue. You've posted it before, but I never get tired of seeing it. Just incredible. Curious what ISO, aperture and exposure time you were using though.
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