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Great Soyuz launch tonight on #bigbangtheory Awesome attention to technical details!
Mike Massimino isn't a Soyuz crewmember, but he plays one on TV...

The real-life NASA astronaut made his second cameo on CBS's "The Big Bang Theory" on Thursday, joining the show's Howard Wolowitz (Simon Helberg) to launch to the International Space Station aboard a Russian capsule. collectSPACE caught up with Massimino to talk about the show, its mock spacecraft and spacesuits, and the future of spaceflight, both by NASA and "The Big Bang Theory."
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Watching this right now on the west coast :)
That was a good episode. I was thinking they would have got the details right especially with Massimino on the show.
Love Big Bang Theory. I think it is the only show I ever watched that I can still laugh at the 3d or 4th time I see the same episode.
,I love that show...Nerds Rule
I have never seen that show, and I only have a single frame to judge; isn't the Soyuz represented a little too "spacious"? :)
Pfffffffffffffffffffffffffff !!!!!!!!
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