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One year, Really?? Well O.K. then lets CELEBRATE!!

A photowalk is in the works to trump all photowalks. In cities across the world, Google Plus photographers will be coordinating walks in their host cities to celebrate the one year anniversary our beloved Google Plus.

In cooperation with +Thomas Hawk, I have posted a Plancast sign up and will be helping promoting this great event. If you would like to be part of the Toronto walk, just go on over and let us know!

When: Saturday, June 30, 2012

Where: I'll be on one in Toronto (who can help me plan this?)

Who: You! Photographers of all skill and levels. From beginners to pros. What if you only have a phone camera? YES! you too!

Why: To celebrate the one year anniversary of Google+ by those of us in the G+ photo community. To hang out with other fun Google+ photographers. To SHARE MORE PHOTOS! To meet new and interesting people.

Cost: All Free! The best things in life are free right?

We just need people to step up and decide to host one in your city. See +Thomas Hawk's post here
It's really Here! The one year anniversary of Life with Google Plus. If you have a camera of camera phone and want to join us on what may become the...
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This is great, thanks for the post. +Jeff McDonald Maybe we should schedule or Calgary walk to coincide with this walk.
I am shooting a wedding that day otherwise that sounds interesting. :)
Sounds great! If I'm in town that weekend I'll join for sure. It's the long weekend isn't it?!
Fantastic, right now I am good for June 30. Will be great! Will hop over to Plancast to get my name in there. Thanks Ron.
I wish I could travel more, I might be able to do so once this year but it will be to either San Francisco or Montreal.
This is very awesome +Ron Clifford and +Thomas Hawk. I wish I could be there, unfortunately these days we will be moving from Arizona to BC, Canada, exactly the other side :(((.
Hope you will have a blast, so excited for this first anniversary!
If you need any pointers let me know. I have planned a few for my photowalker group. Surprising what you can come up with.
+Kellianne Hutchinson It's not that hard. Just go over and set up an event at and let Thomas know you have done it. then use my post as a template for yours and change the city names. Presto, you're a host for Ottawa! You can ask for help to manage it as well.
+Yasmin Simpson There area lot of Photographers out your way who would probably love to go on a photowalk that day. You could easily host it :) even just for the afternoon. See my post to Kellianne above.
I'm going to see if I can get interest in organizing a photowalk in my own city.
If only anyone was on G+ in this city, but I will see if I can make it happen somehow.
+Billy Wilson Do some checking and see if you can get a local camera club involved and get them on G+?
+Ron Clifford I believe the local photographers have a quarrel with me, they seem to have shunned me, they used to have me as a friend on Facebook, then one afternoon, they all unfriended me at once. So I tend to not associate with them, these were the professional ones though, not the hobbiest ones.
+Kellianne Hutchinson If you do set up an Ottawa walk, I know a few people in the area who would probably be interested so I can pass the details along.

+Yasmin Simpson I know of a photo walk group out that way - I'll dig out the contact details if you're interested.
+Ron Clifford We have scheduled walks that weekend (it's a 50:50 likelihood given we walk every other weekend!) but we don't have a plan for that walk yet, so maybe we can combine them?
+Paul Henman Sounds like a good Idea. How many of your friends are on G+? is it through a club/association?
+Ron Clifford Not many - we're mostly on Flickr. I started the group with a couple of guys from the Toronto Flickr group, and it grew from the 3 of us to 600+ members (although our walks are usually about 30 people).
I suspect the walk on the 26th will already exceed 30. I is a G+ walk but I wouldn't say non G+ photogs couldn't join us. They would get a lot of G+ talk though as many of us are meeting for the first time and some are flying in to be there.
OK, no worries. I might be able to make it along, depending on whether it's the Saturday or Sunday.
Thank you +Ron Clifford I will see what I can do in the middle of moving family and furniture to one country to other haaa.
Sure I already saw your post, very nice!. Love Toronto...

Thank you so very much +Paul Henman sure I will love to know if somebody is hosting already British Columbia.
I will check with my dear +Sinead Sam McKeown and +Grant Murray if they know something about it.

Dear +Sinead Sam McKeown I didn't have a chance to tell you the news... I'm moving to Victoria this June. I am changing my sun ☼ for rain ☂ the only thing that makes me smile these days is that we can make photowalks together :).
You are very sweet +Ron Clifford!, thank you so very much for your encouraging words.
I had the pleasure to live in Vancouver for 18 months in 1997 where I met my husband and it was "wet" for me :)))), but my canadian familia is always telling me "don't worry in Victoria doesn't rain as much as in Vancouver", five drops less, lol.

Completely adore Vancouver and Victoria during the summer; I was born and raise in the sun and my last 11 years have been in Arizona ☼ so just a little change for me.
But well, is an amazing opportunity for my husband's carrer and for the future of my family and as you said is a "beautiful place", tons of photo opportunities... :)

If I could choose I would move to Toronto, definitely so much colder but big city, love your state!.

Thanks again and have a great weekend!
+Yasmin Simpson No way! I can't believe you're moving back to BC! How great! It will be a big change for you, but Victoria is so beautiful.
I really hope we can arrange a photo walk sometime, that would be fantastic!! ♥
I have it pencilled in the schedule, but still tentative.
I'm putting this on my calendar for sure!
Okay, I just checked the schedule for this walk and I am out. That's my cottage weekend time...Need to get out of the city to destress you know.
Oh, shoot. I forgot that this is the long weekend. I may be travelling that weekend. BOOOOO!
I'll have to see if i can come down the highway ... :-)
+Kellianne Hutchinson I am on family holiday in July, but I will do everything I can to be there for the fall photowalk! I would like to try to make a getaway weekend of it for Cheryl and I
Hmmm fall colours in Ottawa in October. Depends on other family plans if I can do that.
I missed the last #torontophotowalk  so I definitely will be attending this one. Thanks for organizing and I'll be glad in any way I can so count me in.
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