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I was just given an external hard drive with a good portion of the approximately 25,000 pictures I took during my 1/2 year in space. Here's the first one I'll share
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yeah! looking forward to seeing what you captured!
Sickening that the Shuttle is now history.
The real Horizon !
"EXCELLENT" Pics Ron: Thanks for sharing!
Makes me a bit sad... no spaceshuttles anymore
But beautiful pics, hope we'll see some more ;-)
So they didn't give you back the pics you snapped of that UFO, huh? :D I gotta agree, it's sad we no longer have the shuttle, but I'm pretty stoked they decided to press ahead with Orion after all. Must confess, I think the Saturn V is still king, and I'd love to see its successor someday.
That's so cool. Omg I can't believe how cool and... well, pretty that is.
How many UFO pictures were removed from the set? grins
Amazing! I have always dreamed of going there...
So sad that the shuttles are decommissioned. From space we see how there are no boundaries and anything is possible when we do work together.
wow u can spend lot's of time in space that's great. thanks
Absolutely fantastic! You've been to a place few humans will reach in our lifetime. I'll never experience space, so I'll just have to orbit the Earth in X-Plane! Wonderful pic, Ron. I'm truly jealous.
Last space shuttle, facing down.
How symbolic, and sad.
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The Eye in the sky tells the Eagle to fly! Must be a priviledge Ron looking down upon the world of mystery.
One of the most beautiful pictures that I have seen until now ! !
Thanks you for sharing ! !
lucky you! thanks for sharing!
Beautiful! When do you get to do some work?
Beautiful! I can only imagine what it's like up there. #stunningwork
Now, can you just backup the drive to DropBox and share it with readonly privileges to the public? :-)
wow......................thats awesome................
Thank you for sharing this photo, it is like the goodbye of the American Space Program. With no heavy lift capability of the space shuttle and unable to construct a Saturn V booster, lost technology of the Gods.
Gra Liv
speechless its just majestic!
please tell me you'll bring back a squishy cuddly alien for me
Let me get this straight, you are an astronaut, yes? And you are posting on Google+, yes? And I am posting a reply to one of your posts, yes? I will boast about this tomorrow in work! You'll NEVER guess who I was talking to last night! LOL
its like a baby being born in space
Wow! How's your life in space by the way?
Hope you post a bunch somewhere in HIGH rez.
I always thought it would be amazing, but it looks kinda dark and
Way cool. I hope you post more of the great photos.
hi will you be posting more photo like this?
DID you store any pictures in the cloud?
You didn't really ask that did you. Jealous I didn't think of it first.
Regarding the “just given” bit, did NASA need to scan the photos for alien evidence and censor appropriately before giving you the photos? ;-)
Poorly lit, needs more natural light. Can you reshoot with more sunlight? :P Incredible really!
Thanks for sharing this! Its amazing 
totally awesome, thank you so uch for sharing, look forward to seeing more :)
may it be only the last flight...
of a new frontier...
I know of nothing that can keep the human mind from traveling nowhere...

Just the start of a new book... thats all...
man that's insane - you took over 136 photos a day?
I met Atlantis only the other day in the VAB.....She is beautiful! Would post you a picture back if i could
That maneuver is very complex since there's no up and down in space calculations serve as gravity, can you confirm,Ron?
Ro Tei
amazing! Are you ok?Ron.
That's fantastic, and well worth circling to catch glimpses of :)
I have always wanted to go to space.
U r one of the luckys men in the world 
You are so lucky. You have been given a chance to and see Gods miracles. Beautiful 
I wish i could be an astronaut someday.. :) good for ya..
I hope the Space Program continues!
beautiful photos :D thank you for sharing
we are blessed to live in tis time& see such wonders!
Can't wait to see all 25k photos. :)
+Ron Garan Guess I know many of the pix. Is there an inventory listing (Excel file?) available?
What is it like to wake up and weightless is your first sensation? Is it comfortable to sleep in space?
Buenas noches. ¿Ha ido bien el día?. ¿Estará durmiendo ya el Robot en la luna?
where are the stars?
Ha sido un largo día, así que me voy a soñar con estrellas o contaré ovejitas. Espero que mañana haga buen día. Hasta mañana. Buenas noches a todos
Awesome & Beautiful.
Technology excels us beyond our limit.
Omg that's so gorgeous I would love to be up there so badly, I bet its so amazing 
I want to go to outer space!!
see UFO?
what music do you listen to out there?
next time ask the chofer of the shuttle to make a quick stop in Cabo San Lucas so I can invite you to smoke a good cuban cigar with me amigo! and also a Mojito..
Hi Ron, Great PIX!, I'm still trying to figure out how to get my camera into space so I can take a few of those, but now that I see the ones you are posting I guess I can stop throwing my camera up in the air hoping to reach excape volocity! LOL
Thanks for the cool photos, safe flying
thats amazing how were you doing this?
+John Beatty No, a camera does not blow up. Why should it? There is no pressure inside. The cameras have been on the station for years (and/or months).
+Mark Davidson You need not reach escape velocity of 11.9 km/s. The ISS still orbits within the Earth gravity zone, so 7.7 km/s are enough :)
+Rick Storms +Ron Garan has never been to the Moon. The ISS is not designed for such excursions and Saturn V are not available for such adventures presently. BTW Due to the relative orbits of Earth and Moon it happens that we down here on the ground still can be closer to the Moon than the crew on board of the ISS at a given time. The ISS is just 400 km above us while the difference of Earth's distance to the Moon between the closest and the farthest point can reach as much as 45,000 km. So, at certain times we still can be more than 40,000 km closer to the Moon than the crew inside the space station.
+ +龙之吻 This posting has been made from Earth but there is internet in space and +Ron Garan has posted many pix directly from space to this Twitter account. Internet in space works via satellites as these satellites orbit at 800 km and more and can be used for such connections.
+Thomas Monk Many astronauts have reported that sleeping in zero-g is very comfortable. The only thing to consider is to attach to something in order to avoid floating freely in space within the station and accidentally damage something. Usually, sleeping bags are attached to the walls (hanging there like bats in a cave, but not upside down) or the astronauts tie themselves to their beds (a wide strap for preventing lift-off).
We will miss those shuttles...
Astro Buenos días. Con el jaleo de cuentas hoy no me he podido conectar con los Astros de la luna. Me imagino que ahora estarán durmiendo. Así de noche ellos me protegen.
NO MORE SPACE SHUTTLES!!! WHY??? How could they!
"This was the last flight in the Space Shuttle program" - it is sad. No money - no Shuttles.
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