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Ron Clifford
Artist, Mentor, Inspirologist, Educator and Community Builder. I shoot Portraits. Portraits of Nature, Portraits of People.
Artist, Mentor, Inspirologist, Educator and Community Builder. I shoot Portraits. Portraits of Nature, Portraits of People.


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Let's Stay connected!
With G+ Closing let's not let the chance to stay connected pass us by. Share your link and be sure to also follow others who interest you!

My Links in the Fist Comment

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I'm simply giddy with excitement
Some of you already know this if you are on my mailing list or in one of my private communities. I am so excited to be able to announce that I have partnered with Discovery Photo Tours as a photography guide. Thank you +Ken Kaminesky for the opportunity to work with your adventure company.
If Africa is on your bucket list, and honestly if it's not it needs to be, I'm leading a VIP safari in Tanzania in August 2019! There are only 3 spots left to experience Africa with me this coming August and I am beyond thrilled to be able to invite you along.

I'm putting a link to my blog post (with a small gallery of my Afirca 2018 images) and links to Discovery Photo Tours for more information.

Pinch me (but not hard enough to wake me up) This dream is just too good.

#wildlifeadventure #Africa2019 #TheGreatMigration

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Another Adventure Awaits
I'm on my way back to the land of the Kings on South Georgia Island. I can't wait to be sailing out to this remote southern Island in the South Atlantic with One Ocean Expeditions for our Photo Symposium! We have a stellar team of professionals to help all the passengers capture their once in a lifetime images.
Let the adventure begin!

#penguins #adventurephotography #wildlifephotography

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I think he went That Way!
I'll be heading back to the land of the KINGS at the end of the month as a symposium guide with One Ocean Expeditions
South Georgia Island in the South Atlantic hosts more wildlife per square meter than anywhere else on the planet and Every time I get to go, I'm awestruck even more!

#penguins #king_penguins #oneoceanexpeditions

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An opportunity to grow!

Hey, one of my thriving photographer friends +Ugo Cei of the Travelling Image Makers has a new free 3 part class on breaking through creatively called
Closing The Gap Masterclass
Yep free.


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The Bipolar Photographer
Tonight at 7 pm I'll be giving an inspirational and image-rich talk called "The Bipolar Photographer" Images from the ends of the earth.
I'll be sharing how extreme travel helps me overcome the odds to live a successful "life less ordinary". $10 for non-members.
Maybe I'll see you there.

#presentation #talk #overcome

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Brown-Hooded Kingfisher

Along the banks of the Chobe River in Botswana are found a myriad number and species of birds. The Brown Hooded Kingfisher is one of them. I was fortunate to have captured a couple of nice frames of these little acrobatic birds. Sometimes, a strong direct source of light is just what helps make the image pop.

#Africa #choberiver #chobenationalpark #adventurephotography

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Hitchin' A Ride

What better place is there than on the neck of a tall Giraffe to see the sights and enjoy the morning!

#Africa2020 #africa #choberiver #chobenationalpark

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Can't Keep My Eyes Off Of You

Africa you"re just too Good to be true

I have a bucket list of things I want to do, and I have a vision board that includes retreat style photography experiences and I can't help but wanting to make this place the place to make that dream a reality.
#AFRICA2020 Who's in?

#Africa #choberiver #chobenationalpark #adventurephotography
#npsphotographer #nikond850
Pangolin Photo Safaris

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Out For A Stroll

This gorgeous young female Polar Bear was the pinnacle of my recent Svalbard Arctic Trip with @oneoceanexp. As a symposium guide, I get to travel to some of the most extreme tourist destinations helping others get their once in a lifetime experiences. Some days it's simply beyond amazing. Oh who am I kidding, every day is beyond amazing....

#arctic #svalbard #spitsbergen #oneoceanexpeditions #oneoceanexp
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