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Indeed. If you've been following the action at all here, I've been watching with barely restrained glee as specious trademark dilution claims have gotten hammered by the courts recently. The recent dings I linked to above have been based on core deficiencies of the respective complaints, ...

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The Supreme Court granted the PTO's request for cert in In re Tam (the "Slants case"). Here's a good summary of the case and our position by our co-counsel,
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Great, balanced piece.
If liberals feel aggrieved by the way the Foundation keeps making headlines, then the real culprit isn’t the press.

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At least understand the term.
An intellectual movement that Democrats want to use to smear Breitbart and Trump.


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Did Cato just file the most not-safe-for-work amicus brief in Supreme Court history? It’s on the question (Lee v. Tam) of whether the government can deny trademark protection to words and phrases that are slurs and, in so doi...

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Andy Warhol, we hardly knew you. Then again, we knew more about you in some respects than we might have wanted to. But on the other other hand, who knew you'd make such a mess of intellectual property concepts? Familiarity with at least some of the general topic is assumed.

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Another trademark dilution claim is sacked by a motion to dismiss in a California District Court. — Trademark Litigator (@ball_eric) October 6, 2016 Indeed. If you’ve been following the acti…

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In its report on the still-censored “28 pages” implicating the Saudi government in 9/11, “60 Minutes” last weekend said the Saudi role in the attacks has been “soft-pedaled” to protect America’s de…

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At one time in the U.S., almost every town had their own opera palace.

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The question: Trade Dress Trick Question: Is this laptop shape #distinctive?#trademarks — Ed Timberlake (@TimberlakeLaw) August 25, 2016 (Remember non-professionals: …
Intellectual property and business litigation lawyer in New York and New Jersey.
Intellectual property lawyer and author of the LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION® blog.  Active in commercial litigation counseling with a focus on Internet law, trademark and copyright infringement and other torts of competition. Licensed in New York and New Jersey; practice nationwide.  
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I am the partner in my firm with chief responsibility for IT. I chose Uptime's solution to get us out of the hardware, software and colo businesses so we could focus on practicing law. The Uptime solution probably works best for firms that are more virtual and less office-bound, as well as those where secretarial help is closely rationed and where more work is done by younger professionals. Older lawyers who depend on secretaries are less likely to appreciate the benefits of the switch and are more likely to have trouble with new technology in general; moreover, their secretaries, who are professional typists if nothing else, are more likely to be impatient to the extent there is any latency from fingertip to the cloud desktop -- which there will be, no matter how big of a pipe you have. We accommodated those users by moving to a hybrid model where services such as word processing are run locally. But once Uptime got up the learning curve with us -- we were among the larger firms they'd dealt with as of that time, and I had inherited some unique (read: awful) structural IT problems -- the result was revolutionary. I am delighted with the user experience, especially for mobile / remote use of the cloud desktop and Outlook. After an adjustment period, most of the lawyers in my firm agree, though they don't necessarily appreciate the relative absence of stress that we had before. Anyone looking at building a law firm IT environment, ideally from the ground up or while considering the prospect of a major investment in upgrading hardware or renewing software licences, should seriously consider Uptime.
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