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Proposed for construction of space power satellites in the late 70s by Rockwell (shuttle contractor). Key risks were wet wing and scramjet. Much of the rest was already underway for shuttle. 

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More fodder for your next novel or screenplay:

"...technological tests have to be fair, transparent, and well-defined -- which makes them easy to detect and defeat.

It's a demonological approach to science, where the universe is perverse and wants to hide its secrets from you."

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Theme song for your next space opera. 

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Conceptual art by Phillip Neyman

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Believe this was from the comic revival in the 90s. Quite a composition!
Check out the beautiful composition of this cover. You can see Hadji clearly, and his eyes draw you to the dagger, and the dagger directs you to the Quests (which is further emphasized by Bandit's expression). All that is situated within a wild, colorful jam of people, almost all of whom begs for further exploration and drama (particularly the ones in the lower-left).

This was painted by Doug Wildey, an accomplished comic and storyboard artist who co-created Jonny Quest. A tip of the hat to +Casey G. for finding this!

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+William Black it strikes me how the depot fuel spheres look like the tankage on your commercial nuclear transport. Any advantage making these the same spheres so refueling is just swapping tanks?

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Article with the designer. Looks like there's existing research into things like tip fan propulsion and high mach numbers at fan face. 

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Multi mode nuclear air breathing engine. 

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Collection of randomly generated and beautifully rendered RPG story rooms. 

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Evolution of the command cockpit.
What will your spaceship look like?
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