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I know the #VenusTransit  was yesterday but here's some pics from one of my favorite photographers
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Le Linh
Very nice Photographers!
marvelous...thank you...Saludos desde mexico
You are rightHoang...Saludos cariñosos desde mexico amiga...Bienvenida...
wow!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!that is alsome!!
Tambien es luna siempre ha sido romantica para las chicas....Saludos
sao cái này không có bản dịch như facebook ta.người ta nói j chẳng hiu,bứt rứt waaaa
+Ron Garan  thanks for sharing.. those are amazing pictures of an amazing event
Thanks for these. Too much overcast where I was so I missed it.
Beautiful Pictures,my friend nicely done.
and I spent so much time moving to avoid having trees in the foreground. it never occurred to me it would look so nice! facepalm
pea soup skies down this end of the globe.
Great pics ! In my country the sky was full on cloudy, so we couldn't see it .... i was so dissapointed !
I wanted to see it that night, but it was to cloudy, so thank you for showing me what it looked like.
The All Wonderful makes A Miracle of Each Mystery ...!!!
wonder ful. thanks for showing me............
This is a rare scene.......will appear after 105 years later 
4 on ;p sol,newsol,lua,terra na my city and city ur miniaturinha da minha que muda c asa mms seus ;D
I see that 
sun is like a india people in this photo!
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